Ted Cruz: Evil Conservative - Killing the GOP

Republicans blame Cruz for year-end confirmations

GOP Elephant ButtonWASHINGTON (AP) — Unhappy Republicans say Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has given President Barack Obama a present this holiday season — a gift certificate good for confirmation of 12 judicial appointments, not long after the voters had delivered the Democrats a lump of coal in midterm elections.

Cruz, a tea party favorite and potential 2016 presidential contender, disputed the claim through his spokesman on Monday.

But there was no dissent that Democrats, who must turn over power to Republicans in January, were in position to confirm not only the judges, but 11 other appointees before the Senate wraps up work for the year. SOURCE

I hope I am wrong but from what I am seeing we’re about to enter into a GOP controlled Senate and House term that is going to be more of a *play nice now, we don’t want to hurt our friends the Dems fragile little feelings* than it will be a *Let’s FIX America*.


I am not a TEA Party kind of person and if the experience you had with the TEA Party was anything like the experience we had with the TEA Party here in Rowlett Texas I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be a TEA Party person either.

That said; I have really become fond of Ted Cruz, I believe him to be a fire-eating kind of guy that hits the problem head on and isn’t going to compromise his Conservative way of doing things to make the GOP OR the Democrats happy.

I know that there are some GOP lawmakers that cuss Ted Cruz and the TEA Party with every breath. I have had conversations where I was told that some on the GOP side of the aisle refer to Cruz and his allies as the *wacky* side of the GOP, stealing a phrase from Sen. Harry Reid where he called Cruz and Company *wacky birds*.

Personally, I don’t know that I would want to emulate anything coming from Harry Reid, for obvious reasons, at least obvious to me. Reid IS the enemy and thankfully he will be gone soon, but as soon as he’s gone he’ll be replaced by a RINO that’s just as weak, if not weaker, than Harry Reid ever was, Sen. Mitch *I invented the word RINO* McConnell.

For those not knowing, a RINO is a Republican In Name Only. 

A RINO is something far removed from the Party of Reagan, a RINO is a lot closer to being a Democrat than a Republican, so much so that many political bloggers simply call people like McConnell and Boehner *Dem Lite*, and frankly, I don’t see them being all that *Lite* any more.

There’s an old Latin saying, “Victoribus Spolia” which translated means “To the victor go the spoils”. 

The GOP has made NO secret of their intense dislike of Ted Cruz and others that were supported by the TEA Party and many said, with NO hesitation, “We’ll co-opt the TEA Party as soon as they hit town.”

Maybe the GOP leadership in BOTH Houses needs to do a gut check and figure out that people like Ted Cruz aren’t going to fold and they aren’t going away. If they want to emulate someone, maybe Cruz would be more worthy than Harry Reid ever was.

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13 Responses to Ted Cruz: Evil Conservative - Killing the GOP

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Boehner will no doubt form a coalition with the Rinos and Dems. He has already stacked the Chairs of the Committees with this pals. Looks like the end of the story from my view.

  2. Z says:

    I remember Karl Rove barely able to hide his hate of the Tea Party, never supporting any of its candidates during the midterms, do you? Drove me nuts.
    Sadly, I believe the media’s decimated Cruz in the public eye, like they did Palin (which, in hindsight doesn’t bug me as much as it did then), and he can’t get very popular because of it. But we sure need him and I sure admire his persistence …
    I’ve met Boehner; he’s a coarse alcoholic with a foul mouth to a complete female stranger (me)….during our conversation, my husband wanted to lunge for his throat because Boehner was so impolite. I can’t stand him.

  3. Capt Ron says:

    I’m standing strong with Cruz, Lee, and the other Conservatives. They are out there and need to know we have their backs. Boehner is a milk-toast child, McConnell is as useful as teats on a boar hog, Cornyn is, well, a kernel in a pile of fecal matter, Sessions has made the bad list. We have Mr. Cruz, and we have to bolster him as much as possible. They don’t have the windgage now, but I think it is slowly turning their way. Keep your spine, Senator Cruz, and rally the like-minded.

