The House votes for the New Speaker

The House votes for the New Speaker


I am pretty much convinced that the United States Congress has been taken control of by RINOs. Republicans In Name Only, and not a damned one of them has the courage to stand against the system and the *clique* of *go along to get along* that has plagued the government of this nation for so many years.

I believe we have witnessed the seating of the most GUTLESS bunch of scoundrels and scalawags to ever be elected from the ranks of the GOP.

I have long had the greatest respect for Rep. Pete Sessions, MY Congressman, I thought he was aware that he had been sent to Washington to do *The Will of the People*, that being us, the constituents of Texas-32, but it is MY opinion that he, by his support of John Boehner to return as Speaker of the House, has not done so and has indeed slapped the people of Texas-32 in the face.

I know Pete Sessions, but of late I am thinking that he believes himself to be a lot smarter than those of us that sent him to Congress to do OUR will!

I also know that Pete Sessions is friends with John Boehner. It’s not MY place to tell anyone who they can be friends with but when that friendship affects the voting of MY Congressman then it’s time for me to start looking for a new person to support and to run against Sessions in the next election.

That’s the wonderful thing about a Congressman; they CAN be voted out after 2 years.

Louie Gohmert, a man that many members of the GOP support and is supported by nearly ALL Conservatives, had a few votes, a small handful. Gohmert is, in MY mind, not only qualified to be Speaker but should have been Speaker. Gohmert has something that John Boehner never has had; a set of BALLS!

I am seriously angry and disappointed. The will of the people has NOT been done; the Congress is voting THEIR will.

I have received many emails from people in TX-32 saying that they will no longer support Rep. Pete Sessions if he doesn’t vote to oust John Boehner. That ousting of Boehner, THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, has NOT happened. Now we get to see how many in TX-32 have the guts to take a stand and elect a NEW Congressman in 2016.

Here’s a bit of news for those that don’t know or have been under a rock for the last few decades; We, The People don’t mean a damned thing anymore, all we are is a device to be used to attain a position in the House or Senate. Once said position has been secured we immediately become useless, well, until the next election that is. 

Pete Sessions voted John Boehner. I understand why, they needed a majority to beat Pelosi and they look at Louie Gohmert like a *spoiler*, something akin to a Libertarian candidate like Ron Paul and his ability to split a vote, but that makes NO difference at this time, they are ALL gutless and We, The People have been HAD, screwed, taken, bent over or whatever else you care to call it. 

This is a message sent to me via email by a friend and reader of the blog.

I am rapidly losing hope for this country. Last night I saw that Obama now has a 48% approval rating. To me that’s a no confidence vote for our populace. If that many people haven’t figured him out by now they never will.

We need an opposition to the Democrats and right now I see the GOP as the only entity that can stop them. If John and Mitch end up leading the House and Senate again I don’t see anything changing. Fire needs to be fought with fire not a weak garden hose and when will “our” side realize this? The one thing we don’t need is a namby-pamby, wishy-washy, pusillanimous leadership that will mouth some good words and then let Obama have his way. On top of this we have some RINOS now calling to raise the gas tax. The Dems had Harry blocking everything positive the House sent to the Senate. He fought us tooth and nail. He may be a horrible, disgusting nut but he was effective. We need strong leadership or else we’re screwed!

I couldn’t agree more!

The GOP may have majority control of BOTH Houses but we have the weakest bunch of clowns, buffoons and miscreants to ever infest those Hallowed Halls.

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18 Responses to The House votes for the New Speaker

  1. HGPSURF says:

    You said it, Fred! Makes a good case for term limits, something many of us want.

    • TexasFred says:

      Term limits is also another impossibility… These dogs are NOT going to ever give up on that bone…

      • Wayne says:

        Term limits are a joke. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be able to change congressmen every 2 years and senators every six. Well DUH! How come these shitty individuals get elected over and over? Cronies are all in on the electoral system. Why else would they want electronic voting machines with no paper record.

        • TexasFred says:

          I’m not even going to remotely suggest that there are voting irregularities, but there is a lot of cronyism and a lot of folks voting the Members back in, over and over, no matter what they have done…

        • HGPSURF says:

          I seriously think many people vote for a familiar name. If that’s true we might have a Bush/ Clinton match in 2016…puke!

