What the Mainstream Media is NOT Telling You

What the Mainstream Media is NOT Telling You

America is under attack from the *enemy within*. This post covers what I believe to be the method the current REGIME will favor as it seeks to destroy the United States and take away our God Given FREEDOMS.

Come and Take it 2

US prepares $1B aid package for troubled Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - In a somber show of U.S. support for Ukraine’s new leadership, Secretary of State John Kerry walked the streets Tuesday where nearly 100 anti-government protesters were gunned down by police last month, and promised beseeching crowds that American aid is on the way.

Kerry met in Ukraine with the new government’s acting president, prime minister, foreign minister and top parliamentary officials. Speaking to reporters afterward, Kerry urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stand down and said the U.S. is looking for ways to de-escalate the mounting tensions. SOURCE

First we see the story about the BILLION DOLLARS the United States is going to send to the Ukraine to help them in their effort to be free of Russian tyranny.

Then we see this; how Obama plans to raise the money for things like a BILLION DOLLAR aid package to help protect the Ukrainians from Russian tyranny.

Obama 2015 budget focuses on boosting economy

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.9 trillion budget Tuesday that would funnel money into road building, education and other economy-bolstering programs, handing Democrats a playbook for their election-year themes of creating jobs and narrowing the income gap between rich and poor.

The blueprint for fiscal 2015, which begins Oct. 1, is laden with populist proposals designed to fortify those goals. It includes new spending for pre-school education and job training, expanded tax credits for 13.5 million low-income workers without children and more than $1 trillion in higher income taxes over the next decade, mostly for the wealthiest Americans. SOURCE

More than $1 trillion in higher income taxes will be assessed over the next decade, mostly for the wealthiest Americans?

Well, OK, that seems to be the way it gets done; tax the American people to support an agenda that is designed to make more Americans *welfare dependent* and support foreign powers when we are on the verge of OPEN INSURRECTION right here in the USA.

How much of these stories have you seen in the mainstream news? How much has been openly discussed by the current GUN GRABBING Socialist regime?

Gun-grabbing cop goes ballistic: ‘I’m the master!’
Is Gun Confiscation on the Way in Connecticut?
Following Connecticut’s Lead: Another State Threatens Gun Confiscation

The Second Amendment and American FREEDOM are both under attack and I believe that the possible actions in Connecticut may well be *the test case* as the Obama regime seeks to ascertain exactly how far the American people WILL go to retain their freedom. 

I suppose it’s only fitting; our FIRST revolution against tyranny began in New England, we might as well continue the trend.

I believe we are incredibly close to seeing open INSURRECTION in THIS nation, the road to CIVIL WAR is making itself more clear all the time, but it will be a WAR worth fighting if we can stop the tyrants and regain America FREEDOM.

I think everyone that has ever read this blog, the Thin Blue Line Coast to Coast page on Facebook or the United States Gun Owners Association page on Facebook already knows; I am about as PRO-Police as it gets, unless there is an attempt to enforce ILLEGAL orders, and gun confiscation, when guns are taken from the hands of FREE and LEGAL citizens, which is an ILLEGAL act of tyranny.

I NEVER in my life ever dreamed that there would come a time when I would consider firing upon American troops or Law Officers to be an act that I would not only support, but would actively participate in, but if they come after the guns they have become the ENEMY.

Many Law Officers and Troops will stand with the FREE people of this nation, of that I am certain. They have seen the tyranny and oppression that IS the regime of Barack Hussein Obama, sadly, many have not, they are Obama sycophants and will willingly sacrifice themselves to do their Master’s bidding.

Deo vindice.

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19 Responses to What the Mainstream Media is NOT Telling You

  1. Hgpsurf says:

    First, any tax increase on the rich also becomes a tax on the middle class.
    Second, to read you talking of firing on the police or military shows how concerned you are about what is happening now in America. These are words I never expected to come from Fred Witzell. Times have changed and Fred has noticed.

    • TexasFred says:

      You did notice my caveat I hope… I am not an anarchist but if someone tries to take MY guns I will become their immediate enemy… I pray it NEVER comes to this, but if it does, I WILL become a revolutionary…

  2. BARR says:

    I agree, they’re using Connecticut as a test….

    This may seem off topic, but it’s not;
    African-American Pastors: Impeach Holder (Sign the Petition)

    Molon Labe

  3. dekare says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. The percentage of cops that will gladly disarm the public, and do so under threat of deadly force, is much higher than we would like to admit. I am a former cop, and I have seen first hand, that there are just way too many cops who do the job for the sheer power of it. They will not only follow orders to disarm the public, but will do so eagerly, and if they can justify shooting someone in the process, will do so, without regret.

