States more divided than ever, NPR reports

The following is an editorial I received via email, it is linked back to its source and I am taking it at face value. It is followed by a factual breakdown of the economy of the Southern States.

States more divided than ever, NPR reports

Alan Greenblatt’s recent article for National Public Radio inadvertently makes a strong case for the secession, an idea which has solid support in Georgia (where half of Republicans favor independence) and among conservatives across the United States (with about a quarter of Republicans favoring secession). Greenblatt reports that ‘States in this country are becoming like an unhappy couple.’ He writes:

Whether the topic is abortion, tax policy, marijuana or guns, Democratic “blue” states such as California and Illinois are bound to take a different tack than Republican “red” states such as Georgia and Kansas.

“We’re very likely to have legal gay marriage in most of the blue states and some of the purple states before the next presidential election,” says Whit Ayres, a Republican consultant. “You’ll never have gay marriage in Mississippi and Alabama unless a court happens to impose it.”

Notice that the only way Leftists in New England, the Upper Midwest and West Coast can get their way politically across the US as a whole is to forcibly impose their ideas upon Southerners (as they have done repeatedly over the last century and a half). Nearly every Leftist program or ‘reform’ has been imposed over the strong protests of Southerners, who have all along wanted a more traditional and conservative society. Decade after decade of the same old political divide along cultural, ethnic and geographic lines has created hard feelings, Greenblatt notes:

People in California becoming convinced that those in Tennessee are “crazy” — and vice versa — has fed polarization not only within states but in Washington, where everyone is supposed to get together and work things out.

…Voters in different states seem increasingly convinced that people who live elsewhere and think differently are not just wrong, but unreasonable.

Why should New Englanders be able to force their views upon Southerners – or vice versa? Why should Southerners be subjected to gay marriage and gun bans or Northerners to traditional marriage and gun rights if neither group wants such things? Shouldn’t the people of both regions be able to live and govern themselves according to their values?

What is the obvious solution to this? Self-determination. It’s well past time to go our separate ways. The Union is a failure.

Full Story Here:
States more divided than ever, NPR reports | Southern Nationalist Network

We truly are a nation divided. The United States is anything BUT united, this nation is as close to breaking apart as it can be, as close, or closer than the spark that set off the War of Northern Aggression.

There is one HUGE difference today, the South is not that poor part of America relying on the production of cotton to get by in the world market.

The Economic Power of The Southern States

Although GDP is not a perfect measure of economic power, the number can be used as a matter of comparison between states or in this matter, comparing southern states to other nations.

Many southerners simply cannot see themselves as separate from the union. This notion is based in part on the economic power of the current United States. No matter the fact our nation is in fiscal shambles, the current union still remains an economic powerhouse. How long this continues is a matter of debate, but as it deteriorates, the promise for a free south will continue to rise.

The image above (as taken from The Economist) using 2009 statistics, gives a comparison between U.S. states and nations of the world in economic output. If we look at this list this is where each southern state would rank (also using 2010 data, numbers displayed in millions, and world rank):

1. Texas 1,158,194 (13th) comparable to Russia

2. Florida 734,727 (17th) comparable to the Netherlands

3. Virginia 406,798 (22nd) comparable to Sweden

4. North Carolina 400,483 (22nd) comparable to Sweden

5. Georgia 396,177 (22nd) comparable to Sweden

6. Tennessee 246,669 (34th) comparable to Finland

7. Missouri 239,649 (34th) comparable to Finland

8. Louisiana 206,525 (38th) comparable to Ireland

9. Alabama 169,459 (43rd) comparable to Nigeria

10. South Carolina 158,487 (48th) comparable to the Philippines

11. Kentucky 155,734 (48th) comparable to the Philippines

12. Arkansas 102,219 (55th) comparable to Kazakhstan

13. Mississippi 96,135 (55th) comparable to Vietnam

14. West Virginia 60,491 (64th) comparable to Libya

If the newly independent south were to choose to band together in a new confederation the economic output and power of the south would be enough to rank it as the 4th largest economy in the entire world, just slightly behind Japan and China. As this site progresses I will further break down each state and look at its economics as a standalone nation. SOURCE

So … don’t tell me it can’t be done, don’t tell me it’s not feasible, don’t tell me we would starve to death and freeze. This is NOT 1861, it’s 2012 and the Southern States can do it again if they band together.

