Obama: Martin ‘could have been me’ 35 years ago

Obama: Martin ‘could have been me’ 35 years ago

Sad ObamaWASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama grappled with the Trayvon Martin case in the most personal of terms on Friday, telling Americans that the slain youth “could have been me 35 years ago” and urging them to do some soul searching about their attitudes on race.

The nation’s first black president said the nation needs to look for ways to move forward after the shooting and trial in Florida. And he said it may be time to take a hard look at “stand your ground” self-defense laws, questioning whether they contribute “to the kind of peace and security and order that we’d like to see.”

“Where do we take this?” Obama wondered aloud during an unscheduled appearance in the White House briefing room. “How do we learn some lessons from this and move in a positive direction?” SOURCE

Obama Race Baiter

OK, some folks have been concerned, they know I am speaking the truth about Obama and his EVIL and RACIST regime, but they are afraid I am being too honest regarding all that is wrong with Barack Hussein Obama and his obvious RACISM, they are afraid for my safety because of the TRUTH I speak.

To my friends that are concerned about me, don’t be. The TRUTH must be written, the truth must be documented and the most criminal, corrupt and anti-American regime in the history of this nation MUST be exposed, talked about, discussed and made public for all to see. That is MY personal mission in life now, if speaking the truth gets me in a heap of trouble with the Obama regime, then you will ALL know; this is not America.

For those that don’t know this already, you are about to be given a *lesson* in what is really in the heart of this EVIL person in the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t give a DAMN about you, me or any other WHITE American. Obama, if the truth were told, doesn’t give a DAMN about the Black people of this nation either.

All Obama cares about is Obama! That’s it, period, end of the Obama *care* list.

Now here is the part that some of my friends cringe about me saying; Barack Hussein Obama is a racist, a race baiter and all he cares about is using his mixed racial background to play to as wide an audience as possible. Well, most of the time.

Today Obama is Black!

What we saw from Obama today is a shame, a travesty of the 1st order. Obama makes a huge speech about the Martin/Zimmerman affair when the City of Detroit has declared bankruptcy.

Obama makes a RACE SPEECH while a large American city fails, and that failure can be directly attributed to the Democrats of this nation, their lack of business acumen and their overall corruption.

Obama makes a RACE SPEECH in an extremely lame attempt to deflect attention from the scandals at IRS, DOJ, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and any number of failures that would have Democrats SCREAMING for impeachment if the POTUS happened to be a White person and a Conservative.

Obama seeks to deflect attention from his failures for another reason as well; Obama wants to incite race riots in this nation.

There, I said it!

Obama would then have all the pieces in place that would allow him to declare martial law and then order the confiscation of ALL guns that are privately owned and in the hands of lawful American citizens. That is, in MY opinion, the ultimate goal for Obama and his regime. It would give him, so he thinks, full and unlimited control of this nation and all factions of government.

What Obama doesn’t realize is that at least 75% of ALL Police and Military will also see right through his plan and will refuse to accept his ILLEGAL orders. Those American Patriots are called Oath Keepers, and if you were ever a Cop or a Soldier, past or present, you took an OATH to defend this nation against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic.

The biggest enemy the American people face today is Barack Hussein Obama and these Oath Keepers are ready to stand in his way!

This little article gives me great faith in my fellow Oath Keepers and Patriots; Florida shop offers free gun to George Zimmerman.

That is called Justice for George!

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45 Responses to Obama: Martin ‘could have been me’ 35 years ago

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Well said Fred. Nothing to add. We shall see what tomorrow brings with the so called demonstrations,

  2. Texasperated says:

    Fred, I agree with the idea that we should be having a national discussion about race. The problem is that the folks making a living off race-baiting want the discussion to be them telling us and us listening to them. Obama talked about hearing car doors lock as he walked across the street. Does he really think there is NO reason for that? He talked about women clutching their purses in the elevator. Does he think they have NO reason to do that? And it is not about race. It is about thugs. Show up in that same elevator with a dog collar and spiked hair and the same women would be clutching at the same purses.

    Sadly our black population in great measure regards the values that would lift them out of poverty and into well paying jobs and prominence to be “white” values. If Obama looked like Trayvon and spoke like Rachel Jeantel, he would not be president. It is because he has learned to read, write, and properly pronounce the English language that he has become successful.

    Now how about we inject some of that into our discussion about race?

    Keep your powder dry.

