The Threat of Islamic Terrorism in America

The Threat of Islamic Terrorism in America

A World Without Islam
I have been told, more or less, that I don’t know the *in’s and out’s* regarding *policy* and procedure in D.C. I have been told that I just don’t see *the big picture* and that I don’t understand what it takes for the GOP to battle the Democrats.

Maybe that person is correct, I mean, I haven’t spent 20 years feeding at the *trough* of tax dollars, so from now on I am going to ignore politics in D.C. so I don’t make myself look foolish by my ignorance, I’m going to stick to topics that I am very familiar with and have an overall extensive education in and mastery of; guns, explosives, terror, terrorists, murder, mayhem and all things associated with these subjects, at least to a point where nothing I post can be interpreted as a divulgence of sensitive or classified information.

Once upon a time Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto supposedly said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Some say that is not a quote from Yamamoto, I don’t know, I wasn’t there and it was way ahead of my time, but it makes perfect sense, no matter who said it.

I have long held the belief that the only reason nations like Russia and China never invaded the USA was for that very reason. They didn’t fear the American military as much as they feared Americans themselves, civilian Americans, well-armed Americans that would fight them for this nation.

The Islamic terrorist has no such fear.

Jihadists, terrorists if you prefer, have no allegiance to any nation or uniformed Army, they are followers of Islam and its teachings. They are indeed terrorists, they are very hard to identify because they wear no uniform, they strike in a covert manner, they have no concern for the people killed in their attacks and they have no concern for their own lives, in fact it is an honor for them to die while killing *The Infidel* and they are assured that in doing so they have become a martyr and will immediately go to whatever it is that they go to upon death.

The recent attacks in France have brought worldwide terror attacks, and the probability of new attacks happening to the forefront of Mainstream News Media. Many are saying that there are now *sleeper cells* that have been activated and those cells are going to bring attacks to Great Britain and the United States. 

Where does it leave us when Obama refuses to call the Islamic Terrorist attacks in Paris acts of “Islamic Terrorism.” and Obama still refuses to call the Ft. Hood Massacre anything more than “workplace violence.”?

Do you remember when Janet Napolitano said the border is as secure as ever.?

That is pretty much how the Obama administration still feels. The Obama crowd wants you and me to believe that the border is well protected and that those crossing illegally are no threat to us, they are only peaceful Hispanic migrants looking for a better life.

In case you don’t already know it; the entire Obama administration is one big group of LIARS and have NO idea who and what crosses the Southern border. Personally, I am convinced that the porous Southern border has been a huge *superhighway* for Islamic jihadists to enter this nation and to smuggle their weapons of choice with them.

Then take into consideration the length of the U.S./Canadian border and how it is so ridiculously unprotected that it is, at least in my mind, as much an entry point for Islamic terrorists as is the Mexican border.

Make no mistake my friends; they are HERE in America and why they haven’t struck yet is a mystery to me. As I pointed out above, most of our enemies, the ones that would invade the USA, would do so with a uniformed army and they truly DO fear the gun owning population of this nation and the straight-up, head-on fight that would ensue.

Terrorist have no such fear, nor do they have so much as a drop of integrity or honor running through their veins. They are NOT professional soldiers, they are terrorists. They know that Obama would never allow the military to take them on and destroy them because of the massive collateral damage that would fall upon the Muslims of America, but make NO mistake here either; there is no such thing as a peaceful or moderate Muslim.

The jihadists are also pretty well convinced that the American people, for the most part, are nothing more than a bunch of lazy, fat, apathetic bunch of slugs that don’t have the courage to engage in the devastation, the incredible genocide that would be an absolute necessity to remove the threat of Islam from our shores.