Texas could stand alone and make it quite well, and if the BS from Obama and Company gets ANY worse, I am thinking that may very well be exactly what Texas NEEDS to do.

The rest of you can join us if you’re so inclined, there truly is strength in numbers, Deo vindice.

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36 Responses to States more divided than ever, NPR reports

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Should Obama force legislation on us that in anyway interferes with the 2nd ammendment as it now stands, I would suggest that be the signal to go for it. We sure as heck have no need for the notheast and left coast. Gun controls will trigger civil war anyway. Believe a united Texas as a minimum would be too much for the Obama regime to handle.

  2. Texasperated says:

    OK, Fred, but if WV secedes with us, will we rejoin it to VA as it was prior to 1863? If we did, that would put parts of VA north of Pittsburgh (as it was originally).

    Also, can we in Texas have our original 1836 borders back?

    Just askin’

    Keep your powder dry

    • TexasFred says:

      You are asking the wrong person, I am trying to gin up some interest, IF that can be done then we can look at the details…

    • CDP says:

      Texasperated, I was born and raised in southern WVa, so I will give you my take on it. My Grandpa’s generation probably would rejoin Va (he was born in 1890), today I highly doubt they would.

      The northern and eastern panhandles would most likely secede and join Pa and Md. Just a little history, in 1863 most of the population of WVa was in the panhandles, that is why they wanted to secede from Va. The area I grew up in was still considered wilderness with extremely low population. The first capital was in Charlestown which is in the northern panhandle. The capital moved in the early 1900’s (I think 1911) to Charleston. They did this with hopes of uniting the state. During and after the War of Northern Aggression the state was deeply divided. However the state is still somewhat divided. In my part we still held to old southern Virginian traditions, the panhandles did not. So I highly doubt the panhandles going with Dixie.

      My 2 cents worth,

  3. Chief says:

    If and I say that with some hesitation, If the States begin secession and eventually secedes and form a new confederation. That in itself is going to create hardships on those of us who currently receive compensation from the government, (i.e. VA disability, Soc Sec and Military retirements). If the states are no longer part of the old US of A — where are those payments going to come from? .. It’s not gonna be funny…

    Just a thought… since I’m a Vietnam Vet and Retired Navy and over 73 years and on Soc Sec… and currently fully retired…. Do I want to cut off the hand that feeds me?

    • TexasFred says:

      The loss of VA, military and Social Security payments would be a problem, but living under the thumb of a Socialist asshole like Obama is a lot worse..

      Live Free or Die … Kinda hits home now doesn’t it??

    • Katie says:

      The same way you would get your check if you moved overseas. I would get my government check through my bank account where it goes to.

      • TexasFred says:

        I understand what you’re saying but I think the Chief is concerned that if the New Confederacy was formed that the U.S. government wouldn’t pay Social Security, retirements for Vets and so forth..

        • Chief says:

          That’s right Fred. I suspect that Obama would cut off all those payments to anyone living in the “foreign country” of the new republic of (you fill in the name here - CSA has already been used). and would do it in a heartbeat. Probably claiming fiscal unbalance or such.

          Live free or die has meaning but when your entire means of support is suddenly removed it takes on a different meaning..

          • CDP says:

            With the massive debt load, 60 to 210 trillion and counting, how much longer do you think you will have those benefits?

            My Mom lives on SS and my Dad’s pension (Dad passed last year). My wife and I are already taking care of Mom, but when the SS and Medicare dies we will be fully supporting her. Secession or not you may want to figure out a plan of action.

  4. Bunkerville says:

    One thing is for sure. The GOP is officially dead with the approval of FISA yesterday. They are as dangerous as the dems. The road forward narrows with little options.

    • TexasFred says:

      Indeed it does… And I am not willing to trade FREEDOM for a bit of security and a government hand out… I too am fully retired, and on disability, but BY GOD I would find a way to work and make a living if it meant getting away from the sorry, anti-American piece of SHIT and the GOP too..

