Obama Says Vietnamese Dictator Inspired by Founding Fathers

Obama Says Vietnamese Dictator Inspired by Founding Fathers

Ho Chi Minh“…we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.”

— President Obama talking to reporters alongside Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang.

Fox News

Let me say this in the most plain, and easily understood words that can possibly be used; if Barack Hussein Obama believes that Ho Chi Minh was inspired by OUR Founding Fathers, then it is MY opinion that Barack Hussein Obama is the Communist we have long believed him to be and is, without a doubt, the most dangerous, egotistical, anti-American megalomaniac that this nation has ever seen on OUR soil.

I do NOT bite my words as I write this. I have NO FEAR as I speak these words of TRUTH. I make NO apologies to ANY that read this and I will stand by those words for as long as I draw breath!

Obama apparently has NEVER studied history. We know he was never a Military man. I am of the belief that Barack Hussein Obama is an admirer of Ho Chi Minh, and as such, may be running HIS life and evil regime in a manner that HE believes can easily mimic that of Ho.

For those of you old enough to remember Vietnam, this will come as no surprise. To those of you that aren’t aware of Ho Chi Minh and his all-consuming EVIL, he is ALL you need to know!

The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh

Reader’s Digest,
November 1968

The village chief and his wife were distraught. One of their children, a seven-year-old boy, had been missing for four days. They were terrified, they explained to Marine Lt. Gen. Lewis W. Walt, because they believed he had been captured by the Vietcong.

Suddenly, the boy came out of the jungle and ran across the rice paddies toward the village. He was crying. His mother ran to him and swept him up in her arms. Both of his hands had been cut off, and there was a sign around his neck, a message to his father: if he or any one else in the village dared go to the polls during the upcoming elections, something worse would happen to the rest of his children.

The VC delivered a similar warning to the residents of a hamlet not far from Danang. All were herded before the home of their chief. While they and the chief’s pregnant wife and four children were forced to look on, the chief’s tongue was cut out. Then his genital organs were sliced off and sewn inside his bloody mouth. As he died, the VC went to work on his wife, slashing open her womb. Then, the nine-year-old son: a bamboo lance was rammed through one ear and out the other. Two more of the chief’s children were murdered the same way. The VC did not harm the five-year-old daughter — not physically: they simply left her crying, holding her dead mother’s hand.

General Walt tells of his arrival at a district headquarters the day after it had been overrun by VC and North Vietnamese army troops. Those South Vietnamese soldiers not killed in the battle had been tied up and shot through their mouths or the backs of their heads. Then their wives and children, including a number of two- and three-year-olds, had been brought into the street, disrobed, tortured and finally executed: their throats were cut; they were shot, beheaded, disemboweled. The mutilated bodies were draped on fences and hung with signs telling the rest of the community that if they continued to support the Saigon government and allied forces, they could look forward to the same fate.

These atrocities are not isolated cases; they are typical. For this is the enemy’s way of warfare, clearly expressed in his combat policy in Vietnam. While the naive and anti-American throughout the world, cued by communist propaganda; have trumpeted against American “immorality” in the Vietnam war — aerial bombing, the use of napalm, casualties caused by American combat action — daily and nightly for years, the communists have systematically authored history’s grisliest catalogue of barbarism. By the end of 1967, they had committed at least 100,000 acts of terror against the South Vietnamese people. The record is an endless litany of tortures, mutilations and murders that would have been instructive even to such as Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps because until recently the terrorism has been waged mainly in remote places, this aspect of the war has received scant attention from the press. Hence the enemy has largely succeeded in casting himself in the role of noble revolutionary. It is long past time for Americans, who are sick and tired of being vilified for trying to help South Vietnam stay free, to take a hard look at the nature of this enemy.

Bloodbath Discipline.