    Granted, there are cops that will NOT obey these orders, but when they do disobey, they will get written up for insubordination, and punished. Life will be made quite miserable for them. Their careers will be ruined, and they will be marginalized. They will be attacked constantly and written up for everything, no matter how minor. Eventually, they will have no career or future in law enforcement. If they decide to quit, they will NOT find another police job, as no other agency will hire a cop that has a record with insubordination and a vast multitude of disobedience filed in it.

    So, even the ones that do not want to disarm Americans, and do not want to shoot Americans over gun confiscation, will do so anyway, as they need the job. These officers will have to choose between their conscience, and paying the bills to support their families. And in this economy, there are very few jobs available to former cops that will pay as well, and have the benefits and retirement that they currently enjoy. The few that do decide on moral grounds and refuse or quit, will not be enough. Law enforcement will have plenty of obedient servants ready to do its bidding. Right now, there are a thousand applicants for every law enforcement job available. And those wanting in, will do whatever they are told as long as they get to wear a badge and carry a gun.

    So, I do not see any problem with the police and sheriff’s rounding up enough men and women to go door to door, and take away our guns by force.

    As I see it, the only way we can keep cops from doing this, is if a few of them will have to die first, before these law enforcement agencies reconsider what they are doing. Of course, the first response will be to go in harder, with more display for force, to keep themselves safe. It will take many body bags before any real thought is given to reversing the gun laws. It took 13 years to reverse prohibition, and many innocent folks died during that time. This fight will last longer, and claim way more lives.

    When the govt steps up the response, We The People, will of course, have to response in kind, and defend ourselves even harder. Those Americans that do defend themselves against the law enforcement agencies that want to take their guns, will be displayed in the media as “gun nuts”, whackjobs, and terrorists. The media will play up anything they can to make We The People that believe in the 2nd Amendment as evil and anti-American. Thus, making it difficult for many to come to our aid and defense. The public as a whole, will condemn these actions of those who are trying to defend their God given rights. Gun owners will be touted as evil everywhere. The majority of news outlets will not be on our side.

    Eventually, there will be massive battles between the cops and those of us that take our gun rights seriously. Many will die on both sides, but I fear We The People will lose most of these fights, as the other side will have everything our military has, and all we will have is semi-automatic rifles. Law enforcement will cease to look like the average beat cop, and present themselves in a very militaristic manner. They will have urban assault vehicles, tanks, full auto weapons, grenades of every type, and most importantly, the law on their side. Whereas, we will be barricaded law breakers, out-manned and out-gunned. After seeing pro 2nd amendment citizens killed left and right, many will decide they do not want to die and leave their wives and children fatherless, and they will give up their guns in exchange for the right to live. Even if it will be living as a slave to a tyrannical govt. Not all of us will make this decision, but will certainly be enough to dwindle our numbers significantly.

    What will our choice be at this point? Give up our guns, or join a militia, go underground, and organize against the govt? Imagine having to give up everything you have…your family, your job, your home, and choose a life of being wanted and on the run, constantly looking over your shoulder, never staying in any one place for long. It is not easily done. Staying off the grid is almost impossible today. (Unless of course, you are a democratic voter)

    In 1776, we fought the British over our rights to have our guns, and we won. But we had the backing of our newly established American govt, of a congress, and military leaders like George Washington. We had a muskets, they had muskets. We had cannons, they had cannons. And the enemy was across the Atlantic. Today, we have rifles, and possibly some more aggressive stuff, but we do not have tanks, or ships, or the organization that the govt has. More importantly, the enemy is here, and everywhere around us. The enemy is our congress and our govt, and the military leaders that we would hope take our side in this fiasco, are in the pockets of the govt.

    To win, we would have to have the backing of some high ranking military leaders, who are willing to side with We The People. Those that have enough influence to convince lots of military men to fight against their own govt. obama has been working hard at making sure those in charge of the military, will do his bidding without question. That is why he has been firing military leaders left and right, and replacing them with his own loyal jackboots.

    If the govt chooses to disarm us, and disregard the 2nd Amendment entirely, it will be a bloody battle, and very long and drawn out…years I am betting. Our side will cause some casualties, but we will lose way more than the other side does. And our chances will be slim.

    Yes, We The People will have right on our side, but only in the movies does the good guy always win. In the real world, the bad guy can win. The winner is not the side that is right, but the side that has the biggest guns. And they get to write the stories, label the rebels, and decide what our history books will say. Look at lincoln. I feel he was on the side of wrong, as he favored federal control over state rights, but because he won, he has gone down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever. obama has compared himself to lincoln many times, and on the issue of federal dominance, he would be correct. obama wants to be able to dictate to all the states whatever he wants them to do, and so far, is doing exactly that.