  5. BobF says:

    Excellent post as usual. Just this morning, I posted the following comment in another blog on a post concerning the Militia.

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Notice is says “a free state”. It’s doesn’t say a free nation or a free country but rather “a free state”. The individual states were more important than the country. That’s because the individual states are what make the country. For the country to be free, the individual states had to be free and strong.

    At the onset of the Civil War, many top military leaders from the South left the US Army to serve their states. Loyalty back then was God, State, and Country in that order. That was the same for military leaders from both the North and South. Northern leaders fought to preserve the union.

    Today, it’s jacked up. Loyalty is to country and none state or God. The country has replaced the individual state in importance and what was feared most by our Founding Fathers has taken place. A strong central government has exerted rule over all and we’re about to see more proof of this as this central government makes the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights null and void.

  6. TomR says:

    A new CSA in a few years? Possible. Wash DC would be screwed if just most of the red states said, “Adios MFs”.

    As for “federal benefits. The states would pick up that slack. Don’t forget. All that tax money would now go to the states’, or organization of states, coffers. They would handle it with more competancy than DC. You could get your earned benefits, keep your freedoms and work toward building back a real constitutional republic as the blue states drown in their own mire of socialism. Heh heh, the Marshall Plan for blue states.

  7. mrchuck says:

    Keep in mind the cities like Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, etc that has a majority of Negros in them and ALL of them receive huge welfare payments.
    I do not care about the Northern cities with a majority of Negroes like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, as they will never leave the government tit.

    As far as I am concerned, the ghettos of any State should be quarantined, and all government assistance ceases, and the area closed to all entry.

    • Chief says:

      That’s right Fred. I suspect that Obama would cut off all those payments to anyone living in the “foreign country” of the new republic of (you fill in the name here - CSA has already been used). and would do it in a heartbeat. Probably claiming fiscal unbalance or such.
      Live free or die has meaning but when your entire means of support is suddenly removed it takes on a different meaning..
      Now Tom R has an appealing comment and it’s possible if enought thought and planning are taken before any action is taken.

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Though he hates oil, trust me, the moment Texas kept the Chemical Coast from the rest of the US, Obaka would crack a crankshaft trying to access the refineries, ports, tanks, storage and trackage.


    • TexasFred says:

      Probably, but you know, this is a DOABLE thing, and it would give the Socialist African Prince a look at FREEDOM, and his fans would go apeshit too… It’s worth it, if for no other reason than to watch the worlds biggest meltdown..

  9. sdkar says:

    If I remember my history correctly, the president if the U.S. was not an enviable position prior to the civil war. The presidents had no budgets and usually paid for their own secretary out of pocket and answered the door themselves. His only job was to act as a intermediary between the states and foreign affairs and a few other tasks. A governor of a state supposedly had more power. That all changed after the civil war.

    Today, everyone thinks the Civil war was about slavery. That didn’t become an issue until much later in the war. It was about state rights versus federal contol. Basically, the strongest states get to tell the other states how to conduct their own business and were told to run things like the northern states did or they would be compelled to by force.

    The south felt they should be allowed to run things as they wanted and not how the northern states thought they should. The south believed that joining the union was not an unbreakable marriage and if they no longer wanted to be in this relationship, they could leave. The north thought differently, and once you joined, it was for life.

    The south was certainly willing to maintain the union as far as joining forces to repel invaders, but not for the purpose of a single federal rule of all states.

    I believe as far as the Civil war goes, the good guys lost. But since the winners get to write the history books, we are taught that the union was the good guys and lincoln the hero. Lincold didn’t preserve the union, he was a thug that forced states to do as he ordered them at the point of a cannon.

    As for the slavery issue, it would have faded from the south soon enough as these efforts were in the process.

    I too see a Civil war 2.0 coming if things don’t change. This time, the outcome will be different. They have the unproductive and those that hate guns. We have those willing to work hard, believe that what they earn is theirs less a small sum for the running of certain federal tasks, and most of all, believe in gun ownership and how to use them.

    If obama takes up arms against the south, those that he believe he can depend on may head south and turn their arms against him.

