New GOP Congress sets sights on Keystone, immigration and jobs

New GOP Congress sets sights on Keystone, immigration and jobs

With control of the House and now the Senate, Republicans will return to Congress next week looking for early victories on such key issues as immigration and domestic energy to set the tone for the next two years and position their party to win the White House in 2016.

Incoming Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already made clear his first order of business is to pass a bill to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

In the final days of the last congressional session, such legislation was narrowly defeated in the then-Democrat-controlled Senate but easily passed in the GOP-led House, creating the potential for a bill to promptly pass both chambers in the face of Senate Democrats who sat on the bill for years.

The House could vote as early as next week on legislation to expedite pipeline construction, Fox News has learned. SOURCE

I’m going to say this and quite frankly I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t; the GOP needs to *MAN UP*, grow a set, find their GUTS and do several things that I just don’t know if they have the temerity to do.

1. The GOP must, and I mean MUST put leadership in place that is CONSERVATIVE, we can’t stand any more RINO leadership. To do this, to accomplish this task, they will have to remove John Boehner and Mitch McConnell from their positions in the House and Senate.

2. The GOP needs to realize that they are now the Party in charge, they have the majority in BOTH Houses, they have the power and no matter how many times Barack Hussein Obama uses his veto pen, they can over-ride him and do what’s best for America.

3. The GOP needs to realize that the *big tent policy* that they embrace, or seek to embrace, is NOT what built the GOP. The *big tent* has driven the GOP into the ground simply because they accept the dregs of ALL parties in hopes of those dregs suddenly embracing a way of life and belief they simply do NOT understand and as such, the GOP has, in many ways, rendered themselves nothing more than Democrat Lite.

4. The GOP needs to embrace the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman and stop this incredibly immoral political correctness of accepting homosexuality as normal.

5. The GOP must address and correct corruption on ALL levels, even their own. 

6. When you write and/or sponsor a *bill* keep it as short as possible and let it be a  precise address of the topic of the bill; no more special interest issues hidden in a bill and no more of this ridiculous BS of *you have to pass it to know what’s in it*. 

7. Address the spending of welfare programs and Social Security and those that bilk this nation out of BILLIONS of tax dollars yearly.

8. If someone is on welfare, food stamps or any other social program they need to be drug tested simply because *some* use their welfare benefits to feed their habit.

9. Close the borders! I know Pete, you believe that no one wants to round up and deport 20 million illegals but Sir, you are wrong. Secure the borders, deport the illegals and watch as our deficit lowers itself tremendously. 

10. End foreign aid, ALL foreign aid. Why should we subsidize nations that hate us?

Of course these are not ALL of the issues the GOP needs to address but it’s a good start.

The GOP once stood for what was RIGHT in America; if you’re old enough to remember the presidency of Ronald Regan you likely know what I mean. The Regan administration brought America out of the doldrums we suffered during the administration of Jimmy Carter.

Here’s where the courage, guts, balls and temerity come into play, we’re in worse shape now than we were under Jimmy Carter. Barack Hussein Obama has done his level best to destroy this nation and it’s going to take someone of the caliber of Ronald Regan to bring us OUT of this current situation.

Personally, I don’t see anyone on the horizon that the GOP can put forth that has the same, or even similar abilities of Ronald Regan.

Ted Cruz has a *fire in his belly* and good in his heart I believe, but the mainstream GOP really hates Cruz because he has the audacity to actually speak his mind and because of the fact that he is connected to and supported by the TEA Party and that keeps the GOP from embracing him.

Ted Cruz may also be the closest thing to Reagan we’ll ever see.

Trey Gowdy. I would love to see him as Speaker of The House but I doubt the spineless in Congress could bring themselves to do such a thing.

There are many in the GOP that are going to throw their hats into the ring in the coming months, the thing that truly scares me is that they will once again foist Mitt Romney off on us, or even worse in MY opinion, Jeb Bush, and that will be a disaster.

We made some amazing gains in the previous election, we can’t allow the GOP to throw it all away in their attempt to make everyone happy.


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3 Responses to New GOP Congress sets sights on Keystone, immigration and jobs

  1. Wayne says:

    WOW! Fred you nailed it. J. Bush is a one worlder.

    The Republican Party as we knew it is over and I don’t see any hope for it’s revival through McConnell or Boner. Boner sold us out with the passage of the budget bill.

    I have notified my senator and my representative about my displeasure with both of these rinos. I hope that many of my constituents have done the same.

    It appears that Boner will be voted out as speaker of the house but I fear that Mitch will keep his position. That leaves me suspect of the veto by bo being overturned by a majority in the senate. These people have an agenda and it doesn’t seem to include the American Citizen.

    WE THE PEOPLE seem to be ignorant of the real threat of communism as the left embraces Progressivism as a forward looking, fairness, post racial, social justice, wonderful way for the pawns to live under their watchful, super educated guidance. Laws for everyone but the ruling class. It’s just history repeating itself.

    WE THE PEOPLE have to resist lawfully the communist backed protests that are being pushed upon us by these fake Americans called Progressives. The Republican Party came about after they departed the Whig Party way back when and we may have to split from the current party again. History repeating itself yet again. Keep your powder dry.

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  3. Ron R. says:

    You got it right again as usual Fred. The best one can say about the Republican leadership in congress is they are little better than “Red Dog” Democrats—-a dying species in that party. Moderation in that party is effectively non-existent—-but like those in the MSM they continue to demand moderation from Republicans and sadly those like the current speaker of the House and the soon to be leader of the Senate dance to that tune. As Barry Goldwater say in 1964 “moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue and extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice” or something to that effect.

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