    I believe that obama, in his own mind, has no problem seeing Americans on both sides of this issue killed, as long as it is his agenda that prevails in the end. He cares nothing about what We The People will say about him, as the media and the history books will correct this matter, and print what he tells them, and make him out to be the hero. He will go down in history as the president who maintained the union and cut down the rebellion. Just like Washington did during the whiskey rebellion.

    We can only hope that others in power can stop obama. That rational thought and reason can persuade those that are pushing for the disarmament will prevail. That blood in the streets is not worth the cost of disarming innocent Americans. And most of all, that elections later this year go as we hope. If obama and his ilk gain control, our America is finished.

    As I see it, our only tool is the threat of insurrection over this issue. If the govt actually calls us out on it, they will more than likely win. And if that happens, many will die for their cause, but die they will. After that, a long and bloody battle, and the sway of the public and the media, will be the only way this will end in our favor.

    Of course, this is how I feel now, based on my observations and experience. I hate to sound defeatist, and will gladly look at any other options that could be presented showing more in favor of our side winning this. I hope I am wrong.

    • BARR says:

      Wild Bill – Going Outlaw

    • NativeSon says:

      Fred, I thought this was the “Texas Fred” site…dekare “out worded” you 3 or 4 to 1!
      Might need to limit responses to 500 words or less or a maximum of 1,200 a week (or something similar) Just my .02 (and 45 words) and a 🙂

      • dekare says:

        If it is too long…I apologize. I rarely comment on most things, but when I do, it is because it is something I am passionate about and believe very strongly in.

        My wordiness will have to be blamed on Fred. After all, if it did not write such thought provoking articles, I would not respond.

        Think of Fred as the quarterback and I am the receiver. He tosses me the ball, and I run with it as far as I can.

  4. the unit says:

    Hey we got midterm elections to go. Why all the effort by the administration to influence outcome if cops ready to kill me and us? Don’t lose sight. I got old .45, locked and loaded, but I have to cock the hammer back, it ain’t modern trigger pull. I can’t imagine how that works. But I like that safety, which doesn’t take me long to see about.
    Wait patiently a while longer. Let’s see what’s to be seen.

  5. Wayne says:

    Fred, I agree with everything you said. When bo won the election in ’08, I remarked to my friends that we were looking at the last president of the U.S.A.. The common response was “that can’t happen here, we have a constitution”. I also know people who are retired military and they seem to think that failure to obey an unconstitutional order will prevail. I can only pray that they are right. Judy Mcloud of the Canada Free Press wrote a piece on the U.N. Post 2015 Development Agenda and I think that this is where the country is headed. The progressives have been planning for a long time for this to happen. Keep your powder dry.

  6. DrummerXD says:

    When it gets real bloody, the public outcry will determine which way this goes. If they cry for LE officers obeying unlawful orders, we are in for a war. If they cry for the citizens that stood up for their rights, the government may change its tune. Either way, I predict someone will be hurt….and for what? A power grab? It’s sad in the extreme. Some of you know my sentiments about this and what I have testified in State and Federal hearings. I’ll either be making chalk lines…or be a chalk line.

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    In reply to dekare:

    I wish perhaps you’d qualified your statements. I will agree there may be those who possibly could be twisted into disarming citizens. But I suggest they will fall into these categories: they will be police officers (not deputy sheriffs) and they will be in larger urban areas — for obvious reasons. Chiefs of Police are appointed and not elected, and thusly are subject to political pressure.

    That said, these are the times for even more Oathkeepers, of which I am proudly one. I have disseminated many of the Oathkeepers brochures at my briefings and have signed many up. I do my best to address the Millenials in particular who, I submit, are easier to target for bad orders and who are the least familiar with history and our foundational documents.

    Another reason I work for a Sheriff’s Department and not a police agency.

    And, after 41 years in LE, I am still here.


    • TexasFred says:

      In Louisiana, in smaller Departments, the Chief’s job is an elected one… I know a couple of those guys, but I don’t know if there’s anywhere besides Louisiana that has elected Chiefs..

      Smaller Departments such as ours here in Rowlett are NOT a worry, in fact, most Texas Departments wouldn’t be an issue, except for MAJOR County forces like Dallas County where the Dems hold forth with a Lesbian, Hispanic FOOL for a Sheriff…

    • dekare says:

      Okay, another lengthy post by me. I am fired up, and even though I am sure I am not telling anyone anything new…I feel I have to chime in again. I promise no more after this. I promise.