You know, I have to wonder, given the current political mess this nation is in, why it’s in that situation and WHY nothing has been done to correct that situation, I wonder if maybe the Islamic Jihadists might not be correct in their assumptions, but here I go again, talking about things I don’t know or understand… Politics…

Started with France

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19 Responses to The Threat of Islamic Terrorism in America

  1. LD Jackson says:

    There comes a time when we have to look at our enemy, recognize them for what they are, and believe them when they declare the harm they intend to do to us and our friends in the world. This is that time. Islamic terrorists have claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. They have said they fully intend to conduct more attacks. We should take them at their word and take the steps necessary to make sure they fail in their endeavors. Should they choose to die along the way, that’s their problem, not ours.

    • TexasFred says:

      You see it, I see it, millions of American citizens see it but the Asshole in the Oval Office ignores it and no one in Congress has the BALLS to say it unless The Almighty Boehner gives them permission to speak…

      • LD Jackson says:

        I see you are just as fed up with the folks in Congress as I am. We could have seen positive changes, had the Republicans had the courage to elect new leadership. They didn’t and I see nothing positive coming from the new Congress.

        • TexasFred says:

          I can’t even properly express my anger at Congress in general and my own Congressman specifically for that magnificent display of gutless, ass-kissing *followers*…

          That is the kindest expression I can make…

          My Congress Critter has tried repeatedly to get me to talk with him, sadly, I don’t talk, I get talked TO, and mostly talked DOWN to, and I am fed up with that BS..

          He tells me I am missing a great opportunity to interview him regarding actions coming up that will contain Obama… My message to him is this; actions speak louder than words… His actions of kissing Boehner’s ass and standing idly by as Boehner fired 2 members of the House Rules Committee was the final straw for me and a great many in Texas-32, but hey, what the hell do I know, I’m just a dumbass voter and a member of the unwashed masses that should feel privileged to support the elite of Congress…

          Too much?

  2. wayne says:

    The enemy has friends in the white house. Don’t expect the muslim brothers and sisters to acknowledge the obvious threat if it conflicts with their agenda, the fundamental transformation of America.

  3. OregonBuzz says:

    I grow very weary of the press and politicians constantly using PC terms to describe these killers. While the terms jihadist, radical etc. may indeed be a subset of terms used to describe the actual killers/bombers the fact remains that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam or a “moderate” Muslim. The perpetrators of this mayhem and murder are Muslims. Islam has not changed one whit since the 7th century and is just as dangerous and vile now as it was then. In fact, there is an individual in Texas who has an idea you might be interested to read.

    “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.” Mustafa Carroll, Director, CAIR Texas, USA

    That phrase “practicing Muslims” is key. Those who claim to be moderates are in fact not practicing Muslims. They just like hanging out on the fringe. They probably haven’t read the Qur’an in which they will find the following:
    “Kill the Jews and Christians if they do not convert or refuse to pay Jizya tax” Sura 9:29

    “Islam is the ‘Religion of Peace’. Peace, as referred to in the Qur’an, can only be achieved once everyone recognizes Allah as the one true God and Mohammed is his messenger. The Muslamic peace process therefore requires all non-believers to either submit to Islam or be killed if they refuse.” – Dr. Zakir Naik Servant of Allah.

    Turkish PM Erdogan has commented on the term ‘moderate Islam’ often used in the West to describe Muslims who aren’t terrorists. Erdogan said, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” No shit?

    We had best wake up and pay attention as a nation. They are here, there are more of them coming at the behest of the Muslim in Chief, they are dangerous and they are still building training centers. They refer to them as Mosques.

    • Texasperated says:

      A few months ago CAIR sent me my own copy of the Qur’an. It has an english translation in the left column and the Arabic with transliteration in the right column. It is also loaded down with footnotes that basically say “this doesn’t really mean what it says.” In one footnote, CAIR explains the jizyah as an “exemption tax” because the Jews and Christians are exempt from joining in jihad. The footnote says:

      “In the Islamic state, every able-bodied Muslim is obligated to take up arms in jihad whenever the freedom of his faith or the political safety of his community is imperilled [sic]: in other words every able-bodied Muslim is liable to compulsory military service. Since this is, primarily, a religious obligation, non-Muslim citizens, who do not subscribe to the ideology of Islam, cannot in fairness be expected to assume a similar burden.”

