Obama urges nation to demand a ‘common sense’ balance on gun control, gun rights

Obama urges nation to demand a ‘common sense’ balance on gun control, gun rights

Obama PoutingPresident Obama, addressing yet another memorial gathering after a deadly mass shooting, said Sunday evening that he senses “a creeping resignation” in the United States that homicidal lunacy like the Washington Navy Yard massacre “is somehow the new normal.” But he said “it ought to be a shock to us all” and should spur Americans to demand “a common sense” balance between gun rights and gun control. SOURCE

I have contended since his first election; Barack Hussein Obama is a fool, nothing more than a useful *tool*, much similar to a puppet, having his strings pulled by persons or groups that have found a dupe, a willing dupe, one that is perfectly fine with the idea of destroying the United States of America.

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” ~Adolph Hitler~

Bad guy with a gun

If Barack Hussein Obama and his fellows had their way the law abiding and sane American citizen would disarmed and forced to bear that action in the name of *it’s for the children*, when the truth of the matter is this; it’s NOT for the children, it’s for those that seek to exert total dictatorial control of We, The People, and the only way that can become a reality is to vilify guns and gun owners, those of us that don’t commit the crimes or the murders.

If this were not the truth the Obama regime would be addressing the real issues of gun violence; the BAD people, those that will be criminals regardless of what the law of the land says, and the INSANE that have NO BUSINESS owning or possessing guns, individuals like Aaron Alexis, a person that clearly had mental issues yet was allowed to work for the U.S. government with a *secret* clearance.

That is the abject failure of *the system*! When our military and Federal law enforcement officials can’t ferret out a NUT JOB then I have no faith in ANY of the gun control measures offered by Obama and his cronies.

“By now . . . it should be clear that the change we need will not come from Washington, even when tragedy strikes Washington,” he said at Sunday’s service on the barracks parade grounds. “Change will come the only way it ever has come, and that’s from the American people.”

The immediate knee-jerk reaction from ALL anti-gun people is BAN GUNS and put even stricter, more restrictive gun laws in place.

Guns are outlawed in Washington, D.C. and guns in the hands of anyone other than Law Enforcement are strictly prohibited on military installations. How much more restrictive can gun laws get short of total confiscation?

“Part of what wears on . . . is the sense that this has happened before,” the president said. “What wears on us, what troubles us so deeply, as we gather here today is this senseless violence that took place in the Navy Yard echoes other recent tragedies.”

And he intoned the names of the places he has visited as president in the wake of mass homicides: Fort Hood, Tex.; Tucson; Aurora, Colo., and Newtown. “Once more our hearts are broken,” he said. “Once more we ask why.”

Ft. Hood; a military base where ALL guns are prohibited to anyone other than Law Officers.

The Aurora theater shooting; a gun free zone as declared by the theater owners and/or management.

Newtown; a SCHOOL for crying out loud, a GUN FREE ZONE as declared by Law and the LAW meant nothing to the shooter.

Gun Free Zones; for the criminally insane, for those intent on committing a heinous, headline grabbing crime, a GUN FREE ZONE is a flashing neon sign just begging to be violated.

We have already heard many crying for even stricter gun laws, we have heard many rail against high capacity magazines and semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47, wanting them to be banned and ILLEGAL to own.

I say this with a great deal of confidence; many of those elected to high office, the ones calling for these increased restrictions and the banning of certain, if not ALL guns, are the most incredibly STUPID people to walk the soil of this great nation. Guns don’t commit crimes, people do.

An old line that bears repeating; When guns are outlawed only OUTLAWS will have guns, and if anyone believes that ALL GUNS can be taken away from the American people, those persons are too stupid to even acknowledge.

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15 Responses to Obama urges nation to demand a ‘common sense’ balance on gun control, gun rights

  1. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Great post Fred,

    What you have made crystal clear to your readers since I have been teading your blog and what you again made mention of today is that the “only way to stop a bad guy(s) with a gun is good guy(s) with a gun(s). That Fred and readers is just the unbiased truth.

    If Obama believes so much in disarmament, then he must “Lead by example”. Obama must lead us by example by ” Ordering the complete disarmament of his Secret Service detail to DISARM”.
    Doing so will send a clear signal to all good and bad you do not need firearms for any reason.
    There will be no need to hunt, no need for 4-H shooting safety programs etc.

    Do you believe for a minute he would disarm his detail? It’s laughable. As is attempting to add more restrictive gun control laws on top of unenforced gun-laws..

    The man is clueless, as are his puppeteers from behind and from under the Resolute Desk..it’s the plain ugly slurpping truth unfortunately we the American people are paying tbe price .

  2. Bunkerville says:

    We best get armed to the teeth. Anyone who still thinks they are not coming to a mall near you is in denial.

    • TexasFred says:

      I fear the anti-gun MORONS as much as I do the terror merchants… The thing is, the terrorists never let you know they are coming, the anti-gun cabal TELLS YOU they are coming..

  3. LD Jackson says:

    Once again, we have President Obama refusing to admit what should be obvious to anyone with one eye and the ability to think logically. The reason is simple. The gun control crowd will use any excuse to tighten restrictions of the private ownership of guns. If allowed to go unchecked, it will only be a matter of time before they try to ban every gun in America. Except for the ones they have, of course.

    • Patrick Sperry says:

      And once again LD hits the nail on the head. Using logic and reason whereas the obaminites simply cannot understand normal thinking! Great comment LD.

      • LD Jackson says:

        Thanks, Patrick. We call that common sense in our neck of the woods, as I am sure you do in yours. That’s a commodity that is in short supply in our political leaders.

