Tea party ready for fight with GOP establishment

Tea party ready for fight with GOP establishment

Tea-Party-MovementWASHINGTON (AP) - Tea partyers insist they’re not to blame for Republican election losses in congressional and presidential elections, faulting the GOP establishment for showing little fight.

This election year, the establishment is fighting - against the tea party insurgents challenging incumbents who the Republican Party is convinced stand a far better chance in November.

The internal GOP showdown will be decided in primaries starting Tuesday in Texas and stretching through the year in Kentucky, Mississippi, Kansas, Michigan and elsewhere. Burned by losses in winnable Senate races in 2010 and 2012, establishment Republicans are aggressively challenging this year’s class of tea party-backed candidates.

Tea partyers, dismissing reports of their demise, say they’re ready to use their unbending political force against both President Barack Obama and the Republican establishment. SOURCE

I am going to say something here that is going to anger, one way or another, just about everyone on *The Right*; unless the TEA Party, REAL Conservatives, and by that I mean Conservatives that aren’t TEA Party and Ron Paul disciples, and the GOP establishment don’t come to terms and put this ridiculous *pissing contest* behind them, we are ALL going to lose and the Democrats will indeed hold the U.S. Senate and make huge gains in the House of Representatives.

The balance of the Supreme Court will be in dire jeopardy and the stage will be set for the United States to fall into FULL BLOWN Socialism.

The TEA Party can *dismiss* anything they like but the TRUTH of the matter is this; the TEA Party has lost a lot of *stroke* with Conservative voters and GOP voters, mainly because of the influence that the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul have exerted upon it.

The thing that the TEA Party has to realize it this; most of your candidates are Libertarians and are running as GOP candidates simply because they, and you TEA Party members KNOW, if you don’t run these faux GOP candidates as GOP, they can’t get elected.

Let me share something with ALL of you; a while back I was a member of the TEA Party here in Rowlett and a TEA Party member ran for City Council. The TEA Party sponsored a *candidates forum* and it was there that many voters came to realize that the TEA Party President was running for Council.

I was a *poll watcher* on election day and I witnessed this with my own eyes, several people walked up to this TEA Party President and told him, in NO uncertain terms, “I thought you were a GOP candidate, had I known you were TEA Party I would never have voted for you…”

I am sure that at least one of the current Rowlett City Council members can verify that happening as stated. The TEA Party in this area has burned themselves with their constant changes, upheavals and Libertarian rhetoric.

Yesterday I managed to anger a reader when I made the statement about not particularly liking Ted Cruz and having not supported him in the primary elections. My reasoning was sound, at least in MY opinion, you see, I had left the TEA Party and their Ron Paul nutjob nonsense behind and I knew that Ted Cruz was endorsed BY the TEA Party and the darling of the TEA Party, Sarah Palin. I don’t believe that anyone is anointed as the QUEEN of all things Conservative, and Sarah Palin is no more a better judge of character than YOU.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a superstar to the movement and a potential 2016 presidential candidate, says he’s hopeful and optimistic that “we’re going to turn this country around.”

Ted Cruz 1Sen. Cruz can be as *hopeful* as he wants to be but the fact remains; he is a part of the TEA Party and is solidly backed by RON PAUL.

If the TEA Party wants to be taken seriously they must shed the Ron Paul label, stop supporting Libertarian candidates that have NO platform other than smear tactics, and I am looking directly at Katrina Pierson and Don Huffines as I say those words.

Much like any other political movement, the TEA Party is not ALL bad but they need to get their act together and realize, THEY, the TEA Party, are splitting the vote and if it continues we can expect the Democrats to regain seats in both Houses as this nation spirals down the drain.

And YES, I am looking directly at the TEA Party, its leadership, such as it is, and the faux GOP candidates that they sponsor.

One thing I do say in Sen. Cruz’s favor; he hasn’t endorsed Pierson or Huffines and that speaks well of his taste, especially considering that Pierson was a part of HIS campaign for Senate, and given that Cruz is not supporting a RINO like John Cornyn I have to admit, the man does have some really good points.

Pete Sessions for Congress 1

John Carona Senate

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3 Responses to Tea party ready for fight with GOP establishment

  1. BobF says:

    You’re absolutely correct Fred. If they don’t come to terms and put the pissing contest behind them, not only will Democrats keep the Senate but most likely may take the House. If that happens, there will be absolutely noting stop Obama from bringing this nation into Socialism. If within the next two years, a Conservative on SCOTUS, retires, a radical liberal lawyer will be appointed and Republicans will be powerless to stop it as Harry Reid has enacted the nuclear option. American as we knew and loved it will be radically changed as our rights will be at the discretion of Obama and his minions.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    It is true enough that the Tea Party is splitting the vote, at least in some districts where the GOP should have an easy victory. The question we need to ask ourselves is if we want a GOP candidate, who may be “less conservative” than their Tea Party opponent, running in the general election, even if they are more likely to win the election. Some people refuse to vote like that, equating it with voting for the lesser of two evils. I understand that sentiment, but sometimes, political expediency is the path we must take.

    To be clear, I agree with your post. Especially the first paragraph. Unless the GOP establishment and the more conservative wing of the party, Tea Party or not, are able to resolve their differences, the mid-term elections may not go nearly as we had previously hoped for.

  3. BobF says:

    If the GOP candidate wins the primary, the Tea Party need to support him. If the Tea Party candidate wins, the GOP needs to support him. The GOP didn’t do this in Virginia and now the have a Progressive Democrat governor.

    I’m tired of supporting the lesser of two evils too but the way I look at it, the survival of our nation is at stake today. An GOP establishment Republican won’t throw the nation under the bus like a Progressive Democrat will. I”m a retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant and in my career, I had to do things and go places I didn’t want to go and do but I did them because the job had to get done and I was needed to do it. Bottom line is that Obama and the Progressive Democrats have to be stopped. We have to stop them in Congress because none of us want it to spill out to the streets. We have a job to do and when the candidates are chosen, we need to support them in battle against the liberal progressive democrats.

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