  2. Kevin Marks says:

    They truly believe that they are the ruling elite and we are just minions to be used when needed. The Republic is dead.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Mr Boehner survived a leadership challenge from the party’s more conservative wing, with 25 Republicans voting against him. SOURCE

  4. BobF says:

    It looks like my pimp in congress, Vickie Hartzler, voted for Boehner too. I can’t find the voting record but going on her Facebook page, her constituents are outraged. We had been telling her to vote against him for a while and she completely ignored everyone. She just got appointed Chairman the Armed Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee so I guess she doesn’t want to compromise that position. Come primaries in 2016, I’m supporting who ever is running against her with my money and vote.

    I call her my pimp because a pimp uses people to further their power and economic status and that’s what they’re doing on Congress with us.

  5. Alan Caruba says:

    When you consider that the VOTERS twice elected OBAMA President, do you wonder that they feel we are not the brightest kids in the classroom? We, REPUBLICANS, could have elected Romney President the last time around and, for whatever reason, too many Republican VOTERS stayed home. So, while I do not disagree with your unhappiness, I think too many REPUBLICANS have been part of the problem instead of its solution.

    • Wayne says:

      Alan, I still believe that massive voter fraud got obama re-elected. All the Republican and Independent people that I know and some Democrats didn’t vote for the guy. My wife and I stood in the rain with people whose conversations ran along the lines of “we gotta get this guy outta there”on election day.

  6. Wayne says:

    I see a lot of trouble on the horizon Fred. The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Organizing for America and a host of other communist front groups have just scored another victory with the re-election of boner. Bitch McConnell will be nothing more than bos’ go to guy in the senate. Oh, he will piss and moan about this and that but don’t expect any more than the same ol same ol. They have shown their cards and they are all playing the same hand.

  7. TomR, armed in Texas says:

    Sad, but not unexpected. Boehner controls committee seats and his loyal circus reelected him Speaker.

    Sessions does not surprise me. I saw him many years ago at a 4th of July festival in Garland. I think he moved here from Houston to run for Congress. His dad held a high ranking position in govt. and I think Pete was using some of those name credentials to make his run. Anyway, I think of him as a professional political lifer and have voted against him in the past several primaries. I believe he is a poster child for RINOs and I expect him to do whatever Boehner wants. For every Gohmert, Mia Love or Trey Gowdy there are three or four RINO’s. Sometimes I think we will have to gut it up and take the time to build a third, Conservative , party.

    It is sad but these lifer politicians think big govt. is the answer to all our problems. As Ronald Reagan stated, “Govt is the problem”. We have two more years of Repub weak opposition to obama. Then if we are really unlucky we will get Hillary or Jeb Bush for prez. Shit! Guess I will buy some more ammo.

    • TexasFred says:

      His Dad was William Steele Sessions who served as a judge and fourth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sessions served as FBI director from 1987 to 1993.

      Rode the coat-tails?? Surely not…. 😛

  8. NativeSon says:

    He can be friends with whomever he’d like (share a deer lease, drink beer, do whatever…) BUT, when it comes to WORK (which is what we elected him to do) OUR COLLECTIVE WILL-if he’s not many enough to separate friendship from what his bosses (US) have said-then evidently he is NOT man enough to be MY congressman!
    I’m D-O-N-E DONE with Mr. Sessions!

  9. Robert says:

    Remember McConnell’s words “We’re going to crush the tea party” well, if it weren’t for tea party/conservatives showing up to vote (Even in elections that didn’t go conservatives way) the Nov 4th elections wouldn’t have gone so well. But they got their headlines, they got their majority so, they don’t really need us conservatives now…

    The short term memory is going to cost the GOP big time in 2016. This congress was tainted by what Boehner did before they were ever sworn in. The fact that he held on to the gavel after that is a slap in the face to Conservatives, Independents and Libertarians who actually HOPED for Change.

    It won’t be long before the GOP starts labeling the conservative base “Racist” and “Extremists” in an effort to get democrats to switch party’s.. (GOP’s logic) The GOP took a day which should have been a day of celebration and hope and turned it into a funeral and a wake.

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