The terror had its real beginning when Red dictator Ho Chi Minh consolidated his power in the North. More than a year before his 1954 victory over the French, he launched a savage campaign against his own people. In virtually every North Vietnamese village, strong-arm squads assembled the populace to witness the “confessions” of landowners. As time went on, businessmen, intellectuals, school teachers, civic leaders — all who represented a potential source of future opposition — were also rounded up and forced to “confess” to “errors of thought.” There followed public “trials,” conviction and, in many cases, execution. People were shot, beheaded, beaten to death; some were tied up, thrown into open graves and covered with stones until they were crushed to death, Ho has renewed his terror in North Vietnam periodically. Between 50,000 and 100,000 are believed to have died in these blood-baths — in a coldly calculated effort to discipline the party and the masses. To be sure, few who escape Ho’s terror now seem likely to tempt his wrath. During the 1950s, however, he had to quell some sizeable uprisings in North Vietnam — most notably one that occurred in early November 1956, in the An province, which included Ho’s birthplace village of Nam Dan. So heavily had he taxed the region that the inhabitants finally banded together and refused to meet his price. Ho sent troops to collect, and then sent in an army division, shooting. About 6,000 unarmed villagers were killed. The survivors scattered, some escaping to the South. The slaughter went largely unnoticed by a world then preoccupied with the Soviet Union’s rape of Hungary.

With North Vietnam tightly in hand, the central committee of the North Vietnamese communist party met in Hanoi on March 13, 1959, and decided it was time to move against South Vietnam. Soon, large numbers of Ho’s guerrillas were infiltrating to join cadres that had remained there after the French defeat in 1954. Their mission: to eliminate South Vietnam’s leadership, including elected officials, “natural” leaders, anyone and everyone to whom people might turn for advice. Also to be liquidated were any South Vietnamese who had relatives in their country’s armed forces, civil, services or police; any who failed to pay communist taxes promptly; any with five or more years of education.

A captured VC guerrilla explained how his eight-man team moved against a particular target village: “The first time we entered the village, we arrested and executed on the spot four men who had been pointed out to us by the party’s district headquarters as our most dangerous opponents. One, who had fought in the war against the French was now a known supporter of the South Vietnamese government. Another had been seen fraternizing with government troops. These two were shot. The others, the village’s principal landowners, were beheaded.”

General Walt tells of the “revolutionary purity” of Vietcong who came home to two other villages. In one case, a 15-year-old girl who had given Walt’s Marines information on VC activities was taken into the jungle and tortured for hours, then beheaded. As a warning to other villagers, her head was placed on a pole in front of her home. Her murderers were her brother and two of his VC comrades. In the other case, when a VC learned that his wife and two young children had cooperated with Marines who had befriended them, he himself cut out their tongues.


In such fashion did the storm of terror break over South Vietnam. In 1960, some 1,500 South Vietnamese civilians were killed and 700 abducted. By early 1965, the communists’ Radio Hanoi and Radio Liberation were able to boast that the VC had destroyed 7,559 South Vietnamese hamlets. By the end of last year, 15,138 South Vietnamese civilians had been killed, 45,929 kidnaped. Few of the kidnaped are ever seen again.

Ho’s assault on South Vietnam’s leadership class has, in fact, been a form of genocide — and all too efficient. Thus, if South Vietnam survives in freedom, it will take the country a generation to fully replace this vital element of its society. But the grand design of terror involves other objectives, too. It hopes to force the attacked government into excessively repressive anti-terrorist actions, which tend to earn the government the contempt and hatred of the people. It also seeks valuable propaganda in the form of well-publicized counter-atrocities certain to occur at the individual level — for South Vietnamese soldiers whose families have suffered at communists’ hands are not likely to deal gently with captured VC and North Vietnamese troops.

Dr. A. W. Wylie, an Australian physician serving in a Mekong Delta hospital, points out that a hamlet or village need not cooperate with the Saigon government or allied forces to mark itself for butchery; it need only be neutral, a political condition not acceptable to the communists. After a place has been worked over, its people of responsibility are always identifiable by the particularly hideous nature of their wounds. He cites some cases he has seen:

— When the VC finished with one pregnant woman, both of her legs were dangling by ribbons of flesh and had to be amputated. Her husband, a hamlet chief, had just been strangled before her eyes, and she also had seen her three-year-old child machine-gunned to death. Four hours after her legs were amputated, she aborted the child she was carrying. But perhaps the worst thing that happened to her that day was that she survived.

— A village policeman was held in place while a VC gunman shot off his nose and fired bullets through his cheekbones so close to his eyes that they were reduced to bloody shreds. He later died from uncontrollable hemorrhages.

