Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis split over approach to federal government

Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis split over approach to federal government

Greg Abbott 4WASHINGTON — For the past decade, Texas has been at war with Washington.

Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott have fought the federal government on health care, voting rights and environmental regulations. On spending, new programs and regulations, federal officials have been hard-pressed to find friendly ears in the Lone Star State.

Now, with Perry fading from the state’s political scene, the 2014 contest for governor could determine whether Texas takes a different approach to the White House and the federal government.

Abbott, the likely Republican contender for governor, promises much of the same, saying he would make sure Texas isn’t “sucked into a California-style form of government.” SOURCE

And Texas will continue to be at WAR with Washington.

Greg Abbott has fought tooth and nail to keep the D.C. regulations out of Texas; I believe that once he is Governor of Texas he will continue to fight just as hard. I hope his successor as Attorney General is as much a fighter as Abbott is.

Greg Abbott is a true Conservative, and as such, he will carry those qualities into the Texas State House.

Wendy DavisWendy Davis, the likely Democratic nominee for governor, says she would view the federal government as more friend than foe. And she criticized the glee that Abbott seems to take in tackling the Obama administration.

“It’s part and parcel of what’s wrong in politics today, the idea that we brag about the fact that we sue, that we create an adversary, when we could be working together to show that we are big enough, to show that we are wise enough and thoughtful enough to sit down at the table with people that we disagree with and find a way to help the communities that we serve,” she said. “Most people understand in Texas that that’s not working for us.”

Wendy *Abortion Barbie* Davis is a prime example of what wants to take control of Texas as the less than qualified Democrats brag about how they are going to turn Texas into a BLUE state.

It is quite understandable how a Liberal Democrat like Wendy Davis could view the federal government as more friend than foe. Democrats want bigger government and more handouts, that is why she would consider the debacle in D.C. as a friend. It’s just more of that *gimme my FREE CHEESE* mindset that people like Davis, and those that would support her espouse.

Davis believes it’s wrong to brag about Texas filing a number of suits, well, I can understand that, you see, Wendy Davis is as dumb as a bag of dirt. Davis has NO idea of what “Most people understand in Texas” want or believe because if she did, she would know that her run for the Texas Governorship is an exercise in futility.

It’s one of the biggest disagreements between the two. And it’s sure to be a major focus for many voters, partly because it reflects the national political debate over the Affordable Care Act and the polarized reaction to President Barack Obama, whose unpopularity in Texas could be a major drag on Davis’ efforts.

If you don’t believe my accusation of Wendy Davis being dumb is true, think of this; her seeing D.C. as a friend, as opposed to distancing herself from the most *toxic* President in American history stands in testament to that accusation. Davis, if elected, would do everything in her power to attach Texas to the teat that IS Washington corruption and mismanagement.

Read the full story, compare the candidates for yourself and if you actually believe that Wendy Davis is competent and capable of being an effective Texas Governor; YOU are as much a part of the problem as she and the duplicitous Democrats are.

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5 Responses to Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis split over approach to federal government

  1. Robbert says:

    I really don’t understand Davis at all. There was no chance that her antics trying to stop that abortion bill would succeed, she was pursuing an insurmountable cause here in Texas.
    Secondly, she has no chance of becoming a governor in this red state. Apart from a few small areas of blue by far the majority here is conservative.
    The only really good thing that she is doing is going to other Liberal states raising money and bringing it here to spend in Texas creating and maintaining jobs trying to support a worthless cause.
    I guess she liked the 5 minutes of fame and wants to see if she can keep it up using other people.

  2. Working To Keep Freedom says:

    My biggest concern is not Wendy Davis, per se, it is the vast number of *LIBTARD* yanks moving here from the corruption & destruction they’ve created in their *HOME STATES*!

    Now they will come down here and try the same old *CRAP* *LIBTARD* programs that has destroyed so many of the northern states. It is amazing that the *LIBTARDS* cannot see the damage they have caused with all of their *HAND-OUT* programs.

    We CANNOT allow Texas to go Blue!! We must fight with logical, factual information and use a turn of phrase that relates the issue to the individuals freedom and their ability to live in *FREEDOM*, away form over-arching, over-reaching *BIG GOVERNMENT*. We must make our conservative issues a *Personal Issue* to those with whom we may disagree so that they can see the loss of freedom in all the programs that come from the Federal Government and the *BLESSING of LIBERTY* that we conservatives strive for.

    As Thomas Jefferson said; “A Government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have!”

    Molon Labe

  3. Wayne says:

    Good post Fred, we of the conservative persuasion have got to educate the LIV about the Marxists that call themselves Progressives. I heard bo in a soundbite today and can’t believe the outright profession of his faith in communism as the answer to our problems.

  4. PatriotUSA says:

    Dumb as a bag of dirt. And bloody as an abortion. Well stated Fred and hope you are feeling well.

  5. Minuteman26 says:

    Davis is a Marxist as are the Castros in San Antonio. Obama would like nothing more than to turn Texas into a blue state. He is pumping a lot of cash here to try to make it happen. We need to keep these people at bay.

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