Defend our Police

Defend our police

Will no one speak up for the NYPD?

NYPD Motorcycles

Normally, that’s a mayor’s job. But now that a Staten Island grand jury found no probable cause to charge a local cop in the death of Eric Garner, the mayor has refused to take that as an exoneration of an officer’s response to an individual resisting arrest. Instead he’s treating it as an indictment of our entire police force.

He’s been nothing but outspoken: about his backing for a federal investigation, about how he has had to teach his son, Dante, about the “dangers he may face” from police and about how he’s going to reform the police so that “black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives.”

Translation: Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly gave us a racist police force.

No wonder, as police union chief Pat Lynch says, cops listening feel they have been “thrown under the bus.” They have.

What makes the mayor’s statements especially outrageous is that they fly in the face of the evidence. Start with this: In 1994, cops shot 61 people, killing 21. Last year, the numbers were 26 perpetrators shot and eight killed, among the lowest in four decades.

The truth is, the mayor would be doing both his family and his city a favor if he emphasized that the starting point for ensuring black men do not die in the hands of police is to instruct them not to resist arrest.

The police force that has made New York the safest big city in America is arguably the best trained and most restrained in the land. Amid all the cheap anti-cop rhetoric flying around, our men and women in blue deserve to know their mayor has their back — instead of stabbing them in it. SOURCE

A lot of people are *flirting* with the root cause of this but apparently those people are still too consumed with political correctness to actually say it.

I hate to use the words *political correctness*, I have never been accused of being a PC type of person and am not hindered in any way. I WILL say it; this is what you get when you elect someone like Bill De Blasio, a far left Liberal married to a former Lesbian, Black activist, Chirlane McCray, and they have a couple of mixed race children that are being educated to follow in their incredibly Liberal footsteps. 

Bill de Blasio celebrates with his family

There is a WAR going on in America and our Officers need all the support we can give them. Cover your ass folks; we’re in for a very rough ride.

And everyone thought Michael Bloomberg was a disaster…

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4 Responses to Defend our Police

  1. Donovan Walker says:

    Another awesome post, sir! Two different cases with two different lessons to be learned. Ferguson: don’t attack an officer and have any expectation of not being shot. NY: don’t resist arrest and think the cops won’t swiftly bring you down, any way they can. Do some law enforcement officials abuse and misuse the authority they’re entrusted with? Sure. But that 1% should not impugn on the character of the 99% of law enforcement officers who are true heroes.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    “Former lesbian”? So Bill DeLosio is SUCH a man than he can turn carpet munchers around? I sincerely doubt that one. His wife is likely twice the man he is.

    Just sayin’. . .


  3. Bunkerville says:

    This regime will not be satisfied before and until there is all out anarchy. Tearing down the very thin blue line will be foremost in achieving the goal. A sad day in America.

    • Wayne says:

      It’s all part of the plan Bunk. Cloward and Piven. Tear it down and rebuild it without that pesky Gonstitution.

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