Some notice more planes and noise at Love Field

Love FieldSince Wright amendment ends some notice more planes and noise

For airlines and travelers, the end of the Wright amendment brought a fresh look and new nonstop flights to Dallas Love Field.

For some neighbors, however, it brought more noise.

The Wright amendment, a contract hammered out decades ago to limit direct flights out of Love Field, came to an end Oct. 13. Since then, the number of weekday flights has grown by about 33 percent, according to airline figures.

The airport terminal was renovated and expanded to accommodate new passengers and additional flights, but the number of gates was capped at 20 to try to make the changes “impact neutral.” SOURCE

Some people are basically clueless; in fact, calling them clueless is being far too kind. Some people are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

If you live near a major airport there is going to be a certain amount of noise, it comes with the neighborhood. You would think people could figure that out for themselves, but here is where the *bag of hammers* now comes into play.

I totally understand how a nice, quiet, quaint neighborhood could become upset is they were suddenly inundated with the sounds of jet planes landing and/or taking off, they are quite noisy.

I can understand the anger and frustration of local residents, but only if their blissfully magnificent neighborhood was suddenly sitting right next to a brand new jet airport, one that was built AFTER the neighbors had become ensconced in said blissfully magnificent neighborhood, and this airport was one that intruded into their lives and mental stability.

What I don’t understand, and frankly, have NO sympathy for, is the numbskulls that build their homes near, or in the vicinity of a well-established airport and then have the audacity to gripe, cry, moan and complain about the noise that this airport generates.

For crying out loud; it’s an AIRPORT! Airplanes are noisy, jet liners are even noisier and the noise abatement procedures that some locales have tried to imposed upon airports and operators of large aircraft are not only ridiculous, they can be downright dangerous.

It seems there is always a bunch of folks that want to come into an area and then remake that area into their idea of what it should be.  

When Dallas-Ft. Worth International was built that area was nothing more than a bunch of cotton fields.     

It was the perfect spot to build a major air transportation facility; build the complex, build the infrastructure, build the roads so the facility is easily accessible to those wishing to use it an voila; the perfect spot for travel and transportation services and no one to gripe, cry, moan or complain about the noise.

Or so one would think…

Once DFW was built almost immediately there was a massive rush to build freeways into and out of the area, to build loops around the area, to make access to DFW so easy that it was not only convenient to the folks using it for work and travel, the area quickly became very attractive to business people that wanted easy access to the airport and to the large, incredibly large warehousing and commercial buildings that suddenly sprang up.

Then the housing boom took off; that’s called progress or urban sprawl, depending on your point of view.

The commercial customers didn’t mind the noise, it was all a part of doing business and doing so in a convenient and expeditious manner, but once those business people had a few martinis under their belts the ones who were visionary developers decided that convenient and expeditious was something homeowners would be crazy about too, and they were right!

Homes were built, neighborhoods grew, local towns became cities and they all had a big problem with that noisy old airport that was keeping them from getting their proper rest, or something of that nature.

The issue has pretty much been put to rest, the complainers found out that they were not going to get anywhere with the idea of having DFW move or shut down operations.

If an airport invades YOUR area I believe you have a right to say something, but if YOU move in to a neighborhood that is near an airport, especially a large and noisy one, and YOU don’t like the noise, well suck it up cupcake, learn to live with it or, and I know this is a really complicated suggestion, one that will be difficult for a certain few to understand, but if you can’t live with it, call the movers, pack up your stuff and LEAVE!

How easy can it be?

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12 Responses to Some notice more planes and noise at Love Field

  1. Wayne says:

    Right on Fred. Reminds me of an article I read in the then Newark Star Ledger that outlined the development of land in southern New Jersey. Seems the yuppies longed for a taste of country life after working all day in the big city. When they could open their windows in the spring and fall they were treated to the aroma of cow poop. That started a movement to ban farming in their towns. Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

  2. BobF says:

    This happens at every major airport in the US. They built these things in the boonies and then developers started building houses close to the airports and the idiots which bought the houses complained about the noise.