    • LD Jackson says:

      In essence, you are saying race is being brought into many issues where it has no place or bearing. I agree completely.

    • Braden Lynch says:

      I saw a recent picture of the “angel” known as TM. His race is unimportant, but the facial, neck, and hand tattoos, combined with his physical build would put anyone with common sense on guard. Look like a danger, and one should expect such a response.

      If the POTUS looked like TM did, he would have never been anything greater than a pathetic community agitator.

      • TexasFred says:

        I never thought I would be forced to defend Trayvon Martin…

        I hate to tell you this but that picture making the rounds on the ‘net is NOT Trayvon Martin, it’s some rapper, named Game. The picture was used in a May 6, 2010 story for XXL magazine. Game was 31 years old at the time. His REAL name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor… You don’t believe me, Google his name and his Rap name…

        Some people are total MORONS my friend, they put this crap on the ‘net to keep the hatred flowing, knowing that some folks will see it and fall for it…

        I am a professional blogger, I SOURCE everything, I fact check everything… In the several years I have been blogging I have had to retract 2 stories that turned out to be wrong, and that was when I 1st started blogging.. I learned my lesson well…

        • Braden Lynch says:

          I am an idiot. I heard about this and did not connect the dots. My apologies!

          I’ll point out though that if the POTUS had behaved as badly as TM, he would not be in his curent political position.

          • Braden Lynch says:

            I was duped and trusted a source that I will not in the future. I hope I learned my lesson, thanks. Of course, it does not help that the MSM is trying to do propaganda with out-dated photos.

            I’ll stand by the verdict as the ultimate vindication of GZ and that the POTUS is a dumbo for making his comments.

  3. cary says:

    Hey, look! The jackass racist is telling US not to be racist!

    I don’t practice racism, or own slaves, or purposely tick off large groups of people based on their skin color. What I do is judge people by their actions - and so far, Mr. pResident, you are sorely lacking in the whole “action” department. In fact, you ain’t done sh!t that you can brag on - because you don’t know what goes on in your own administration, or so you have claimed. And, since G.W. Bush is into his what, thirteenth year as they guy responsible for what’s going on in the economy, you can’t even claim the recent ups and downs of the job market as your doing.

    Shut up and go sit down, boy - the adults need to start running this country again.

  4. Abigail says:

    I saw the headline on cnn and cringed. I have a Pavlovian response when I see his face. Couldn’t even read the story, didn’t want to read the story, wouldn’t have read it either if you hadn’t written about it. The man is mad, truly mad. Instead of keeping his nigga lips shut (i can say that and not be racist now thanks to Jeantel) he fans the flames. I had the same reaction as you: he WANTS riots, he WANTS demonstrations, hell, he WANTS this country divided and only an idiot would disagree. And you are so right…he is using this as a distraction. And it’s working. Not only with the scandals. (eg. 15 July he signed a royal decree calling for universal AIDs testing for everyone 15-65.)
    Well, I only have one more thing to say…it’s too bad he wasn’t trayvon martin.

  5. Bob says:

    When he said it could of been him 35 years ago I thought if had been you we wouldn’t be in the shape we are now.

  6. Bluto says:

    All that’s missing is his Hoodie and Purple Drank. Didn’t Obama have a 3.0 too? He’s not only just like Trayvon, he’s Jeantel too. Why didn’t Traybama let the press axe him questions? They should be axing him stuff. Don’t axe me, axe him.

    Good thing he got elected, because Romney would’ve let Detroit go bankrupt.

    Oh wait….

  7. Bluto says:

    When he said Trayvon “could have been me”, I thought “Why is Obama trying to cheer me up?”

    If it would help, I’ll buy him a bag of skittles and an ice tea.

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Simultaneously, whilst he does this, he also guarantees the FAILURE of ObamaKare.

    In order to enable Cloward-Piven.

    ObamaKare tanks, people panic, Obama walks in with SINGLE PAYER, which he has wanted all along and, boom, everybody is happy, more full-time jobs open up and people move from part-time to full-time.

    This has already been thought out extensively.


  9. LD Jackson says:

    The man is intent upon two main things. First, he seems to be more than willing to stir up the fires of racism, even if it doesn’t exist.

    Second, he wants to twist this issue into a referendum on gun control.

