Supreme Court Strikes Down Part Of Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court Strikes Down Part Of Voting Rights Act

Texas Flag Very LargeTexas and other southern states are off the hook for now, in having to obtain federal approval when it comes to new voting laws. The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that provision in the Voting Rights Act cannot be enforced until Congress comes up with a new system.

“What the Supreme Court is saying is that Congress has got to update the statistics, update the formula to account for what has happened over the last 40 years,” says “Rocky” Rhodes at the South Texas College of Law.

However, Rhodes tells KTRH News the ruling doesn’t say safeguards against discrimination are no longer needed.

“This is an old and outdated coverage formula based on things done back in the 1960s and 70s, and if you want to have pre-clearance going on into the future you need to have a coverage formula that is more current with the respect to what are the conditions now that justify its use,” he says. SOURCE

I have read the background of Mr. Rocky Rhodes and I am sure he is a skilled attorney, he certainly has an impressive resume, and he has *doublespeak* down to a science.

If anyone actually knows where Mr. Rhodes stands, Right, Left or down the middle, feel free to elaborate in comments, I would be interested in knowing.

Rhodes says given Congress’ inability to pass anything, it may be a while before a new formula is put in place.

On that part I believe we can ALL agree.

Another thing that I am fairly certain that most Conservative can agree is this; Sheila Jackson Lee is not only an embarrassment to the state of Texas, she’s an embarrassment to the United States and the entire human race.

Sheila Jackson LeeCongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee issued a statement saying the Supreme Court turned the clock back 150 years.

“In 2006 as a Senior Member on House Judiciary Committee I participated in a bipartisan effort to secure a reasoned legislative reauthorization of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. As a Committee, we established a record of 15,000 pages of important testimony. However, this current Congress is one that has not succeeded in passing any major legislation to help the American people in almost 4 years. Every major legislative action that has passed successfully was passed by Democrats and often with no Republicans voting for the legislation,” said the Houston Democrat.

“The present Congress will see nothing but obstruction, delay and the introduction of voter suppression laws. This decision is far from reality, lacking in empathy and has taken the civil rights of populations that depended on federal law and shredded it!”

Sheila Jackson Lee is the dimmest dim bulb in the U.S. Congress, and that’s quite an accomplishment considering the number of dim bulbs in Congress, 15,000 pages of testimony? And it’s important testimony? Things like that point to exactly WHY we have the serious gridlock that exists in government today.

For people like SJL it’s all about *RACE*. Make no mistake about it. SJL is always on the soapbox about the ‘downtrodden Black man’ and all the evils that the Black race still suffers, to this day, at the hands of the White Race.

Sheila Jackson Lee says, ”Voter ID Law Supporters ‘Misrepresent’ Voter Fraud in 2008 Election” and since that statement was made there have been several well publicized incidents of voter fraud within the Black community.

Sheila Jackson Lee also says, GOP Wants Voter ID Laws Only “Because We Elected First African American President”.

And there it is, all summed up in one little title line; for Sheila Jackson Lee it’s all about racism, HER racism against all White people and HER assumption that ALL White people are racist and as such, have hatred for her.

Lee stood adamantly against a pictured state Voter ID, a pictured ID for ALL persons that are going to vote, regardless of their racial makeup. She, and many like her, claimed that forcing voters to have a pictured ID would disenfranchise her constituents and keep them from being allowed to vote.

Well, it’s kind of funny, her constituents don’t seem to have a problem coming up with a pictured ID when it’s time to pick up the welfare check, get the free healthcare and buy their beer and wine for the weekend. ID’s are funny like that, they come and go at the convenience of the ID holder, determined by their personal need at the moment.

Sheila Jackson Lee throws *The Race Card* at any opportunity, and with a cretin like SJH the opportunity is anytime a White person says a word about voting rights and/or voter ID.

The whole ghetto problem, welfare problem and voting rights problem exists because of those EVIL White folks. Right Sheila?

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16 Responses to Supreme Court Strikes Down Part Of Voting Rights Act

  1. Hgpsurf says:

    SJL perpetuates racial problems with her rhetoric. Same goes for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all like them. When black people are raised with a chip on their shoulders by being told that whites discriminate against them they will never be equal because they won’t be equal in their own minds.

  2. BobF says:

    In the link below, you’ll see the Texas 18th congressional district: Shelia Jackson Lee’s district. To come up with a district like that, they had to root out the most uninformed idiots in Houston and link them together. That’s the only way you can explain how a idiotic buffoon like her gets elected and reelected.