  4. Wayne says:

    I don’t care for the bad press the TEA party has gotten, that said, what would be a better name? My wife and I attended a few rallies in the Ft, Myers and Cape Coral area and all I saw were people like ourselves, conservatives, libertarians, and independents who don’t care for the socialist, Marxist, outright communist ideas put forth by the current administration and those who say they represent us. That was a few tears ago. Now I have found a new interest in the groups in the area who want to push for a return to constitutional government. I believe the country will fight back against a Hlidebeast vs Bush contest. That is if we as a country can make it to 2016. Pray for our country as we need spiritual guidance.

  5. BobF says:

    Harry Reid got rid of the filibuster concerning appointments. I’m betting the GOP will bring it back because the Demorats will whine and cry and the GOP will want to make nice to them. If those elected to the House and Senate since 2010 don’t get rid of the current leadership, their terms in office will be short.

  6. dekare says:

    I personally love Ted Cruz. He is no-nonsense, and I am amazed that there are not more like him. We the voters need to keep sending guys like him to D.C. , as I am sure he could use some back-up and quickly. (94-T18). And I really hope to see him run for the presidency, and with a good chance of winning, as he is the type of man that we need, as any less of a man than him, will not be able to fix this country properly.

    I can say this…if the GOP runs any of the current “supposed” favorites for president (ie: bush/christie/romney), I will know for sure it is all over for my hopes in the GOP. I will simply remain home on voting day. After all, if my country is going to get fundamentally tranformed into something it was never supposed to be, I want it to be by the enemy. I want the dems to take full responsibility for what they hav done. That way, I don’t have to hear about how “my side” agrees with what obama wants, and is greatly contributing to the fall of America as well. I like my enemies wearing a uniform (to quote Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds). If our next president believes in socialism, then he better be wearing the label of my enemy…a democrat. Any republicn that claims he is a conservative, and acts on the contrary, is NOT a republican, but, as Fred says, a RINO. RINO’s are liberals who either too stupid to know to know who they really are, or are intentionaly disguising who they really are. Either way, they are either dumb or devious, and neither deserves my vote or to be in washington representing me.

    The GOP needs to take the stance of obama, and boldly state, “WE WON”. We did not send them to washington to reach across the aisle, unless it was with a closed fist. We sent them to push back, and state loudly, “NO MORE”. If they can not do this, if they cannot see the writing on the wall, they will get no more votes from me, and I feel I am not alone. If the GOP refuses to fight back, then they are lost, and a third party may need to step in and pick up the torch of We The People.

    The last time we had this much division in the country was during the Civil War. A new political party emerged and the old one died out. I can only imagine that The People of that time were just as fed up as we are today, and threw out the bums and brought in a new party that reflected THEIR BELIEFS. That time may be upon us again. If the GOP wants to emulate the liberals in the democratic party, let them change their party affiliation to more closely match how they want to run this country. Again, I want my enemies properly labelled and identified. Otherwise, they are simply turncoats, no better than benedict arnold, and should be treated as such.

    Ted Cruz has my support, and I can only hope that our message sent during the last vote is made loud and clear. If not, another message will be sent. We have tried the soap box, to little avail. We have now utilized the ballot box in the hope our wishes will be heard. There is still time to see if that will work out as We The People hope it does. I still believe that we are the majority,and we will not stand idle and let the likes of obama and those that would follow and worship him, ruin our country.

    And if the ballot box does not work, well JFK summed it up nicely.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”
    -President John F. Kennedy

    The wishes of the true majority will be heard, one way or another. This country will not slide quietly into socialism.

    This country has a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell. Ted Cruz is the cowbell.

    • TexasFred says:

      MORE COW BELL… Indeed… Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy and a few more… The Cow Bell Band… 😛

      • Texasperated says:

        On my wishlist you will find Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House. I think my chances are only slightly less than when I asked for an Atlas Rocket when I was 12. But “hope springs eternal.”

        People blaming Cruz for Reid’s pushing appointments through are simply not paying attention. Reid said numerous times that they would remain in session until all the appointments were considered.

        I disagree also with George Will’s comment, “Ted Cruz needs to learn that politics is a team sport.”

        Keep your powder dry

  7. OregonBuzz says:

    I have long considered the post Reagan GOP as merely the Democrat Auxiliary or Communists in Training. That’s why the GOP caucus despises Ted Cruz. We could sure use a bunch more like him.

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