— A 20-year-old schoolteacher had knelt in a corner trying to protect herself with her arms while a VC flailed at her with a machete. She had been unsuccessful; the back of her head was cut so deeply that the brain was exposed. She died from brain damage and loss of blood.

Flamethrowers at Work.

Last December 5, communists perpetrated what must rank among history’s most monstrous blasphemies at Dak Son, a central highlands village of some 2,000. Montagnards — a tribe of gentle but fiercely independent mountain people. They had moved away from their old village in VC-controlled territory, ignored several VC orders to return and refused to furnish male recruits to the VC.

Two VC battalions struck in the earliest hours, when the village was asleep. Quickly killing the sentries, the communists swarmed among the rows of tidy, thatch-roofed homes, putting the torch to them. The first knowledge that many of the villagers had of the attack was when VC troops turned flamethrowers on them in their beds. Some families awoke in time to escape into nearby jungle. Some men stood and fought, giving their wives and children time to crawl into trenches dug beneath their homes as protection against mortar and rifle fire. But when every building was ablaze, the communists took their flamethrowers to the mouth of each trench and poured in a long, searing hell of fire — and, for good measure, tossed grenades into many. Methodical and thorough, they stayed at it until daybreak, then left in the direction of the Cambodian border.

Morning revealed a scene of unbelievable horror. The village now was only a smoldering, corpse-littered patch on the lush green countryside. The bodies of 252 people, mostly mothers and children, lay blistered, charred, burned to the bone. Survivors, many of them horribly burned, wandered aimlessly about or stayed close to the incinerated bodies of loved ones, crying. Some 500 were missing; scores were later found in the jungle, dead of burns and other wounds; many have not been found.
The massacre at Dak Son was a warning to other Montagnard Settlements to cooperate. But many of the tribesmen now fight with the allies.

If the communists’ “persuasion” techniques spawn deep and enduring hatred, Ho could not care less; the first necessity is the utter, subjugation, of the people. Ho was disturbed by the rapid expansion of South Vietnam’s educational system: between 1954 and 1959, the number of schools had tripled and the number of students had quadrupled. An educated populace, especially one educated to democratic ideals, does not fit into the communist scheme. Hence, the country’s school system was one of Ho’s first targets. So efficiently did he move against it that the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession soon sent a commission, chaired by India’s Shri S. Natarajan, to investigate.

Typical of the commission’s findings is what happened in the jungle province of An Xuyen. During the 1954-55 academic year, 3,096 children attended 32 schools in the province; by the end of the 1960-61 school year, 27,953 were attending 189 schools. Then the communists moved in. Parents were advised not to send their children to school.

Teachers were warned to stop providing civic education, and to stop teaching children to honor their country, flag and president. Teachers who failed to comply were shot or beheaded or had their throats cut, and the reasons for the executions were pinned or nailed to their bodies.

The Natarajan commission reported how the VC stopped one school bus and told the children not to attend school anymore. When the children continued for another week, the communists stopped the bus again, selected a six-year-old passenger and cut off her fingers. The other children were told, “This is what will happen to you if you continue to go to that school.” The school closed.

In one year, in An Xuyen province alone, Ho’s agents closed 150 schools, killed or kidnapped more than five dozen teachers, and cut school enrollment by nearly 20,000. By the end of the 1961-62 school year, 636 South Vietnamese schools were closed, and enrollment had decreased by nearly 80,000.
But, in the face of this attack, South Vietnam’s education system has staged a strong comeback. Schools destroyed by the communists have been rebuilt, destroyed, and rebuilt again. Many teachers have given up their own homes and move each night into a different student’s home so the communists can’t find them, or commute from nearby cities, where they leave their families.

Against such determination, the size of Ho’s failure can be measured: in 1954, there were approximately 400,000 pupils in school in North and South Vietnam together; today South Vietnam alone has some two million in school. About 35,000 — four times as many as in 1962 — now attend five South Vietnamese universities, while 42,000 more attend night college.

A South Vietnamese government official explains: “A war shatters many traditional values. But the idea of education has an absolute hold on our people’s imagination.”
Bar of Justice.