      I started writing my response, and I was going to discuss the differences between city cops and their chief of police versus the county sheriff and his deputies. Then it occurred to me, it doesn’t matter. Despite the power structure or the organization of these agencies, there is a much greater force at work here. The chiefs and sheriffs are simply pawns in a much larger game at play here.

      If the order came down upon high that Americans were to be disarmed, it will happen, and the result will be massive bloodshed.

      Regardless of the order given, The rank and file guys of either of these law enforcement agencies can be compelled to do as they are told, whether they do so joyfully and voluntarily, or are forced due to bribery or blackmail, or threat of career destruction or promotion.

      Well, in the world of the federal govt, the county sheriffs and city chiefs of police are the rank and file guys. They may be lords of their dominion, but they are at the mercy of a higher power. In regards to the federal govt, a sheriff or police chief is a minion. And they too can be compelled to do as they are told. They will be bribed, offered large campaign donations if that is what they seek, or offered promotions if need be, as long as they play ball. And if they cannot be bought, they will be blackmailed, or somehow, find themselves out of power if they refuse to do as instructed by their higher ups.

      History is replete with examples of power hungry dictators and rulers, forcing men to act in horrible ways. Ways in which they would never act on their own. Ways against their own moral character. Our best and more recent examples are the thousands of nazi soldiers who did all those horrible things during World War II. Things that they either sadistically enjoyed or things that gave them nightmares, but regardless of how they felt about what they were told to do, they were all “just following orders”. It was a matter of do as you are ordered or you can join them. Men who only wanted to serve their country and its citizens proudly, got swept up in the insanity of naziism. Men who at one time, believe they could never commit those horrible acts, found themselves doing exactly that, with almost no choice in the matter. They could do as they were told, or end up a victim themselves.

      These local officials, sheriffs, and police chiefs, all answer to someone of higher power above them. They no longer answer to “We The People”. Most govt officials, and even most federal employees, no longer believe they are there to serve us. The vast mentality now seems to be that “We The People” are the servants, and they are our masters. They tell us what to do, not the other way around.

      If the order to disarm “We The People” is issued from obama, all lower govt officials who hold power over their tiny fiefdoms will either succumb to what they are told, or they will be destroyed and replaced with someone else who will follow orders. From the president, to the governors, to the commissioners, to the sheriffs and police chiefs. They will all fall in line and do as instructed or they will be removed and replaced with someone who will follow orders, without question. Very few men can resist doing as they are ordered when they are compelled properly. Again, promise of more power, promotions, bribery, or threats of destruction, blackmail, loss of a job, careers ruined, reputations destroyed, are all that is needed to gain compliance.

      If the order to go door to door and take guns by force and arrest those that resist is given, it will happen. The manpower needed to get this done will not be a problem. Men that are sadistic and power hungry will enjoy this newfound authority, and the ones that do not agree with this and hate what they are being ordered to do, will eventually do as told in order to survive. They will be no different than a young girl turning to prostitution. They will do it out of necessity, and they may even cry the first time they have to perform the act. But they will eventually get used to it, harden up, and do it, they will simply go through the motions. They will do what they need to do in order to survive.

      So, regardless of county sheriff or local city chief, all of them are human. Human beings with ambition and desire, good and evil, and regardless of how they feel, they are subject to the weaknesses of man, and in the end, either willingly or by force, they will do as they are told or they will be discarded, and join the miserable masses, and be replaced by someone who will follow orders. In the end, obama will have no problem finding enough men to do his bidding. I have no doubt there will not be shortage of willing men in blue or green (or black) to make this happen.

      And, to take it one step further, if not enough Americans law enforcement or military can be made to follow obama’s orders, I suspect there are backup plans in place to bring in outside forces to assist in disarming us. obama would have no problem allowing non-American soldiers help with his little insurrection problem he is having, and let them help him disarm us. This move would easily remove the issue of Americans shooting Americans. Outside soldiers that care nothing for our Constitution or our Bill of Rights. Outside soldiers that may even despise Americans, and will gladly do the job Americans won’t do. Didn’t hitler replace the police with his brown shirts when he needed an obedient police force that would follow his orders without question? I am sure that any head of any law enforcement agency will either be made to comply or will be replaced with obama’s version of an “Ernst Rohm”. And they will all continue to comply with obama’s orders or they will end up just as Rohm did when he decided to act against hitler.

      And despite the fact that I too, as I write this, am saying to myself, that things could NEVER NEVER go this far…I can only imagine that way too many citizens of Germany during the 1930’s, thought the exact same thing. The fact that something like this is EVEN considered a remote possibility, shows how scary things have become. (on a side note, I am hoping I am simple being paranoid, and wrong.)

