Pierson calls Sessions “shifty” on Obamacare

Pierson calls Sessions “shifty” on Obamacare

Katrina Pierson 2WASHINGTON – The tea party group FreedomWorks showcased Katrina Pierson on Monday along with other challengers for House and Senate seats around the country.

Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks PAC, called her “one of the best activists in Texas who has been working overtime trying to help Pete Sessions find his way back home.”

Sessions, R-Dallas, a member of the House GOP leadership, is seeking a 10th two-year term. He has raised $1.3 million compared to Pierson’s $76,000. Neither she nor FreedomWorks officials would specify the support—funding or volunteers —the group and its affiliates is providing to her. Time is running low, with the primary looming in 22 days.

Pierson expressed frustration that Sessions has kept a low profile, avoiding joint appearances (other than a joint meeting with this newspaper’s editorial board last month). SOURCE

The first thing I have to say is regarding FreedomWorks and the definition of what they are.

FreedomWorks is a conservative and libertarian non-profit organization based in Washington D.C., United States. FreedomWorks trains volunteers, assists in campaigns, and encourages them to mobilize, interacting with both fellow citizens and their political representatives. SOURCE

Conservative and Libertarian? OK, let me translate that for you; Libertarian means they are pretty much aligned with Ron Paul, and here in Texas that isn’t a good thing unless you happen to be a Paul person, someone that supports Ron Paul. You see, the only real support that Ron Paul had was in the district he represented for several years, the district that he retired from once redistricting occurred and that district became a much heavier GOP area and he knew that there was NO WAY that he could get the votes to be reelected.

FreedomWorks had a hand in the TEA Party for a while, probably still does actually; maybe that explains why the TEA Party became a Ron Paul supporting organization, one that was run by Paul supporters in a few places, so much so that true Conservatives walked away due to the Ron Paul mind-set.

I have to wonder why exactly that neither Pierson nor FreedomWorks officials would specify the support—funding or volunteers —the group and its affiliates is providing to Pierson. I thought disclosure was a part of the deal for a so-called *Conservative*. Actually, I thought full financial disclosure was THE LAW.

Pierson has expressed frustration that Pete Sessions has kept a low profile? Has it ever occurred to Ms. Pierson that Pete Sessions is a sitting Member of Congress and Chairman of the House Rules Committee and maybe he’s a bit busy with the business of running this nation?

Pierson singled out Obamacare as her top issue and accused Sessions of not working hard enough to block it at the outset or to repeal it in the last three years.

“He’s always been shifty. The Obamacare situation has been a perpetual shift,” she said, asserting that while Sessions championed repeal during the 2010 elections, “he didn’t really actively engage” by taking the case to the public in the way that Sen. Ted Cruz did last summer.

“They sat in Washington, DC, with the bureaucrats and kicked the can down the road,” she said, accusing Sessions of seeking “Band-Aids” rather than full repeal.

The 3 paragraphs above fully illustrate exactly WHY I am of the opinion that Katrina Pierson doesn’t need to be a Congressional Representative from ANY part of Texas.

Ms. Pierson, maybe you didn’t know, but a Senator has a lot more influence in matters such as ObamaCare and it being passed or not passed. The Senate couldn’t stop ObamaCare because the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats.

As a House Representative Pete Sessions could, and did have a lot to say about ObamaCare but his sphere of influence is MUCH smaller than that of a U.S. Senator. Did you not study Civics and Government at some point in your educational experience?

Sessions campaign spokesman Bruce Harvie responds that “Pierson is frustrated because the voters of the 32nd District aren’t interested in her dishonest campaign. Pete has stood firmly against Obamacare and he was a successful leader in removing Nancy Pelosi from power. Folks in the district know this very well and are appreciative of his conservative leadership that gets results.”

Ms. Pierson; you may well call me a *RACIST* for criticizing you and taking you to task, that is your choice. It appears that you do indeed love to throw *The RACE Card* when it’s convenient, but I challenge you to tell us ALL, how exactly, do we bring about a full repeal or defunding of ObamaCare as your *patron*, Sen. Cruz loves to preach?

And to be perfectly clear Ms. Pierson; this has nothing to do with what you are, your gender or race. It has everything to do with your duplicity where *race* is concerned and your baseless attacks on Pete Sessions.

You criticize Pete Sessions for not doing *enough*? Well, apparently Sen. TedCruz didn’t do enough either.

Ladies and Gentlemen; if Katrina Pierson can make these false accusations and cast aspersions on the service of Pete Sessions, while offering NO solutions other than a few hollow words as she touts what Ted Cruz has done, I suggest that Katrina Pierson is NOT a part of the solution and is indeed a part of the problem.

We don’t need another *problem* in Washington.

An addendum: This is a Tweet made by Katrina Pierson. I am told that it’s now been deleted.

Katrina for Congress     @KatrinaPierson                       Apr 10

I ♥ how Republicans practice elitism, cronyism,racism,& corporatism while governing like Democrats then blame #TeaParty when they lose #tcot

Pierson is running in a Republican primary? I seriously wonder why… It seems to me that *someone* may be attempting to *scrub* some facts..

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One Response to Pierson calls Sessions “shifty” on Obamacare

  1. TexasFred says:

    Ms. Pierson, please PAY ATTENTION, if you can… From Pete Sessions Facebook page:

    Pete Sessions

    I just voted in favor of the Military Retirement COLA fix, which ensures that our military men and women do not see a reduction in their established retirement benefits. It passed the House by a vote of 326-90-1.

    And my comment to Pete:

    Fred Witzell So, instead of deliberately avoiding your opponent you’re actually in DC doing the job you were sent to do and helping guide this nation…. What a novel idea… I wish your opponent could grasp that concept..

    Face it Ms. Pierson, you are not #winning, no more than that dopehead Sheen was when he used the *winning* thing…

    You sure do choose some strange people to reference… 😛

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