The pitch of communist terrorism keeps rising. After the Tet carnage at Hue early this year, 19 mass graves yielded more than 1,000 bodies, mostly civilians — old men and women, young girls, schoolboys, priests, nuns, doctors (including three Germans who had been medical-school faculty members at Hue University). About half had been buried alive, and many were found bound together with barbed wire, with dirt or cloth stuffed into their mouths and throats, and their eyes wide open. The communists came to Hue with a long list of names for liquidation — people who worked for the South Vietnamese or for the US government, or who had relatives who did. But as their military situation grew increasingly desperate, they began grabbing people at random, out of their homes and off the streets, condemned them at drumhead courts as “reactionaries” or for “opposing the revolution” and killed them.

“The Tet offensive represented a drastic change in tactics,” says General Walt. “This is a war to take over the South Vietnamese people. Ho launched the Tet offensive because he knew he was losing the people. But his troops didn’t know it; they were told that they didn’t need any withdrawal plans because the people would rise and fight with them to drive out the Americans. What happened was just the opposite. Many fought against them like tigers.” Some of the Tet offensive’s explosion of atrocities probably can be attributed to sheer vengeful frustration on the part of Ho’s terror squads — which Ho may well have foreseen, and counted on.

The full record of communist barbarism in Vietnam would fill volumes. If South Vietnam falls to the communists, millions more are certain to die, large numbers of them at the hands of Ho’s imaginative tortures. That is a primary reason why, at election times, more than 80 percent of eligible South Vietnamese defy every communist threat and go to the polls, and why, after mortar attacks, voting lines always form anew. It is why the South Vietnamese pray that their allies will stick the fight through with them. It is why the vast majority of American troops in Vietnam are convinced that the war is worth fighting. It is why those who prance about even in our own country — waving Vietcong flags and decrying our “unjust” and “immoral” war should be paid the contempt they deserve.

Finally, it is why the communists should be driven once and for all from South Vietnam — and why, if possible, the monsters who presently rule North Vietnam should be brought before the bar of justice.

The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh

I hope this story is forwarded to everyone that you know, this needs to be seen by ALL Americans. Even the Democrats need to see exactly what Barack Hussein Obama really is, you see, our Founding Fathers didn’t MURDER at least 500K of our own people.

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30 Responses to Obama Says Vietnamese Dictator Inspired by Founding Fathers

  1. Layla Elizabeth says:

    Did I not call that “OREO” a commie?

  2. Hgpsurf says:

    Obama loves our enemies and apologizes for the United States. I have nothing nice to say about him so I’ll leave it to others to comment on him. It would be great if Jane Fonda was forced to read today’s Texas Fred!

    • TexasFred says:

      If that BITCH did read this blog today there would be a Libtard column carry her remarks tomorrow because you just know, she wouldn’t like it… 😈

      • Layla Elizabeth says:

        Who said that BITCH could read! She leaves a gravy train every where she goes including on the damn bus she pulls out about every 25 years!

  3. Michael Gallops says:

    You’re just NOW figuring out he’s a Communist??? LOL Just kidding…

    • TexasFred says:

      Nope, but NOW we have irrefutable proof.. 😛

      Even L.A.D. can’t argue for her hero this time… Well, she probably can, but that’s because she’s an Obama sycophant and a total MORON…

  4. Dick Robie says:

    Obama is not only a Saul Alinsky Communist, he is incompetant to be running our great country. He should be impeached, tried and tossed out of office to face justice in the court system.

    • cmblake6 says:

      Well, the incompetence is not exactly correct. It seems totally competent in the destruction of our system, which was it’s intent from the beginning. If you listened to it’s crap during the first campaign, it wanted exactly what is happening.

  5. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    I served 18 months in An Xuyen province deep in the Mekong Delta. This was 1967-68. VC atrocities were not rare. We were not sure where most Vietnamese loyalty lay. We mostly thought they were neutral. Then during the Tet Offensive of 1968 we found that there was a vile hatred of the VC. Civilians risked their lives helping us repulse and destroy squads and platoons of VC. They brought food to us Americans when our mess hall was badly damaged by mortar rounds. They even retrieved weapons from dead VC so other VC could not use them.

