GOP Lawmakers Call for CDC Director Frieden to Step Down

GOP Lawmakers Call for CDC Director Frieden to Step Down

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Republican lawmakers calling for an end to Tom Frieden’s tenure as director of the Centers for Disease Control Director.

Amid news that a second nurse contracted Ebola in Dallas, Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) and Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) said Frieden should go on Wednesday.

“This Ebola situation is beginning to spiral beyond control,” Marino said in a statement. “The reports my colleagues and I have received are utterly unacceptable and the information provided to the public has been cryptic and in some cases misleading. This has provided a false sense of security to many of our citizens. That is exactly the opposite of the CDC Director’s primary responsibilities – to communicate clearly and honestly. I have no ill will towards him personally but he should resign his position effective immediately.”

Marino said that President Barack Obama needs to appoint an experienced person solely in charge of dealing with Ebola, one who will also move to put travel bans on the West African countries affected by Ebola. SOURCE

As most of my readers know, Pete Sessions is my Congressman and my friend and I am very happy to see him getting involved in this fight.

Pete is the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, a job that consumes a great deal of time and effort, not allowing much time to engage in other battles, but there is a battle here in Texas, a battle to contain the spread of Ebola, right here in Pete’s Congressional District, TX-32, and Pete is, in true Texas fashion, fighting for HIS home, state and people.

Sessions, appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Wednesday also said Frieden should be relieved of his duties.

“My opinion is yes,” Sessions said, according to the Dallas Morning News, when asked if Frieden should be fired.

According to the Dallas Morning News’ report, Sessions has called for a travel ban as well and said that when he spoke with Frieden about imposing such restrictions the CDC director referred Sessions to an article he wrote two weeks earlier.

“I said … ‘That was academic. That was before now,’” Sessions told to Ingraham. “They still have not come up with a better answer.”

A lot of people have changed their opinions about Ebola, Obama and the Center for Disease Control over the last few weeks.

Recently many in a position of leadership wanted Americans to believe that Ebola was much ado about nothing and that our superior standards in health and living would be the magic bullet that kept America and Her people safe from Ebola.

Now it appears that once again the Ebola Administration, uh, oops, OBAMA regime has lied to, or BS’d the American people as they play through this looming crisis with the most bare-bones knowledge imaginable.

If you need an indication of exactly how serious the current situation has become: ‘You know it’s bad’: Obama cancels fundraising trip for Ebola meeting .

Thomas Frieden CDCThe Director of CDC, Tom Frieden, is a New York guy, a crony of Michael Bloomberg and now an appointee of Barack Hussein Obama.

It appears that one again an Obama appointee has brought the house down on Obama and Company. The recent scandals in the Obama regime have ALL been quite serious but this is, in my mind, the most egregious of all and should be, again, in MY opinion, the one that breaks the back of the Democratic Party and leads to their permanent demise.

One thing I have to say; I would hate to be the successor to Obama, the mess that is going to be left behind will be gigantic and the cleanup will take forever.

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6 Responses to GOP Lawmakers Call for CDC Director Frieden to Step Down

  1. BobF says:

    This Frieden must think we’re all idiots. He says we can’t restrict flights into Ebola stricken nations because it would hamper recovery efforts. Does he think we’re too stupid to know charter and military flights can get in and out easily? It doesn’t take rocket science to know that isolating those nations is the best way to contain the outbreak.

    Since Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola, this whole thing has become a clusterf_ck. The CDC should have immediately sent a team to Dallas to take control of his care and supervise all protocols. Instead they sat on their butts in Atlanta and did absolutely nothing. Even when a nurse who was exposed to Duncan called them and said she was experiencing symptoms, they did absolutely nothing; they didn’t even advise her not to travel as she must have told them she was heading back to Dallas.

    You have to know this is more serious than what we’re being told. When Obama cancels fundraisers, it has to be real bad as not even a US Consulate being attacked and our Ambassador being murdered was cause for him to cancel a fundraiser.

  2. Wayne says:

    Fred, the democrats left the room a long time ago. We are dealing with progressives now and sadly, although they seem to be situated mostly on the democrat side of the aisle, they have infected some on the republican side as well. The implications are so obvious to right thinking, conservative voters. I only hope that Ben Carson doesn’t enter the race for POTUS as a spoiler like Ross Perot( whom I voted for way back when).Whoever is calling the shots on these puppets are the ones trying to bring us down as a free people and they are not allied to any one country, they are the globalists. Keep your powder dry.

  3. Bunkerville says:

    Why in the world doesn’t Boehner get the House together and call for a vote on a travel ban? Let the Obamabots vote no. Should be worth a couple of seats. Let Reid try and bury it. A win win.

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