The upcoming GOP Primary in Texas

Texas Blue Bonnet 272x160The upcoming GOP Primary in Texas

With today being Valentine’s Day politics was the last thing on my mind. I spent the day with my lovely wife and we had a great day. Now, she’s asleep and as usual, I am sleepless and will likely be until the wee hours of the morning, so, I want to take this opportunity to share a couple of emails I have received in regards to the upcoming GOP primary elections here in Texas.

Vote for Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Justices Phil Johnson and Jeff Brown in the March 4 Republican Primary

This is one of the most important emails that I will have sent you in the last several years. It is imperative that you vote in the Republican Primary for Texas Supreme Court Justices Nathan Hecht, Phil Johnson, and Jeff Brown. Early voting starts on February 18th and the election is on March 4th.

Liberal Democrat and personal injury trial lawyer Lisa Blue (Baron) reached out to thousands of her fellow trial lawyers in an email on Monday asking them to vote in the Republican Primary. She is asking her Democrat friends to defeat the aforementioned three Texas Supreme Court Justices and replace them with three challengers she is bankrolling.

In Blue’s email (click here to see Blue’s email), she told her fellow trial lawyers they had a “real shot at changing the Supreme Court.” Blue wants to replace Hecht, Johnson and Brown with candidates who are backed almost exclusively by personal injury trial lawyers. She is not alone in her efforts which are being duplicated by other Democrat personal injury trial lawyers (click to see another email).

Blue and other notorious Democrat personal injury trial lawyers including Nelson Roach and John Eddie Williams have contributed to a deceptively named PAC called Texans for Family Values, to funnel money to their candidates in the Republican Primary, as well as helping the three challengers in other ways as well. (click here to see John Eddie’s invitation to meet and greet the three “conservative” challengers).

Stop Democrat Personal Injury Trial Lawyers from influencing the Republican Primary Election. Vote for Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Justices Phil Johnson and Jeff Brown.

I encourage you to forward this email to your family and friends.


P.S. There is still time to contribute to the three justices listed above if you so desire (their budgets are far from being fully funded). Just send your checks (payable to each campaign) by Fed Ex to the TLR office at 919 Congress, #455 Austin, Texas 78701, 512-478-0200.

This strikes me as sound advice and all I can say is this; do your research and let your conscience be your guide.

Then I received this in an mail from another friend, one that lives in New Jersey, and I have NO idea why a guy running for a Senate seat representing Texas would send this to a guy in New Jersey but my friend sent it to me thinking I may get some use from it. He was correct!

To: Undisclosed Recipients
Sent: 2/14/2014 5:16:18 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: The photo Obama doesn’t want you to see

Dear Friends

I’m going to show you the photo Barack Obama doesn’t want you to see.

Please share it with as many friends as possible!

Cornyn and Obama 2-14-14

That’s Republican Senate Whip John Cornyn, excited to meet Barack Obama.

It was snapped on March 13, 2013 by Corbis pool photographer Drew Angerer. You can buy it from Corbis, a media photo service.

And Cornyn and Barack Obama have good reason to shake hands like business partners.

You see, if Republicans really wanted to stop Obama they could. We control the House and we have the votes in the Senate to stop Obama through a filibuster.

So why is Obama getting pretty much whatever he wants?

Because Republicans like John Cornyn are giving it to him.

Yes, Republican leaders actually help pass the Obama agenda because they think disagreement is bad for America.

And Cornyn is their ringleader. Just look at what he has done to assist Obama.

> Cornyn voted twice to fund Obamacare (2013 Roll Call Votes 44 & 206)

> Cornyn voted with Democrats to kill Ted Cruz’s filibuster to stop Obamacare (2013 Roll Call Vote 206)

> Cornyn voted with Democrats twice to kill the Republican filibuster of Obama’s amnesty scheme (2013 Roll Call Votes 146 & 147,) which I then killed in the House with my blue slip resolution

> Cornyn voted with Democrats twice to kill the Republican filibuster of Obama’s judicial nominee David G. Hamilton, a pro-abortion, anti-gun liberal who as an Indiana judge banned prayers mentioning Jesus, but specifically allowed prayers mentioning Allah (2009 Roll Call Vote 349)

> Cornyn voted with Democrats to let Obama make appointments without Senate confirmation (2011 Roll Call Vote 101)

> Cornyn voted with Democrats to let Obama raise the debt ceiling (2011 Roll Call Vote 123)

> Cornyn told Texas Monthly magazine “I hope we’ll be less confrontational” with Obama (Jan. 2014 issue)

> Republican Senate staff tell Breitbart News that Cornyn is “leading the fight to fully fund Obamacare” (Sept. 23, 2013)

> Republican Senate staff also tell Breitbart News “nobody is fighting harder to make sure Obamacare is funded” than Cornyn

No wonder Obama – and Cornyn – don’t want you to see this photo!

So could you do something for me?

Please forward this email to as many friends as you can.

And, if you could, could you please go here to chip in $5 or more?

Your support has meant so much to me.

I’m so thankful you are standing with me in the March 4 Republican primary.

Warmest wishes,

Congressman Steve Stockman
Conservative Republican for U.S. Senate

I have to tell you, I like a lot of what Steve Stockman says, some I just don’t agree with, but that’s politics.

The one thing we all need to concentrate on here in Texas is this; John Cornyn has got to GO! We can’t afford any more of Cornyn and his RINO ways. All things considered, I would be VERY comfortable voting for Stockman.

I’ll be working on a lot more recommendations and references over the weekend, fair and balanced, presenting the views of as many GOP primary candidates as I can find, but remember, YOU still have to do YOUR research too, and NEVER let someone fool you into believing that they are some kind of staunch Conservative just because they are a TEA Party member.

Conservative and TEA Party don’t necessarily go hand in hand any longer.

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3 Responses to The upcoming GOP Primary in Texas

  1. Mike Flynn says:

    Well, I agree that Cornyn has to go - but just a quick comment which I sure will get lots of response. I am sick of both parties. We keep electing the same corrupt people, over & over. If you think anything is really going to change when so and so is elected, I think you’re dreaming……..what is the answer?

    • TexasFred says:

      I wish I knew *The Answer*…

      The best I can come up with is that we dump the BAD ones, elect NEW ones and hold their feet to the fire, making them toe the line… One thing that has to be looked at though is the *salary for life* for ONE TERM Congress and Senate terms…

      It’s too damned easy, especially in Congress, to get elected and then voted OUT yet we, the tax payer foots your bill for as long as you live…

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    Fred, I hope the elections go well for you. Time to charge at the RINOs!

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