    I will forever regret our political actions after Tet 68 that eventually turned South Vietnam over to the commies. Hanoi Jane Fonda, Hanoi John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Walter Cronkite and other lefties helped defeat South Vietnam. These are the people that and ideology that are now epitomized by the Marxist muslim racist bastard dictator in the White House.

    • Bob Mack says:

      I saw the same thing in Khanh Hoa during Tet, Tom … as for Hanoi Jane, Hanoi John, and all the rest of the AmeriCong & their ideological descendants, I’ll hate ’em until the day I die.

  6. J. D. Longstreet says:

    What does Obama have to do… tattoo a hammer and sickle on his forehead … before the American voter will recognize THE MAN IS A COMMIE???


    • TexasFred says:

      I don’t know if even that would do it… We have some far left loons right here in Rowlett that would worship no matter what.. :(

  7. VettedVet says:

    Fred, thank you for the refresher - their not getting the truth in school anymore!

    This POS is a unadulterated liar and complete IDIOT! It’s a good thing that the pinko NVN pres wasn’t eating something as he would have choked his own self.

    Served under Walt for a short period before my freedom flight back to the world in 1966. The man was a national treasure, insight that was unparalleled and leadership that was envied. Too bad he reported to Westmoreland!

    The userper in the WH knows well what Ho did and studied his methods. It’s too bad we don’t have a Walt at out disposal today. Even if we did the POS would have found a way to get him out of the way as he has already demonstrated so well.

    To parallel Ho to Jefferson is a complete and total distortion directed to the low information voter, the only one’s who buy his BS!

    Semper Fi - God help US!

  8. abigail says:

    I went to college during those Vietnam years, participated in pro ROTC demonstations, (we were few but we were there). I remember well enough the atrocities and visciousness of the communist VC. To this day I will not buy any product labeled: made in Vietnam.
    That now this…parasite… infesting our White House makes such a statement is beyond belief. He is nothing more than a fawning, servile syncophant who tries to curry favor one oppressive regime after another.
    I bet if anyone of today’s generation read that RD article they would not believe it. They would say it’s exaggeration or made up to support the (then) war effort.
    That I should have lived to see a president of the US make such a statement…I never would have believed it.
    And people still refuse to see him for what he is. A hateful, scheming, self serving communist who has no loyalty to anyone or thing except himself.

    • TexasFred says:

      Yeah, we’re just making stuff up about *Lord Obama*, just like the fake scandals…

      America either wakes up or ceases to exist… And this namby-pamby BULLSHIT that the TEA Party is trying to foist off on Patriots as actions that will save the nation are just that; BULLSHIT!

  9. GarryXDM says:

    I will key on a very early statement in this article. The President is ‘not a Military man’. You are damn straight about that. Soldiers are taught early in training that you do not leave another man behind. Since times of horse cavalry, soldiers - real men - have held this belief true to heart. Ask Mike Durant from Mogasdishu, Somalia… “No Man Left Behind”… this same attitude was felt by our soldiers in Vietnam… This is not a new concept… however, our “new government” could care less about people left behind… just ask the “Benghazi Four”… what was Obama doing during the time period Ambassador Stevens and his security were being tortured and killed??? Have you heard an answer to this? I have not… ‘No Man Left Behind’… go ahead President Obama, tell the world that this is another PHONY SCANDAL,like the IRS targeting groups for political gain, and Holder attacking Texas on Voter ID… the way you take care of your citizenry… Please, don’t worry about me… YOUR kind of help, I DON’T NEED!!!

    • BobF says:

      Garry, you’re so right. A general and admiral tried to do something to aid those who were abandoned by their government in Benghazi and were immediately relieved of duty. Obama and his minions have decimated the morale of our Armed Forces and are going after military retirees and dependents. Our top experienced military leadership in both enlisted and officer ranks are retiring early or being forced to retire; replaced by those with no combat or field experience and will bow to the powers in Washington at the expense of those they command.

  10. Bob Mack says:

    Tet, ’68 … some people may remember the mass executions by Ho’s commissars in Hue City. But it happened in larger or smaller degree everywhere. Once NVA regulars controlled an area, even temporarily, the political officers moved in & marked civilians for execution. Anyone suspected of or working for the Americans or the Saigon government was summarily murdered. Bargirls and barbers, even hootch maids — all were taught the glorious joys of communism. It was the last lesson they ever learned.