    It was always said, “The South Will Rise Again”. That may becoming a reality if obama continues. The straw will be gun control if he tries it. Many of us are quite pissed at what obama is doing to our country and just waiting for a good enough reason to push back. If obama sends someone to take my guns, I will not hand them over quietly. I may very well die doing this, but dammit, I have a line that cannot be crossed. Better to fight now than to let them take my guns only for me and mine to end up in a re-education camp. If obama comes for our guns, I can assure you that will not be it. Taking arms form citizens is the first hurdle. After that, he can and will do what ever he wants to us. An armed person is a citizen, an unarmed person is a subject. Giving up our guns makes us subjects, as in subject to the whims of whatever obama wants. And he wants complete tyranny, dictatorship, and supreme rule. Count on that.

    My only fear is that my thinking is not the majority. That only a few will push back and defend the Constitution. I have little faith in the younger adults (18-35). It is not their fault, they were indoctrinated (brain washed).

    I wish to God I could pick up a history book 100 years from now and find out what happened. The greatest curse you could give a man was to wish he live in interesting times. Well, things today sure are interesting.

    Some things are worth fighting for.

    • BobF says:

      You hit the reason for the Civil War right on the head. Too many people believe it was about slavery. They don’t realize that Lincoln’s own family members owned slaves. Robert E. Lee pressured Jefferson Davis to free the slaves but he held off. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the Confederate States which was a moot point since these states no longer considered themselves part of the Union and under his control. Many in Northern States still had slaves which weren’t freed till later. Lincoln did what our Founding Fathers feared most and that was cement the power of the Federal Government.

    • sdkar says:

      Here is my opinion of Lincoln…

      It’s a quick one page read

  10. Katie says:

    You need to add more states. Half of the Midwest would join you. There goes the bread basket of the nation. Add Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, possibly Iowa. Obama may only be left with the East Coast, West Coast, and Rust belt. A Nanny State without the resources for the welfare programs. I wonder how long they could last?

    • TexasFred says:

      About as long as snowball in hell..

      I believe that IF Texas ever left the Union, IF the Confederacy was reborn, the Mid-West and ND, SD, Mont and WYO could form their own *region*, the Mexicans will take California, no loss there, Oregon and Washington State would be libber and faggot heaven…

      I see Texas as an independent Republic, blazing a trail for the rest…

  11. Chief says:

    If the remaining States are annexed by the Republic of Texas then we can all be called TEXANS — I’m all for it.. I always wanted to be a TEXAN

    • LD Jackson says:

      Us Okies could have a problem with being called a Texan. Just saying….

      • TomR says:

        LD - I love Oakies. You guys are as independent minded as we Texans. I always figured that as Texas goes so would Oklahoma.
        However, I do get a kick outta referring to Okies as “Far North Dallasites”!

      • TexasFred says:

        Larry, we lived in OKC when I was in grade school and Jr High… If I was going to live anywhere beside Texas, Oklahoma would be the place…

  12. Patrick Sperry says:

    Hmm… Wyoming and Montana were originaly settled by Texans primarialy, and still share many core values. Not to mention that of the few remaining nukes most are guess where? Obamanites would sh*t bricks.

    • BobF says:

      When the US had that mandated 55 mph speed limit, Montanan’s hated it so much and the Federal intervention in what they believed was their states own business, the fine for exceeding the speed limit was $5…five dollars. It didn’t matter how fast you were going on the highway. As long as you didn’t endanger any other drivers, were out of city limits, and it was considered, at the discretion of the officer to be safe, it was $5 and not reporting to insurance company or mark on your license.

      Unfortunately now, Montana has had a big influx of Granola’s….what they called those from California….fruits and nuts.

  13. the unit says:

    I read just this morning on a website that originally led me to this one, there will be an amnesty period before kick in the door confiscation. And maybe a George Soros plea to help your neighbor by turning him in for his own good. I’m assuming it will be obliteration of second amendment that sets off secession. The standing order will be shoot to kill anyone looking redneck and missing front teeth. Maybe besides, arms, ammo, food and water…Joseph A. Banks has buy one suit get three free sale going on now. Also CVS and Walgreens sales moldable white wax that could fit in at toothless site. Wall Street camouflage!

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