    When I was active duty, we would have residents of base housing complain about the noise on the flightline from jet engines and ground support equipment. These idiots choose to live on an active Air Force base and then complain about the noise. Freaking idiots!

  3. Michael says:

    We had a similar issue with New England Dragway a few years back. The track was built in the late 50’s and there were not many homes when it was built. They have been racing top fuel there for as long as there has been top fuel. (Which if you have ever experienced it is QUITE loud) in the 80’s some developers built a huge amount of expensive homes near the area say a mile or so. Well as you can figure those people were quite upset that on a few weekends a year the track made quite a bit of “objectionable” noise. They complained to the town and were promptly told two things. First they moved in well after the track was established and then (and this is the one that stopped them totally) since the track pays a premium on property taxes if it were to close the tax bill for homeowners would triple. Sometimes even a box of rocks can figure out the truth LoL

    • TexasFred says:

      Thank you for weighing in, yes, I have been around Top Fuel and Funny Cars many times over the years, as well as NASCAR and dirt tracks…

      We used to live about 2 miles from Devils Bowl in Mesquite Texas and every Friday and Saturday night we could hear the cars quite well, I didn’t get into World of Outlaws that much so we would go to another venue…

      It was the same thing there though, homes sprang up, then a high-dollar development with a home owners association and then the noise complaints started…

      These people remind me of the ILLEGALS that enter the USA; they come from some 3rd world hell hole, come here to supposedly have a better life in America but THEY want all of US to change to THEIR way of life…

      Screw em all…

      • Wayne says:

        Funny you should mention that about the raceway. The same area I spoke of is home to Raceway Park in Englishtown, N.J. The residents complained about that too but relented when they found out about the financials involved.

    • BobF says:

      The dragstrip, Kansas City International Raceway, had been opened for decades. A wealthy KC developer built some high dollar condominiums and houses close to the raceway and then complained about the noise. He tried for years to close it down and was eventually able to by getting the local politicians to prevent any expansion of the strip. To bring the big names in with the top fuel and funny cars, the track had to be lengthened. Him, and it’s rumored a US Senator from Missouri, were able to prevent this and caused the track to close down. Sad thing is during weeknights, they held grudge matches. For $20 you could bring your car and race at a sanctioned and safe drag strip. Today, people are now street racing as the no longer have anyplace in KC to race legally.

  4. dekare says:

    They took full advantage of the lower cost property and housing due to its location near an airport, and now they want it stopped. That was the tradeoff that was supposed to benefit all. They were supposed to put up with the extra noise inherent with being near an airport, and in return, they paid less money for their home.

    Now, they want to keep the cost benefit, but shut the airport down. IDIOTS.

    It’s not like someone snuck in an built the damn thing when they were not looking. It’s not like they could not have seen it, or their realtor or builder hid the airport from them and said nothing.

    Fred, you owe hammers an apology.

  5. Bunkerville says:

    Same thing with a local gun range. Been here for decades, located no where near anything. You guessed it. Now it is an never ending battle over noise, and all kinds of expenses for security and efforts to dimmish the sound.

  6. That’s happened three times in the Sacramento area. Three regional airports USED to exist until people starting purchasing homes around an airport. Hello?? It’s an AIRport and guess what, AIRplanes are there. Piston-driven aircraft do NOT have mufflers on them for noise silencing. Aircraft need all the power they can develop.

    Bag of hammers, box of rocks, all the same sir.


    • TexasFred says:

      There’s a huge difference between California and Texas…

      We have the same envirotards here in Texas, most moved here from New York and California, but here, we tell em to pound sand, we don’t give in to them… Tends to make them go back to New York and California a lot faster…

      • Except that those same persons are complaining about the noise. They ain’t leaving.


        • TexasFred says:

          Actually, they do… They get tired of the oppressive lives Conservatives make them endure so they run off to where they came from, and have already f**ked up because they know there’s no one in those places with the guts to stop them from doing even more damage…

          Libtards are like locusts, they go where they can consume and destroy, Texas has bug spray, California has opinions, and no balls to back the needed *strong* legislation..

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