    Barack Obama is a communist.

    • Nemesis says:

      Bob….what most folks saw or more to the point, were ‘presented’ with on their televisions during the Tet Offensive, was the anti-American sentiments of the media that the media chose to report on, such as the Saigon police chief executing a Viet Cong suspect with a bullet to the side of the head while the camera’s rolled, or in the later years of the war, that young girl running from the flames whose village had been mistakenly napalmed.

      There was very little mentioned of the atrocities then being carried out by the North Vietnamese against their perceived enemies. Those reports were largely ignored by the media which concentrated on ‘American’ atrocities.

      And from out of those years have come the Western Marxists who now hold positions of power and influence and are no longer holding back through subterfuge or camouflage, their hateful agendas against those they consider their enemy, the Conservatives.

      The Marxists need to be reminded that for every action by them on their perceived enemies, there will be a future reaction against them!

  11. dekare says:

    No matter what obama does, there is still a vast percentage of the population, most of them black, will alway vote for and support obama not matter what he does.

    Reminds me of the SNL video, where no matter what he does, he has their vote. It’s supposed to be a funny skit, and in fact, it is, but it’s damn TRUE.


    Sadly, the over-educated white voter, the low info voter, and blacks and minorities, are all enough to keep obama in power. If ANY conservative president had done even 1/10th of the nonsense obama has, not even considering the birth certificate issue, the muslim issue, the commie issue, all of those aside, and based just on his handling of the economy and his actions in the oval office, would have had that president run out of the oval office on a rail. But obama is pure teflon. People either do not see what he is doing, do not care what he is doing, or actually want him to do what he is doing.

    Our Founding Fathers never….NEVER…thought someone like obama was possible. They believed citizens would strive to be informed and the media would be the ultimate watchdog, and real Americans would never accept any of the laws that we have seen passed in the last hundred years that have led to our current situation, but alas, we know that ain’t the case. We all saw this coming, but thought it would never actually happen. Well surprise, it did.

    I suppose we deserve this. Way too often, good people did nothing and let progressive/socialism/communism happen. I suppose they had their work cut out for them in trying to stop it, as everytime something bad was done to advance socialism, the right was shut down with being labelled a bully, so we let them have their way…always thinking that if things got too bad, it could be stopped later. Well, now it’s later, and we can’t seem to do a damn thing.

    Say anything about social security…you must hate old people. School teacher unions or socialism school programs…you must hate kids. Welfare programs…you must hate poor people. Socialized medicine, you must want poor children dying in the streets, climate change programs and EPA, you must hate the earth, and on and on. Why were those who could have done something, afraid of what others might think about them. Did they not realize that actual real Americans, who don’t scream and rant all the time, would have had their backs if they did what was right? I guess not.

    We did nothing. And now we are facing the consequences, just like a parent who let their kids do whatever they wanted and walk all over them, and now have an unruly teenager that hates his parents and knows it all and can’t be told differently. Just like years of bad parently can not be undone, one hundred years of socialism allowed to prosper, can be easily undone.

    I was too young to remember carter, but from what I read, America looked downright bleak, never to be turned back into greatness. But then Reagan came along, and in no time, things got better. So, despite the fact that our conservative politicians look weak and our current situation hopeless, I have to think that there is a Reagan somewhere that CAN take over and turn us around.

    So, I have to ask…did carter have the backing like obama has? Did carter have a massive army of liberals who are not bashful about who they are and openly stating they want to fundamentally change America. Proudly admitting they are progressive, and in some cases, for socialism. Czars in power that do not answer to congress or We The People, and the media ready to do his bidding, all to the same extent that obama has? If so, then I remain hopeful. But I have to say this, if the elections of 2014 and more importantly, 2016, don’t turn out the way we all hope, I will have to concede that all is lost. I really feel the window of opportunity to get back on track, is closing quickly, and once shut, will leave us out in the cold, unless we pick up a rock and smash that window open. If so, American will become a one-party system, the supreme court will be stacked in progressive favor, and our country will FAIL, all as planned. Because once America fails, it can be rebuilt in the vision of those in power…and that is insane scary.