    Purveyors of Truth: Congressional District Changes in Texas

    • TexasFred says:

      That bitch is truly a representative of HER people… The *downtrodden Black folks*… I won’t say that her constituents are the *N* word, I might piss off the Paula Deen haters…

      But I think most folks know what I am talking about. 😈

  3. dekare says:

    Here’s my idea. You do not need an ID to vote. But if you already HAVE ONE, you have to provide it when voting. Here is how my idea would work.

    Case 1 - voter has a state ID
    Hello, I’m John Smith and I want to vote today. My address is 1234 Main Street, Cityville, TX (asking addresses is okay in order to verify they are at the proper voting district). Okay, our computer shows that you have an issuded drivers license/State ID card, please show us this. The computer is tied in to the DMV and will verify immediately that this person has an ID and he must provide it. If not, go home and get it.

    Case 2 - voter has no state ID
    Hello, Im Rufus Jackson and I want to vote. My address is 9876 Main Street, Cityville, TX. Our records show that you have never been issued a state ID, no problem, please step over here. His photo is taken and he is handed his ballot to go vote. While he is voting, a state ID is created for Mr. Jackson. When he turns in his ballot, he is given his brand spanking state approved ID. Do this for a few election cycles and problem solved.

    No one is over taxed or burdened, the service is entirely free of charge, and with today’s technology, can certainly be easily done. If anyone sees the flaw in my plan, I’m ready to hear it…other than “it’s racist”.

  4. mrchuck says:

    When I see Sheila Jackson Lee talking, I only see a sphincter muscle puckering and releasing, with poop dribbling down her chin.
    I have trained myself to change the channel
    without thinking to do it.

  5. dekare says:

    Is she training to one day replace maxine waters? What I HATE so much is that so many black politicians focus on bettering only blacks, and usually to the detriment of white folks. This IS RACISM, is it not? But of course it isn’t I have been told because racism can only come from a position of power, and blacks supposedly have no power over the white man…so anything they say is okay, whereas any HINT of a race word or code word, by whitey makes them an absolute racist.

    Today’s accusation of racism is equivelent to the days of Salem being labelled a witch. In my career world, being even JUST ACCUSED of racism is an absolute career killer. How sad. I can NOT believe that these blacks can not see that when they separate themselves with organizations like the NAACP, BET, The Black Congressional Caucus, Negro Scholarship Fund, and on and on, they are making themselves stand out from the rest of the world, and when they are viewed upon as an outsider by whites, we are racists. I am NOT allowed to differentiate blacks from the rest of the world or I am a racist, but they do it all the time. What message is this sending.

    Also, if the N word is so damned bad, why can they say it and whites can’t? I can only feel that they simply do NOT care about the word at all, but have been presented with a really great opportunity to use this N word as a tool to destroy any whites they disagree with…and that is all. After all, if a word is harmful, don’t use it at all.

    Not to mention, how does using this word make me a racist? Racism is in the heart…not in a word. If I say long latin legal words, does this make me a lawyer? If I use long medical terms, am I a doctor? No, so using certain words should not make us racists.

    Blacks need to remember what racism really was. When blacks were dragged down the street on ropes. Hung from trees, beat up just for being in the wrong part of town or talking to a white women, or being turned down for a job because of the color of their skin.
    That IS RACISM. Blacks two generations ago must think todays colored are absolute wimps when they complain about hearing a word. Hell, they don’t even hear the N word anymore (except from other blacks and rappers), so they have to go so far as to say whites are now using “code words” in order to make up for the amazing lack of the use of the N word now. How pathetic.

    Almost 700,000 Americans died to correct the slavery issue in America. America has made more progress in black and white tensions in the last 50 years moreso than any other country has done in all of history, yet none of this seems to count, and racism seems to be at an all time high. No black man today was every owned by a white man, yet the talk about slavery goes on as if it occurred only a decade ago…please get over it. Now, I think it is just an excuse for the abysmal performance of the black culture in assimilating to decent society.

    Every single minority that has come to America and faced horrible prejudice, has overcome. Hell, my grandfather had to change our family name in order to get a job becasue nobody wanted to hire pollocks…so I now have an italian sounding name, just because my grandfather needed to get a construction job in New York in the 1930’s.

    Everytime a black man has a tough time, he blames it on racism and the white man keeping him down. Well news flash, we all have rough times…it’s called life.

