FBI Stranded as Mexican Cartels Increase Networks in USA

FBI Stranded as Mexican Cartels Increase Networks in USA

Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) risk their lives and the safety of their families to protect and serve, yet politicians in Washington, D.C. have left many of them stranded, without fuel, and feeling as though their operational integrity has been compromised. As a result of politically-motivated sequester cuts, many in the FBI worry they cannot do their jobs as well as when they had adequate funding.

Some FBI offices have ordered staff not to use their government vehicles, as sequestration has left them with no monies in their fuel budgets. Without use of their vehicles, FBI Special Agents cannot do their jobs effectively. Such cuts, combined with sequestration, ripped more than $700 million from the FBI’s 2013 budget.

National security and public safety are supposed to be the top priorities of government, but were treated in the sequester as equivalent to other forms of discretionary spending. The administration has also abused its own discretion in assigning cuts, as in its controversial decision to free detained illegal aliens.

The cuts to the FBI come at a time when Mexican cartels are increasing operations in the U.S. through prison gangs which operate outside the cell walls as the Mexican Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood; prosecutors are being slain in broad daylight or at home; a federal prosecutor resigned from a case due to fears over his safety and that of his loved ones; U.S. Border Patrol Agents have leaked images of Mexican drug smugglers being escorted by men with an AK-47 on US soil, and when there exists a high likelihood that the Mexican Gulf Cartel has begun using the Aryan Brotherhood in the U.S. as assassins and ground troops. Breitbart

I have to say, Barack Obama is one fantastic manager of American affairs, isn’t he? When Obama took office the USA had a AAA credit rating, not now. Gasoline was about $1.80 or so a gallon, now it’s in the $3.50 a gallon range, depending on where you bought it.

Unemployment was somewhere around 7.8% when Obama took office and it seems that this is the figure the Labor Department is using now.

One thing that HAS happened under Obama is the stock market recovery, rising over 60% since Obama took office in 2008, but many in the financial markets seem to believe that this market rise is nothing more than a bubble, one that could, and very well may burst, leaving the USA in worse shape than the crash in 2008.

Be all of that as it may; as this story fully illustrates, agencies of the Federal government are out of gas.


It’s not just the FBI either. I have a close friend that is an incredible source on all things U.S. Border Patrol. The Border Patrol, in many sectors is going to work, getting there in their private vehicles, and then sitting around the office all day, playing cards, reading, watching TV, whatever the case may be, because, as I am told by this source, the Border Patrol doesn’t have money for gas either.

These Agents can’t get out and actively patrol the border areas, all they can do, basically, is work their *check stations*, hoping to find ILLEGALS, dope or weapons passing through the station.

For those that may not know; only a very stupid smuggler would take his load through a Border Patrol check station to begin with. If all the Border Patrol has are a few stationary check locations it’s rather easy to go a few miles in either direction and cross the river if you’re in Texas, or cross a DRY border if you’re in New Mexico, Arizona or the great failure called California.

The point of this story is very simple; overall Barack Obama and his entire regime are an abject failure and the biggest bunch of hypocrites that America has ever seen.

Barack Obama can travel the world, take vacation after vacation, his kids get their own special trips, with Secret Service protection of course, Mooch flies all over, with an army of assistants, Biden blows half a million bucks on an overnight stay in France, but our FBI and Border Patrol agents can’t by gas. The USA spends BILLIONS on AID to other nations and our guys can’t buy GAS.

And these are the people some are afraid of and fear will come to take your guns and lock you up in these yet to be seen *FEMA Camps*?


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12 Responses to FBI Stranded as Mexican Cartels Increase Networks in USA

  1. Katie says:

    If you think it is bad now, just wait until Obama delivers amnesty. It is being predicted that he will return the South West to Mexico in return for money and/or oil. In fact, he is ready to do so now.

  2. Doc Roy says:

    ..maybe the KING could cut back on the use of those 747s in his daily travels across this land. This last week he made an appearance in Denver to talk against gun ownership. HE arrrived in one of his 747s with two C17s carrying a helicopter and a fleet of big black Chevy/GMC vans. The 747 alone cost is near $180,00 per hour, not to mention the two AF transports. Figure in the cost of an army of the secret service agents, the closed streets, interruption of local travel and commerce, the loss of street police for a day, and the waste reaches an appalling state. And this was only one stop in HIS endless daily campaigning.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    In the meantime, thank GOD all the politicians in DC are drawing their regular salaries, and protected so diligently by the USSS agents, and are provided with all the vacations and golf rounds they so obviously deserve due the diligence they consistently apply to all the national problems they are clearly solving, left and right!

    Thank GOD the DC politicians do NOT have to do without ANYthing!

    I sleep better at night knowing DC and its minions are protected and safe.


  4. Hgpsurf says:

    We can’t waste gas on the Border Patrol and the FBI when Obama needs it to travel to Colorado and try to limit our gun rights! It’s also much more important to give millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood than to those two agencies.

    We have to remember the sequester is a drop in the increase of spending over last year so it’s hard to imagine we have to cut anywhere. Let’s start with the food stamp program.

  5. Chief says:

    I just cannot fathom why the American populace hasn’t taken up arms against this Dictator …. It’s amazing that the public just sits and waits for the coming take over of the USA by Obama and the socialists… (Communists)… Welcome to the USSA (United Socialists States of America)

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Let’s start with COMPLETELY cutting off the salaries of Obaka, VP, Cabinet, admin, the House, the Senate — until the PASS a BUDGET.

    They can’t even do THAT.


  7. Bunkerville says:

    The takeover is all but complete. They just need our guns. The last remaining issue for them

  8. BobF says:

    In all this talk of sequester cuts, I’ve yet to hear of one penny being cut for welfare. It seems the ones who are getting hurt are those who have put into the system while the leaches continue to suck the lifeblood out of this nation.

  9. Patrick Sperry says:

    I agree with all the above comments. However, one thing in that story just does not sound believable. AB working with the Cartels and M&M? They need to check up on the AB’s bylaws and past “associations” with M&M. Now, if they would have said Mongols MC and their allies..?

  10. BARR says:

    @Patrick Sperry ;

    au contraire

    The AB selling out their demonic ideology for drugs and money?

    Stranger things have happened.

    Remember Adolph Hitler and the Democratic Nationalist Socialists’ (NAZI) pact with the Imperialist Japanese? On September 27, 1940, Germany, Italy, and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact, which became known as the Axis alliance.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  11. BARR says:

    …and while we’re on the subject of the AB, Adolph Hitler, and Democratic Socialists…

    “Can the Mexican Government which overtly and covertly supports the violation of the territorial integrity of the United States, justify its actions on the ground that it seeks only to implement the principle of self-determination for all or a portion of the people of Mexico?

    We think not.

    To contend contrariwise is to adopt the thesis of Adolf Hitler, who contended, in support of the action of the Third Reich in incorporating Austria into Germany, that “It is obvious that an idea embracing the entire German people and arising from its depths cannot be stopped at the frontiers of a country.”

    The Defender of the Faith

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