GOP delays vote on attorney general nominee

GOP delays vote on attorney general nominee

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans delayed a committee vote on the president’s nominee for attorney general Thursday, saying they had more questions for Loretta Lynch.

Democrats complained Lynch was being held to a double standard compared to other nominees and said her nomination should be voted on immediately.

“Clearly she’s been treated differently, and I guess that’s what I object to, because there are sensitivities,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said at a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But committee Republicans disputed that and said a delay of a week or so is standard procedure when senators have additional questions for a nominee. SOURCE

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Of course the Democrats in the Senate are claiming prejudice is slowing down the vote on Loretta Lunch, and it’s no surprise at who is leading the charge to be the first one to throw The Race and/or Gender Card.

Apparently Sen. Dianne Feinstein has NO objections to Lynch’s possible involvement in a Wrongful Conviction Cover-up or any other possible happenings that would cause her to be found unqualified prompting some to ask Will the Real Loretta Lynch Please Stand Up?

“I don’t see any reason for the fuss made here,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. “We’ve long had the procedural move that anybody can put somebody over to the next markup. There shouldn’t even be a fuss made.”

Hatch added that he intends to support Lynch and said he hopes the additional time will give other Republican senators, including Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley of Iowa, the opportunity to come around to his position.

Lynch needs to be subjected to the most intense, in-depth investigation the Senate can bring about. If the Senate had, from the very start, done a tough investigation regarding the Cabinet members set in place by Barack Hussein Obama maybe we wouldn’t be in the *fix* we’re in. 

I don’t know what Sen. Orrin Hatch wants; maybe he wants to *rubber stamp* Lynch so the Judicial process can proceed in the same helter skelter direction it’s taken for the last several years. Hatch is, in MY opinion, nothing more than a RINO, maybe he just wants to make Obama happy.

Grassley said the committee will vote on Lynch at its next meeting, Feb. 26, after the congressional Presidents Day recess. He said he had found some of Lynch’s answers unsatisfactory and wants to hear more from her.

This is as it should be; a thorough and comprehensive investigation, not because Lynch is Black, female or thought to be a Liberal Democrat but simply because it’s the right thing to do for America.

This isn’t about race or gender; it’s about right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, Dems vs. the GOP and their ideas of what is best for America. It’s about hoping and praying that at least *some* in both Houses of Congress have the foresight and fortitude needed to make those decisions correctly and not base them on the money they receive from a PAC.

Sadly, I fear Lynch will be *rubber stamped* and will continue to support and/or overlook every type of violation of the law that Obama and Company can engage in.

Let the investigation proceed, forget the *Race and/or Gender Card* and do what’s best for America, seat an Attorney General that will understand the law and administer the Department of Justice as it should done; in total honesty and above reproach.

Yeah, I know… But we can still dream.

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12 Responses to GOP delays vote on attorney general nominee

  1. Gary says:

    I’ll submit the only reason Obama nominated her was because she’a black female.

    There’s the discrimimation

  2. cary says:

    Gotta agree with Gary. That, and she’s pro-illegal immigration.

  3. TexasFred says:

    OK, ya’ll gotta stop all this *common sense* stuff… 😛

  4. Alan Caruba says:

    Lynch is another bad choice for the AG job. She has a record of using civil forfeiture to divest people of their assets even when they have not be accused of criminal acts and she is on record saying the illegal aliens have “a right” to work in the USA. In short, she is another liberal lawyer like Obama. This has nothing to do with race or gender. It’s Obama politics from start to finish.

  5. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Obama will have whom ever he wants… The GOP does not have the spine to challenge anyone..just look no further than Sharpton..

  6. Wayne says:

    L. Lynch is a symptom of the disease of progressivism. She will carry water for bo and every Rino and Progressive will cheer for the triumph of good feelings over rule of law. Where in our Congress are the voices that will pressure the foreign governments that willfully instruct these immigrants on how to manipulate our laws and cause a division in our country?We have been, and continue to be lied to by the people elected to represent us. I don’t know the answer and the voting booth has become an exercise in futility.

  7. minuteman26 says:

    Woman needs to be Borked. Just another Marxist piece of crap.

    • cary says:

      Can’t do that to the left - only the left can Bork someone that the right wants. That’s the Chicago Way, isn’t it?

    • TexasFred says:

      Never read comments when you first wake up, I thought you said she needed to be *BOINKED* and I was going to have to walk away from that one… LMAO 😛

  8. Petermc3 says:

    Dig up and review her judicial record from New York and one may long for the good old days of Eric Holder over an angry black woman with absolute power will wrought upon the country and constitution these next two years. Of course it’s all academic with the fix already in. With the DNC convention being held in Philly she will have a great opportunity to legitimize the Black Panthers should they choose to victimize any “folks.”

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