  10. Hugh Petersen says:

    Why can’t everyone in this country think like Fred and all the people who have commented on this blog today? Obama is out of control and to sign an Executive Order mandating that everyone gets tested for AIDS is insane. I took that test years ago for a life insurance exam and since I donate blood I know they check for AIDS every time. No way in HELL will I take a test because Obama tells me to. Every single day it becomes clearer that this country is F#*#ed. The number of takers, brainwashed, sheeple, etc. has gotten way too large. Just look at the people we elect and that says it all. It even looks like scumbag Anthony Weiner will be the next Mayor of NYC. That in itself should be impossible. I really am pissed off!

  11. Abigail says:

    What do you suppose would happen if…how to put this delicately…biden were to suddenly become president? for some reason. which i won’t mention.
    *hums a few bars of ‘The Bonnie Blue Flag”*

    • TexasFred says:

      I think we would see an equally dangerous, albeit for different reasons, MORON in the White House…

      Biden hasn’t got the thought process necessary to be POTUS…

  12. Steve Dennis says:

    Keep speaking the truth Fred, that is what we love about you. You nailed it, this was a nice diversion from Detroit for Obama and it was natural for him because keeping the race issue alive is what he cares most about.

  13. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    We talked for an hour today about this and nothing has changed..but you’re correct in saying that hussein obama is calling for civil unrest..he as much said so on national tv..

    Now he is going to order US to take an AIDS test…well good luck on that one..
    There is not much more to be said…everyone here today had pretty much covered it all..

    Well I guess I need to come out of retirement Fred. You know what I mean ..

  14. dekare says:

    I typed in “The Bonnie Blue Flag” into youtube, and got this message:

    “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.”


    How fricking pathetic is that?

  15. Tex Reynolds says:

    The last thing this Country needs is a discussion about race. What this Country needs is a discussion about individual responsibility. No one today, except for a few Arabs, has owned a slave so why keep picking at the scabs. Learn to like people for who they are not what they are. Quit trying to put groups of people into little labeled boxes, they don’t fit. The Military started the RAP (Racial Awareness Program) back in the early 70s. It concentrated on all the bad things that both races had done against each other. At the end of the classes there was more animosity, more hatred and more confusion that when they started. People are individuals, learn to live with it.
    As for mandatory HIV testing that is not what the EO says. Read it! It recommends that clinicians offer testing to a group of people. It doesn’t make them give the test just offer it. Maybe Obama is recruiting for fresh blood to join the DLC. Who knows, but he does enough stupid things let’s not get sidetracked on a non-problem.
    All blacks aren’t bad or on welfare. All white conservatives don’t believe in God. People need to quit stereotyping and judge others on individual merits.

    • Abigail says:

      With all due respect, I disagree. I have read the EO. It is a short step from ‘recommendation’ to requirement particularly with the implementation of the ACA looming. In any case, if such a policy is determined to be medically sound practice, I would expect such a change in clinical standards to originate with the medical community. IMO that would be right and proper and without any taint of a political agenda.

  16. TopGun says:

    TO: Barry Soetoro

    FROM: The American Public

    Dear Barry,

    We know you were a THUG 35 years ago and that could have been you, and 35 years later, you’re still a THUG.


    The American Public

  17. Abigail says:

    One of the problems with this desire for a discussion on race is that there need to be two sides willing to discuss. And call me stupid but what is it they want to discuss? That there should be perpetual white guilt for past events? That it is not necessary to learn to speak proper English or get an education? That the work ethic is for others? That in any confrontation verbal or physical between people of different races, the race with the least minority status is automatically the aggressor?
    On a personal level, I have no interest in any sort of such discussion. I take people as I find them regardless of their skin color. But it is getting harder all the time to do so.

  18. BARR says:

    Hot Damn! With the exception of one post ya all’ are straight talkers..
    You’ve just reaffirmed my faith….
    Thank you!

  19. NativeSon says:

    No Hussein you couldn’t have been Trayvon 35 years ago-Trayvon was from Florida-you-Indonesia by way of Kenya!

    • TexasFred says:

      I was wondering if you were going to fire that shot after we had talked about it.. You are a man of principle, you’re my friend and I am happy to have friends like you that aren’t afraid to speak the truth…

    • BobF says:

      It seems on his recent trip to Africa that even the Kenyan’s don’t want to claim him. Their president told him to mind his own business, saying their nation follows God and quoted the Bible to back him up. That’s bad when some third world African country slaps you down.

  20. Patrick Sperry says:

    Well, Bob beat me to it!

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