    Just like in a game of chess, there is always hope, but if you are down to your king and just a few pawns, with the other side still in possession of its queen, both rooks and bishops, there is absolutely no way for your side to win. At that point, all you can do is throw the board and toss the pieces.

    Obviously I was not around during the Revolution and the Civil War, but I can NOT imagine that our country was too much worse off than we are right now. that good men saw our situation hopeless and took action as the only prospect they saw left. How much worse were things then in comparison to how they are right now?

    I do NOT want to see that option and I am still counting on the soap box and the voting box to be sufficient enough to turn things around. But if the day comes where the rules and corruptions have seen to it that neither of those options will amount to anything, than we will be left with little choice. I think the left knows this and is why they are desperate to remove that third option. obama and ilk are trying to stop our ability to be heard (controlling the internet, shutting down conservative talk show hosts, supposed fairness nonsense, destruciton of conservative non-profits, control of the media, etc.) They are trying to halt our ability to vote, (Acorn, new black panther party intimidation, SEIU, stopping voter ID programs, legalizing millions of undocumented democrat voters, and good old ballot box stuffing). And now, they are desperately trying to take away our ability to forcefully remove a tyrannical govt if our first two options fail.

    How blatant are these moves to remove all three of these rights from us, and more importantly, how damn scary? Sometimes, I wish I was not as political as I am, as knowing these facts and paying attention to what is really going on, is downright terrifying. Being a low information voter must be quite blissful.

    But again and for now, I HAVE HOPE. It is waning, but many a battle against great odds have been won. All things are possible…right? I can only hope that if and when we do get America back on track, we take measure to assure that another obama can not happen again. That we make being proud of being America is a good thing…not something to be ashamed of. That socialism/communism will NOT be tolerated and anyone who speaks for these things is not allowed in our government or our schools.

    We have to remain ever hopeful…so for now, I am.

  12. Patrick Sperry says:

    Digging up some very old wounds Fred…
    And to think those damned assholes called me a “war criminal..?” Napalm was too damned good for them. Just southeast of Dak To there is a place that is now called The Valley of Fire. I helped it gain that name. My only regret? There should have been more of them.
    What we are seeing, is yet another historical rewrite… Damned commies use that methodology whenever they can. Even if they don’t need it.

  13. LD Jackson says:

    That’s the biggest load of hogwash I have ever heard. For Obama to say Ho Chi Min was inspired by our Founding Fathers is an insult of the worst kind to America.

  14. BARR says:

    Not only an insult LD….

  15. BARR says:



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    A MUST SEE!!!!

    Little has been written on the Korean War and even less on trench warfare and the desperate battles fought for control of isolated outposts that marked its closing months. For the very first time, a documentary film, Hold At All Costs, examines one specific battle; the epic attack and defense of Outpost Harry, where American, Greek and South Korean soldiers fought and died against incredible odds to hold a vital position from massive Chinese barrage. The film, intending to be aired nationally in November 2010, around Veteran’s Day, honors this year’s 60th anniversary of the war’s commencement. The concept, a relatively novel one; told by the men and women who actually fought it, but from all sides. This 80-minute effort focuses on the survivors of The Battle at Outpost (OP) Harry and how this horrific event affected their remaining years.

