Lawmakers Don’t Approve Of Obama… But They Kiss His Ass And Clap!

Lawmakers Don’t Approve Of Obama… But They Kiss His Ass And Clap!

Obama Gets Clap

Many political leaders say they don’t agree with Obama and his policies. It’s difficult to believe anything they say as we watch them kiss his ass and clap. We watch as he lies to the American people followed by applause during the State of the Union address. If they don’t agree or approve of this man, why don’t they start expressing it. Instead of standing and smiling, they should turn their backs like he has done to our cops. They are totally turning their backs on the people while standing around kissing each other’s ass.

While they keep talking about unfulfilled promises our problems continue getting worse. Our border is still wide open and we can’t wait two more years to close it. Let’s just consider how many politicians stand and cheer for a man the American people no longer trust. The world might look good to them from the top but down here the State of the Union sucks. It sucks even worse knowing that our lawmakers no longer stand for us! I have more respect for a Democrat who stands with Obama than I do a Republican who said they don’t as I sit here and watch them clap. They need to stop putting on a show and start doing their job. God Bless America… Semper Fi, Shep SOURCE

Things such as the above are exactly what I am going to concentrate my postings on.

We the people DEMAND

Who in the hell are you making this DEMAND to? Congress? The Senate maybe? Surely not to Barack Hussein Obama? 

Americans make a lot of noise and call themselves PATRIOTS but you can’t seriously even imagine that posting a picture on Facebook, DEMANDING that Obama be removed from anything is going to be effective in any way.

I write many good pieces about what is wrong in this nation, I point out what the Obama regime has done and continues to do and the *Cheering Section* lights up with *Good post Fred, I am in agreement* or, for those that don’t type too much, just a simple *agree* or there’s this *You need to send this to every elected official in the USA*.

That is my personal favorite, how I need to send it to everyone.

Let me tell you something folks; MY Congressional Representative, MY Congressman and MY U.S. Senators are the only ones I send ANYTHING to, simply because unless we share the same bunch of elected officials I am not doing any good sending anything to YOUR guy in Congress what so ever.

YOUR elected officials don’t give a damn about what I think; they don’t give a damn what you think, seriously, my own representatives don’t care what I think either.

We write them letters, we send them email, in some cases we even talk to them on the phone and all we get is a *canned* response, the official Party Line, blowing smoke up our asses in hopes of placating us so they can scam another vote out of us.

We, the people DEMAND? That is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time.

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4 Responses to Lawmakers Don’t Approve Of Obama… But They Kiss His Ass And Clap!

  1. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    It’s ironic…in what you say. Living here on the border we are surrounded by the far far left liberal Democrats and absolutely inundated in illegal aliens who have fled Mexico totally illegal. They pay for NOTHING. They receive welfare, free health insurance, allowances for rent, $600 hundred or more in groceries allowances.

    As a citizen I bitterly complained in writing and in person. All complaints written and oral fell on deaf ears and as usual, nothing was done and nothing will ever be done.
    Here in the border we are surrounded by illegal aliens drawing more money and receiving better benefits than I am. When I was severely injured I attempted to draw my disability retirement, I was denied. After 2 years of living on our savings while illegals lived off of me. Something is very wrong..
    Yet all you get from our congressional leaders is LIP SERVICE.

    It is just as you have discredit clapping hands and kissing ass. You certainly don’t get
    REPRESENTATION;and for heaven sake please don’t upset their apple carts..these people democrats and Republicans alike just in it for themselves, the hell with what is right..Hussein Obama with help from both sides have dismantled the country and made each of us a laughing stock..pure and simple. It is now proven beyond any doubt, this country is just about done for.

    Just to add insult to injury. While I was in Houston recently for my cancer treatment I had to pay the piper while someone from another country in the Middle East got everything paid for…100%. How do I know this, I simply asked. So it’s our tax dollar at work..

    Great Post Fred

  2. Wayne says:

    We are headed for a showdown of some sort. This is why I believe bo will be the last president of the USA. He is pushing the meme that all cultures are equal and it just aint so. We will have a real clash of cultures and if patriotic conservatives don’t win a clear and decisive victory over these communist bastards, we the citizens will be exterminated, either by our own forces or the United Nations. bo is desperate to fill the country with new voters who will vote to give themselves what other people earn. Democracy has never worked.

    • Capt Ron says:

      That is why we were set up to be a Federal Republic instead of a Democracy. Most people either never learned that or forgot it. Obama is all about bringing us to ruin. Wayne is correct, the pot is going to boil over.

  3. Bunkerville says:

    My elected officials don’t give a damn about what I think. I use to get a nice form letter back in reply. No more. Guess I am on their “A” list.

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