Iraq city falls fully into hands of al-Qaida group

Iraq city falls fully into hands of al-Qaida group

BAGHDAD (AP) – The city center of Iraq’s Fallujah has fallen completely into the hands of fighters from the al-Qaida-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Levant, police said Saturday, yet another victory for the hardline group that has made waves across the region in recent days. SOURCE

I am not a *dove*, not by any stretch of the imagination. I am NOT against going to war when we are left with no other choice, but I have to tell you, I can’t remember how many times I told people that Iraq was a waste of lives and money and was not a place we needed to be.

We were lied to by George W. Bush, lied to about the reasons for going to Iraq, you see, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, none that could threaten the United States and they had no part in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, those are facts, not supposition.

Sure, Iraq had the *potential* to develop WMDs that could threaten us, they had a large quantity of yellow cake uranium, it was unrefined and not of weapons grade but they had the *potential*. Iran is much closer to achieving the capability to deploy WMDs, but we’re not invading them, and they DO have serious *potential* to become a nuclear Iran.

Yes, Iraq did have some 155mm howitzer shells that were loaded with liquid sarin, but that sarin was manufactured and loaded pre-1991 and was so seriously depleted that the only danger it posed the human body was if it were ingested. It was so depleted that it could be poured directly onto the skin with no ill results.

Then there was that mostly overlooked factoid concerning the effective range of a 155mm howitzer. It was not, by ANY means, an intercontinental weapon; it was for relatively short range delivery of a weapons package and a localized attack.

Many tried to advise Bush of these facts but Bush had his mind made up; he was going to attack Iraq, depose Saddam Hussein and make him PAY for attacking us, at least that was the *story* Bush used.

As the war in Iraq continued and many more facts contrary to the beliefs of George W. Bush came to light, it soon became the war for Iraqi FREEDOM. There was a change in the name of the mission in an effort to get the American people behind what was rapidly becoming the most unpopular action we could have been involved in.

Operation Iraqi Freedom; it has such a nice ring to it, and surely ALL Americans would want freedom for our downtrodden Iraqi brothers and sisters, right? Iraq was called a *developing democracy* but the thing that Bush and Company failed to realize is that democracy and freedom do NOT mix with Islam.

Long before we left Iraq I predicted that it would only be a matter of time until al-Qaida was in power in Iraq. I contended that once we had gone away any successes we may have had, any good that we may have done, would soon be seen as a waste of life, time and money, and all effort would have been in vain as Iraq once again fell into the hands of a radical Muslim dictator or to al-Qaida itself.

Today we see that prediction come to fruition.

al-Qaida has not be defeated, has not been destroyed and given the lack of effort from the current regime of Barack Hussein Obama, it never will be, regardless the claims Obama makes to the contrary. It appears that al-Qaida has merely been taking a break, getting resupplied, retrained and well manned.

Do I still believe George W. Bush was dead wrong to take us into Iraq? I most certainly do, but I see the actions of Barack Hussein Obama as even more wrong and I see his bravado in declaring al-Qaida destroyed to be irrefutable evidence that Obama is an inept fool that has no business running a nation.

If you doubt that, read this; Obama Has Touted Al Qaida’s Demise 32 Times since Benghazi Attack. Oh, Benghazi? Why yes Mr. Obama, some of us DO still remember that debacle from you and your bunch of clowns.

al-Qaida and the Taliban are NOT destroyed and we have lost nearly any chance of bringing that demise to fruition because we have presidents, past and present, that are afraid to wage WAR for fear of offending our enemies.

Strangely, our enemies have no fear of us, in any way. They know we can kill them in great numbers, but we won’t, and even if we did it would only serve their cause, making martyrs of al-Qaida is what it’s all about for them, the most marvelous recruiting tool ever.

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7 Responses to Iraq city falls fully into hands of al-Qaida group

  1. Deron says:

    We knew once we left Iraq that it was going to happen.

    While in Iraq I was privileged enough to go to Fallujah more than once and believe me, it isn’t worth fighting for but it is a strategic position to have.

    The Imposter in Chief has wanted the US out of Iraq for a very long time and once he was able to make it happen he did so without worrying about the consequences. We as Americans (or at least the Combat Oriented ones) knew that once he began giving timelines the Terrorist were gonna sit back and let things play out as long as they had to until they can retake everything that was retaken by Coalition Forces.

    So what is the Halfrican and his Merry Band of IDIOTS going to do now, send more US Troops back to Iraq where they are dug in and we would end up losing double or triple the amount of Warriors than we did the first time? I guess time will tell. All I can say now is, “We told you so” and know that our blood, sweat and tears left in Iraq will never be forgotten along with the Warriors we lost there.

  2. Our military paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedom and for giving the Iraq people a taste of freedom….Iraq will fall again to the Islamic extremists and there will be nothing we can do about it..I am not so sure the people of Iraq want freedom, I just do not know anymore. It is going to be another breeding ground for terrorist…

    God bless our troops..

  3. BobF says:

    Actually, Iraq was never under control of Islamist extremest. Saddam was a secular Muslim, meaning he was of that religion but only used it when it was to his advantage. Iraq had a very western like culture before the Gulf War and just like Mubarak, Saddam protected Christians living in his country. Syria is the last of the secular Muslim countries and is about to fall, just like Egypt and Iraq, thanks to the US. It kind of makes me wonder who exactly is trying to put Islamic extremest in power in the Middle East.

  4. Here’s the deal:

    If you invade a country, eventually you must leave.

    When you leave, you will create a vacuum.

    Nature abhors a vacuum and that dead space WILL be filled.

    Sometimes — particularly regarding the Middle East (ME), by something that is WORSE than what you sought to eliminate originally.


  5. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    Well, my suprise at the return of al-Quida lasted somewhere around half a millasecond if at all. I don’t know if anyplace in the MidEast is worth a drop of American blood other than Israel. Right now I am concerned with resting, rebuilding and strengthening our military. And priorities of priorities should be to get all the radical islamists out of America instead of bringing more in.

    • BobF says:

      Problem is, we’re not rebuilding but actually dismantling our military. Strength levels are going to drop to their lowest since the end of WWI where we became nothing but a joke militarily. Career people are going to be forced out before they can qualify for retirement. Political Correctness is running ramped throughout the Armed Forces. I had one major go off on an rant on how senior leadership is more concerned with the troops having proper color coordinated PT Uniforms than having the necessary equipment and training to do their jobs. Senior NCO’s are advising the younger troops that if they have something better to go to on the outside, take it and leave as the benefits for military personnel are rapidly diminishing as even retirement pay went on the chopping block.

  6. Capt Ron says:

    I agree with you and TomR. I’m also concerned with rebuilding our military, but that won’t happen with Obama in office. Same thing happened with Carter and Clinton.
    Get the radical Islamists out of America, stop writing everything in Spanish, and stop the war on Christianity. Our country was built on Judeo-Christian principles.

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