    The US 3rd Infantry Division had orders to hold OP Harry at all costs — the Chinese intended to seize it. On 10 June 1953, 3,000 Chinese assaulted the position, defended by King Company, 15th Infantry Regiment — about 200 US soldiers. Massive artillery fire — 90,000 US and 30,000 Chinese shells — decimated both sides. K Company and then reinforcing units of about a hundred — at terrible human cost — ejected the attackers from the trenches in close combat, with only about 30 US soldiers walking off the mountain unscathed the next morning. But the Chinese would return again and again for eight subsequent nights. The film depicts interviews with American, South Korean, Greek and Chinese veterans — in addition to introducing three Generals, MASH nurses, the South Korean Prime Minister, noted scholars and political commentators Newt Gingrich, US Sen. Richard Lugar, US Con. Charles Rangel, S. Korean Honorable Hwang and Oliver North.‚ By dedicating an entire program to the buildup, battle and its aftermath, while endearing the audience to these soldiers, a unique perspective is given to the greater Korean War. These combatants — who are so proud of their service — are grateful that before their generation is gone, a document is finally procured to preserve the memory of the soldiers who fell attacking and defending OP Harry to HOLD AT ALL COSTS. With a new world order imminent, the term “Hold At All Costs” is ultimately what the Korean War or Cold War were all about. It is hopeful that these stories represent all soldiers of that era and perhaps all soldiers everywhere, throughout time. Narrated by Edward Herrmann (FDR & The Gilmore Girls), Edited by Chris Peterson, (Who Killed The Electric Car), Produced by Bob Baker Family Foundation and Directed by Glenn Palmedo-Smith, (Discovering Ellis Ruley & The Hungry Woman), this is a war documentary like never told before…


  16. cmblake6 says:

    Fred, your article is being specifically linked in a reblog I just borrowed from Bob.

    Can anyone explain to me how “they” have managed to get anywhere near as far as they have? Infiltration of our school systems for the last 40 years. The Weather Underground sorts cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrated our school systems to program our children.

    The only benefit to human nature is that there will be a revival in the future, because this stuff does not work.

  17. BARR says:

    Obama Ho Chi Minh comment echoes KGB ‘disinformation’

    Said communist mass-murderer Ho Chi Minh ‘inspired’ by U.S. founding documents

    Obama’s surprising pronouncement, praising the leader against whom America’s soldiers fought during the Vietnam War, is right in sync with Soviet KGB “disinformation campaigns” of the past, created specifically to paint America in a bad light and its enemies in a good one.

    The highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to America during the Cold War, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa says that particular disinformation campaign, codenamed “Ares,” was the brainchild of longtime KGB chief Yuri Andropov:

    Andropov was convinced that the war in Vietnam provided a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make Europe fear America’s military terror and instill discord between the Old Continent and its own leader at that time, the United States. Therefore, Andropov made Operation Ares a foremost priority from almost the first days of the Vietnam War.

    Part of this deception was the creation of the American antiwar movement, says Pacepa, who writes in “Disinformation”:

    The general perception in the United States is that America’s antiwar movement has been a homegrown product. In reality, it is the result of a still very secret dezinformatsiya operation ignited by the KGB during the Vietnam War for the dual purpose of counteracting American efforts to protect the world against communist expansion, and of creating doubt around the world about American power, judgment and credibility. Unfortunately, it has fulfilled both aims.

    Describing one disinformation vehicle, the KGB-created “Stockholm Conference on Vietnam” - fully staffed with undercover KGB officers - Pacepa and Rychlak explain how the wily Andropov organized and funded the “peace movement”:

    During the five years of its existence, it spread around the world countless vitriolic dezinformatsiya articles and photographs supposedly depicting the debaucheries committed by the Genghis Khan-style American military against Vietnamese civilians. All these materials were produced by the KGB’s disinformation department and contained basically fabricated descriptions of American atrocities committed against civilians in Vietnam, as well as counterfeited pictures supporting the allegations. In his 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry famously echoed a KGB disinformation campaign of the time.

    “In 1972,” recalls Pacepa, “I had a long discussion with Andropov about Operation Ares”:

    “It turned America against her own government,” Andropov started off in his soft voice. It damaged America’s foreign policy consensus, poisoned her domestic debate, and built a credibility gap between America and European public opinion that was wide and deep. It also transformed the world’s leftists into deadly enemies of American “imperialism.” Now all we had to do was to continue planting the seeds of “Ares” and water them day after day after day. Eventually, American leftists would seize upon our Ares and would start pursuing it of their own accord. In the end, our original involvement would be forgotten and Ares would take on a life of its own.

    “Sadly,” concludes Pacepa, “Andropov seems to have been right. The U.S. elections of 1974 brought in a new Congress dominated by leftist Democrats who immediately restricted the financing of the war in Vietnam, and in 1976 cut the funding altogether. As U.S. forces precipitously pulled out of Vietnam, the victorious communists massacred some 2 million people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Another million tried to escape by sea, but many died in the attempt.”

    Read more at:

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