  4. BobF says:

    The Washington shooter held a Secret Security Clearance. That means he had been cleared by the DIS to access areas you and I could be shot trying to access. I used to have a Secret Clearance with SAR access. I could access a SAC Nuclear Armed B-52. You try it and you’ll be shot. Holding a current Secret Clearance, I don’t think even a NY or California type of background check would have turned up anything negative on him when he went to purchase the shotgun. After all, the Federal Government declared him trustworthy.

  5. Nemesis says:

    Obama wouldn’t know what common sense was, even if it got up and bit him on the arse! In these instances common sense would be to fight fire with fire, not get caught out unarmed like a sitting duck for some nutter to shoot at you.

    Apparently the Navy, overall, employs many black Americans that make up around 20% of its workforce, but the Navy yard that came under attack has more than 50% black Americans employed in its workforce. Yet most of the victims in that shooting were white!

    Were the victims deliberately or randomly targeted?

    Having made myself aware of the many, many shooting massacres from across the world over the past few decades it becomes quite plain that there is a common thread that runs through nearly all of them - the shooters have a history of mental health issues and continuous medication for those issues.

    But why is this FACT not being addressed by those who should be addressing it?

    All these shootings have not come about through individuals who have both their feet planted firmly on the ground and there seems to be a vague undercurrent running through them all which is just out of our perception. ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ is the catch cry of the Left, but some of these shootings seem to be a little too convenient to that kind of thinking for them not have had some outside interference. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but there is more to these shootings than meets the eye!

    Tell Obama to bite his arse and keep your guns America! Do not, I repeat, do not voluntarily surrender them to those who will then be able to control you.

    • Braden Lynch says:

      I would think it is not some great conspiracy or false flag operation. It is simply that most of the spree killers are mentally disturbed or are of the extreme left which at its core is evil and nihilistic.

      After all, if you deny God (3 times Democrats), believe that you evolved from the slime, and think that the POTUS is your savior, then you have no moral compass and racking up a body count seems like no big deal. So, they choose gun free zones which are target rich environments, secure in the knowledge that the MSM will plaster their name and face on every TV for weeks on end and they will attain fame, even in death. Sick.

      Meanwhile, good decent people like me get vilified since we own firearms. Sick.

    • Patrick Sperry says:

      So you noticed that little fact as well…

    • Nemesis says:

      Thank you for your comment Braden. I believe what you have written is in need of a reply, and so you have my apologies for not responding to you sooner.

      I most certainly agree with you that those of the hard Left have mental health issues which is pretty obvious to most folk who get to deal with those of the hard Left, and while we can agree that most mass murderers who choose to shoot up the neighborhood are mentally deranged, I believe we may arrive at separate conclusions as to what drives them to do this.

      One can certainly come up with many motives as to why disturbed individuals would go on to act out a murderous rampage, but my research has led me to believe that not all of them personally choose to do this, and those who have survived the arrival of law enforcement to bring their short reign of terror to an end will almost always, and invariably, blame the voices in their heads for what they have done.

      One exception to that rule that comes to mind is of course is Anders Breivik who murdered all those young kids in Norway. If anything, his murderous rampage was politically motivated and meticulously planned, which is not the act of a disturbed individual whose mind has been turned to mush and made easily manipulated by the over prescribing of some very dangerous mind altering drugs which the pseudo- medical profession of the psychology and psychiatric kind have been getting away with for decades.

      In 1996 at Port Arthur, in the Australian state of Tasmania, one Martin Bryant a 20 something old young man at the time, killed 33 men, women and children at point blank range with an M16 which he had reportedly purchased by mail order.

      Sound familiar?

      Bryant survived the police response to be locked up forever in a Hobart jail. He did not stand trial as the prosecution and the defence decided it would be to everyone’s sensitivities if he pleaded guilty instead and saved the state the cost of parading the many witnesses who supposedly had seen him kill all those people.

      Those many witnesses who supposedly could finger Bryant for the murders are actually very few in number when one delves into the witness statements and do not corroborate each other!

      What wasn’t made public at the time was the FACT that Bryant had the mental capacity of a nine year old. And it was never fully explained how he was able to meticulously plan and execute the slaughter of 33 strangers at the Broad Arrow Café in Port Arthur, and then evade capture by police for the next eight hours!

      How under our systems of criminal law is an individual with the mental capacity of a nine year old able to enter a plea of guilty your Honor to murdering 33 individuals?

      It was some weeks after this massacre that the Left got really vociferous and lobbied the Federal government to cause a gun buy back of all semi-auto long and short arms which the majority of Australians fell for.

      I was one who did not fall for the sanctimonious crap that the Left are so good at putting out whenever a good crisis comes by their way or is made to come by their way!

      Check out the history of this terrible massacre by simply going to Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur massacre on the internet. If after you have read all there is to know about that massacre, I would suggest to you that you should check out a few more, particularly those that have been allowed to occur in your own nation.

      I would then be very interested to hear from you again about conspiracy theories.

      To Patrick Sperry - it becomes pretty obvious doesn’t it, that medication and mental health issues have a big role to play in these terrible massacres?

      • Patrick Sperry says:

        Shortly after, as in we were still picking up bodies, the Columbine High School incident we found that several mind altering drugs, psychiatric medications, were being used by the implicated individuals. Much of our findings remain under a gag order from the Courts. What should have been done though was a complete review of those meds as well as how, and why, they are prescribed.

  6. the unit says:

    Now, now. They probably won’t take everyone’s gun. By E.O. you can keep yours if your know the Prophet’s mother’s maiden name.

  7. Wayne says:

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”…….Chairman Mao. “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”……..Claire Wolfe.

  8. Patrick Sperry says:

    More of the same from the usual mentally lame! I am so sick of the same old same old being repeated ad nausium…
    Think about it folks. We are witnessing an evolving race war. The dreams Charles Manson, et al are coming to fruition. Just not as they had planned, and being promoted by none other than our very own government.

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