    So my main point I guess, is when is enough enough? and I mean that two ways. When will blacks concede that whites should no longer be responsible for their lot in life and they have every bit of an opportunity (and maybe even more than many whites) to be successful? If a black man fails today, it is not due to racism, it’s his own damn fault for not making the best of what he has been offered.

    And also, when will white quit falling all over themselves in both their white guilt, and putting up with this nonsense? When will the yells of racism by blacks go ignored as whites simply yawn and walk away? When will whites quit looking at black skin as if it is a virtue or an innocent victim status symbol? When will black single mothers not be praised, but admonished as the end all of bad decision making. We see 13% of the population make up 70% of the prison population, and blame it on a racist judicial system….REALLY?! Maybe it is because we have allowed for way too long for blacks to use the excuse of racism in place of their lack of responsbility. Blacks, when caught doing wrong or committing crimes, say cops are racists and that is why they are in prison, instead of admitting that maybe, robbing others and dealing drugs was the real reason, and quit doing it. But nope, much better to blame whitey.

    I HOPE and pray that one day, blacks will see the light. I know there are some absolutely amazing black people that in fact, are more opinionated about “black victims” than most whites. There are incredible black people that show the world that blacks are more than capable in becoming successful, but instead of being an inspiration when they speak out and try to tell other blacks that they don’t need to be a victim if they only try and work hard, they are instead labelled as “Uncle Toms” and accused of selling out and sucking up to the white man. How shameful.

    I bet if we got rid of the je$$e jack$sons, the al $harpton$, the maxine waters, and SJL and others like them, and simply told them and others like them to shut up and quit handing out free stuff and making special rules just for them, this problem would go away in one…maybe two generations at most. But because we have done the complete opposite of what we should have, we have instead, made this problem much worse.

    If this keeps up, I am sure that this issue will be a main factor in the destruction of our country. America can NOT survive this type of behavior (and expense) much longer. The divide will become so great, that America will fracture. A huge culture war is in the near future if nothing is done. And all of this could have been avoided, if we simply had good leadership. But instead, here we are, two americas, one black and one white, with very little middle ground and violence brewing up. When it comes to a head, lives will be destroyed. How sad. And all becasue of people like SJL.

    • Working To Keep Freedom says:

      @dkare…Beautifully written! The “Reverends”, Sharpton, Jackson, J.Wright, SJL, and others are in my view “Poverty Pimps”. They hold the black race down with all of their race-baiting so that they can continue using their power. They have no real desire to raise the thinking of most blacks up to realize their true potential and how to take advantage of the opportunities of this great country. Instead they just destroy people for their own advantage - power!

      I’m not sure this can ever be overcome as long as there are so many LIV(Low Information Voters) but something must change in order for this Great Nation to continue, because as of now we are truly spiraling into oblivion.

      For now, I will continue to speak the truth to Libtards for all they have are emotional responses to any idea or issue they ‘think’ they oppose, and if worse comes to worse, stay locked & loaded!

  6. Braden Lynch says:

    If you want to rant about racism, you should take it up with the Jews. They were enslaved for generations in Egypt, dispersed, pogroms, blood libels, persecuted world-wide, the Holocaust and now continuous aggression by their neighbors.

    They have more legitimate grievances than any other racial/ethnic/religious group.

    Everybody just needs to stop whining and live their life. Living wonderfully is the best revenge. Wallowing in self-pity and an entitlement mentality is what the racist Sheila Jackson Lee wants you to do. What a pathetic loser.

    • TexasFred says:

      People like Sheila Jackson Lee can’t stop crying and complaining, that IS their life, they are professional victims, just like those scam artists that stage wrecks to get money, same deal, the Sheila Jackson Lee’s of the world, and her ilk, $harpton and Jack$on are all the same… Reparations, gimme gimme gimme and all you White folks is racist..

      Piss on em, ALL of em.. They have the exact same opportunity to succeed or fail today as does anyone else.. And skin color is NOT the reason so many Blacks fail… And racism isn’t it either.. Engrained from birth to be the *victim* and to play *The RACE Card*… That’s what they have and that’s how they live…

      If you can call that *living*…

  7. LD Jackson says:

    It is about time the Voting Rights Act was reined in. It has been used for purposes for which it was never intended, which is about par for the course for any legislation.

  8. Always On Watch says:

    “Sheila Jackson Lee is not only an embarrassment to the state of Texas, she’s an embarrassment to the United States and the entire human race.”

    Hear, hear!

    May yesterday’s decision by SCOTUS put an end to the 20th Century Era of Reconstruction.

  9. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    You hit it out of the park Fred….great review

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