      The full quotation from Surah 9:29 includes the statement “after having been humbled by war.”

      In other words, even the “peaceful” Muslims admit that the way of Islam is jihad and that the non-Muslim must be humbled by war.

      Keep your powder dry

      • OregonBuzz says:

        Here is a taqiyya free in depth examination of the Qur’an

  4. dekare says:

    I saw a comment that summed it up quite nicely.

    A muslim extremist is a person that wants to cut off your head. A moderate muslim is a person that wants a muslim extremist to cut off your head.

  5. the unit says:

    I haven’t commented in a while. Still have faith we gonna turn it around, someday. But message to congress and their excuses and pleas…”Sorry man.”

  6. NativeSon says:

    I agree with dekare’s comment.
    Fred-although I am “represented” and boy does THAT term need the quotation marks, by someone other than Ms. Sessions (I say “Ms.” because I was raised to refer to those who are unmarried and must sit to pee as “Ms.”) but I digress… As a CONSERVATIVE who loves America and the power she used to be, rather than kneeling to suckle Boner or whatever party-“leader” from either party, I demand congressmen who love America and what’s best for HER-MORE than their own party or their own power or the power of their party or anything else! America FIRST and ONLY! Everybody else-GET THE HELL OUT!!!

    • NativeSon says:

      Added to the end of my previous-get out of CONGRESS (if you’re there) get out of America if you’re here! OK, I’m done…for now…

    • TexasFred says:

      I told him in the last email, “Actions, that’s what I want, not words…”

      I am so tired of the words and BS about not understanding how things work in DC… Maybe I don’t know, but I DO know how they work in TX-32, you piss off the voters and the voter take you out, no matter how much Boehner ass you kiss…

  7. BobF says:

    I watched a special a while back on the History Channel concerning the 9/11 hijackers. They emphasized that these hijackers were representative of only a small percentage of Muslims who believe in the type of radical Islam these hijackers did. Thing is, they didn’t give any numbers or percentage. Doing some researching, experts from intelligence agencies of various nations believe that about 7% of Muslims believe in radical Islam. With approximately 1.57 billion Muslims in the world, that comes out to close to 109 million Muslims. One hundred nine million Muslims believe in the radical Islam of the 9/11 hijackers and ISIS. That’s over one-third the population of the United States.

    So, when you hear people say that only a small percentage of Muslims are radical, remember that small percentage equates to over 109,000,000.

  8. Barongarlic says:

    You are too kind calling O-Bullshit an asshole. He is worse, he is a hemorrhoid, a bleeding festering hemorrhoid! To relieve the pain this country of ours is in, the hemorrhoid has to be removed. It won’t happen but he should be locked up.
    The patriots who wrote in above have said it all! I can’t add to that with out getting more vulgar.
    Boehner is a major embarrassment to the Republican party and all Americans. He should be run out of Washington on a rail.
    If it was up to me I would follow General Pershing s lead. Resurrect the fleet of airplanes that were used in ‘Nam to spray agent orange. Fill them with pigs blood and begin a campaign of spraying as many of these terrorists as possible till they cry “UNCLE”. Does it sound like I’m fed up??

  9. Capt Ron says:

    I say to the Islamists Bring It! I’ve studied Islam and I know part of what Mohammed tells them is it’s ok to lie to non-Islamists if it gets you what you want. I don’t believe Islam is a religion of peace. Buddists, yes; Taoists, yes; Christians, yes (even though we have our own dark past); Judaism, yes; Hindus, yes. Not Islamists. Mohammed was a very angry man, his angst steeped in the calling Ishmael’s decendants the people of the sand (Muslims), and not getting God’s favor, so he made up his own.
    Bring It.

  10. HGPSURF says:

    One reason why the Jihadists are waiting to attack us from the inside is that they are probably recruiting here in the US. It makes sense that they should want to build a better base and have a much larger “team”.
    They really have no reason to attack us as we are slowly destroying ourselves from within and it is the GOP who is guilty of this, not just the Democrats.

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