      So, I guess what I am saying, is that I think there is enough men in law enforcement who will or can be made to follow orders and disarm American citizens if told to do so. If these individual men refuse, they will be replaced with men who will not refuse. And if the head of these agencies refuse, they too will be replaced with someone who will follow orders. And if the entire law enforcement organization itself refuses to do as ordered, they too will be replaced by a federal agency or military. And if these organizations refuse, foreign enforcement agencies will be given the power to take our guns. So, it does not matter if the men busting down your door is in blue or green, or camouflage, or wearing light blue helmets, or the colors of another country, if obama is as evil and despicable as I believe he is, and he believes so strongly in his ideology, that he will shed American blood in order to achieve his goal, he will do it. After all, the end justify the means.

      Human beings are…well human. Subject to every human weakness. Anyone, with the proper motivation or threats, can and will do as they are told. Survival is the nature of every man, and a man will do whatever it takes to survive, and protect his family. And the scare part is, we are discussing these outlandish topics, as if they may actually happen. That is because for the first time in American history, we have elected a non-American to the highest seat of power in the world. And when I say “non-America”, I am not talking about whether obama was born here or not, (although I believe he was not), I mean in his heart, in his soul, he has never considered himself American. He does not think like an American, he has no allegiance to America, he does not believe in American philosophy, he does not believe in what our Founding Fathers have created for us, and he cares nothing for this great country or its people. And most of all, he will do what he can to destroy our country and rebuild this land into his warped dream of what he thinks it should be. And that is damn scary.

      In the end, the salvation of this country will not be in the hands of our law enforcement agencies or even our military. All of these organization will have been corrupted and cannot be relied upon. Our salvation will be in the hands of “We The People”. It will be the organization of individuals such as all of us here on Fred’s wonderful blog, that will be the solution.

      So many of the sayings our Founding Fathers have made, have become gospel in their meanings and message. We have a republic, if we can keep it. And most of all, Jefferson’s advice on our tree of liberty. Right now, our tree is losing its leaves, and there is branches rotten and falling, and it is listing badly, and if not tended to very soon, will fall. Our liberty tree will need to be watered, and soon, if things do not right themselves or if elections go the way we need them to. I, like all of you, love this country. But it has changed into something it was never intended to be. And if it continues, will become like every other communist shithole country. I have very little faith in almost eveyr govt organization when it comes to keeping America great. In the end, it will not be any law enforcement agency of any kind, but instead, all of the individuals, organized into a force of “We The People” that will come to the rescue.

      Boy, did I take that way too far. I may even have come off as a little nuts as well. But I believe in anticipating and preparing for the worst, but always hoping for the best. This is one of the reasons why I read Fred’s posts. They make me think and ponder the important issue of our world today. Fred’s blog makes me thing about what our future holds for us, and what can happen. Fred’s thoughts and concerns echo something inside of me that is the spark of a thought process that allows me to think and explore deeply about what is going not only in the world, but inside me as well. So, I apologize if I have gone on too long. But I had to put my 2 cents in.

  8. BobF says:

    President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.9 trillion budget Tuesday that would funnel money into road building, education and other economy-bolstering programs,

    Wait a minute! Wasn’t that Stimulus Package of a few years back suppose to do that? You know, those “shovel ready jobs” that we all found out never existed. I wonder where all that money went?

  9. BARR says:

    Palin and Romney were right (on Russia), to be sure, but it is the GOP leaders’ hypocritical theatrics that gall. It has not been Obama’s weakness that is to blame for Putin’s excursion into the Crimean Peninsula, it is Obama having purposefully telegraphed weakness – in the same way he has telegraphed weakness in his foreign policy overall, thereby emboldening both enemies and potential enemies alike.

    What’s the difference? The difference is huge. Jimmy Carter was a foreign-policy bungler. He was weak because he had a delusional overview of geopolitics and his significance as a world leader. Barack Obama has advanced similar policies, but this is not because of miscalculation; it is because of his desire – essentially a lifelong desire – to diminish the United States’ status as a superpower.

    Obviously, Obama does not care if his detractors declare that he is weak or inept at foreign policy, any more than he cares if they believe he is a poor economic manager or leader on domestic issues. His policies, which have been detrimental to America on every front – economic stability, national security, domestic tranquility, foreign policy – are the sabotage of an enemy operative, not the careless acts of a ham-handed politician.


  10. Always On Watch says:

    Many Americans snooze on. After all, their electronic devices are working, so everything must be a-okay. Pfffft.

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