Pentagon prepares for possible evacuation of US personnel from Libya, amid upheaval

Pentagon prepares for possible evacuation of US personnel from Libya, amid upheaval

The Obama administration is moving military assets into place in preparation for a possible evacuation of Americans from Libya, as a political crisis threatens to touch off a new wave of violence in the unstable country.

Officials say no decision has been made on whether to move U.S. personnel, particularly those at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, out of Libya. But the U.S. military is preparing in case the State Department makes the call.

Defense Department spokesman Lt. Col. Myles Caggins said eight Ospreys and three KC-130J refueling aircraft are now positioned at Sigonella air base in Italy. In addition, about 250 Marines are in Italy, as part of a team put in place in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks.

Officials are no doubt mindful of the lessons from Benghazi, and say they’re watching closely as rival factions clash and position for confrontation in several cities. SOURCE

Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, a U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer as well as two CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty could not be reached for comment but the speculation is that their biggest question would be, “Where in the hell was Obama and Hillary Clinton the night WE were under attack, getting over-run and killed?”

My question is this; why wasn’t the Obama administration monitoring the events in Libya before the Benghazi attack? Why were requests for back-up personnel ignored?  Why were the pleas for HELP ignored? WHY was a rescue operation that was only moments away from launching ordered to *STAND DOWN*?

If I am not mistaken the excuse was given that HELP was just too far away to get there in time and there was doubt that a successful rescue could be mounted given the location of the Troops and aircraft needed and the travel time required to arrive at the target.

I believe these assets were in Spain or Italy? Were they not?

Now there are eight Ospreys and three KC-130J refueling aircraft positioned at Sigonella air base in Italy. In addition, about 250 Marines are in Italy as well, all ready to come to the aid of Embassy personnel in Tripoli.

Did we somehow get a lot better and faster planes that can get to Libya sooner or has the Obama regime once again been inadvertently caught up in their own bag of lies and deceit regarding WHY there was NO response to the Benghazi attack?

“We are closely monitoring developments in Libya,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday, adding that the security of Americans “is our highest priority” and the administration has received “regular updates.”

And the men that died in Benghazi are probably wondering WHY their security was not of the highest priority.

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8 Responses to Pentagon prepares for possible evacuation of US personnel from Libya, amid upheaval

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    This latest news does expose the lies that were told after the Benghazi attack. It demonstrates what Obama and Clinton could and should have done, but did not.

  2. Wayne says:

    What a shame on the people who are supposed to be on top of this kind of thing. Clinton and obama are in this up to their eyeballs along with the rest of this administration. If the select committee can’t uncover the truth, the country is screwed. I read every article I can that D. Hagmann posts in CFP and his own website. I also follow Mr. Caruba. It’s sad that more people don’t do their homework on these topics. We, as in the general population, are not privy to a lot of info because of national security. That does’t mean we should be lied to as in the true purpous of Bengazi. Something didn’t look right from the first reports of the attack. Remember, “I will side with the muslims”.

  3. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to device.” This commonly quoted line from Wvengeance actives published in 1808 in the poem Marmion…..and it applies to the Obama regime 100%…

    No doubt about it….The sand in the hour glass is running Hussein Obama…your time for judgment approaches…”Vengence is mine says the Lord”!

  4. Abigail says:

    This just make me sick. Monitoring the situation indeed. Have they gotten better at assessing the danger threat since Benghazi? Regular updates be damned.
    What happens if the airfields are compromised and the planes can’t land? What happens if our people are attacked and can’t get to the airfields? What then? I can’t understand why we are waiting to pull out all our people. What is to be served by waiting?
    Unless this gives our regime an excuse to get involved somehow in the ongoing power struggle. We made a huge mistake getting rid of Gaddafi and now have another country facing a civil war. Obama’s fine foreign policy once again sows destruction and instability.
    What’s interesting is reading how many kidnappings are occuring in Libya: the Jordanian ambassador, embassy staff from Tunisia, attempted kidnapping of the Algerian ambassador. Kind of makes me wonder if indeed Amb. Stevens death was a kidnapping attempt gone wrong.

  5. Gary says:

    Good eye, Fred.

    When questioned ‘why no response,’ their answer was ‘we couldn’t have gotten their in time.’
    How did they know how long the attack was going to last?
    Were they aware that our operators were hindering the progress of the attackers?
    Were our operators (who were told NOT to assist), a detriment to a bigger, nefarious plan the ‘O’ administration had conspired to?

    Just some Qs I still have

    • Abigail says:

      I’ve been wondering about that, too. Seems to me, the only way they could say they ‘couldn’t have gotten there in time’ is if they DID know how long the attack would last.. Pretty far fetched I know. But still…

  6. Capt Ron says:

    I still can’t help but think those 4 men were allowed to die for whatever twisted reason. There are too many unanswered questions, or flat out lies, about what happened to allow this to EVER rest in peace. Every time I think about it my blood pressure hits the roof. The administration is bereft with rats I tell you. We need a strong rat trap.

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