Help Jeff Freeman Carry the Load America

Help Jeff Freeman Carry the Load America

I have a wonderful friend, a true friend, a Rowlett Police Officer named Jeff Freeman, and believe me when I say this, he IS one of the *good guys*.

I know that my friends and readers have always come through for me. When I ran a *funds drive* to raise money for the blog recently you folks responded with numbers that have left me feeling humbled. Thank you each and ever one!

Once again I am asking you to help, not for me, not a personal donation, but help for my friend Jeff, and to this cause he is going to participate in, carrying the American Flag to honor the countless military, law enforcement, firefighters and rescue personnel who dedicate their lives to keeping our country safe.

Carry the Load

Dear Family and Friends,

I recently accepted the challenge to participate in Carry The Load. Please help support me in this important project by contributing generously. For information about this event, you can visit

It is easy to support this great cause by making your tax-deductible donation online using the link below. If you would prefer, you can send your contribution to the address listed below.

I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

I’m participating in the Carry The Load National Relay this year. By supporting me, you are joining in the mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Carry The Load strives to connect Americans to the sacrifices of our military, law enforcement, firefighters and rescue personnel. Your support will help Carry The Load to provide interactive ways for Americans to remember, honor and celebrate Memorial Day in dedication to these heroes, as well as provide existing nonprofits with visibility, resources and meaningful connections.

You can support me in my efforts by donating here on my personal Carry The Load page.

To make a donation online, visit my personal page: National Relay 2015: Jeff Freeman – Carry The Load

To send in a check, please print the Mail-In Donation Form and put my name in for “Participant”.

Jeff Freeman

Donations go to Carry the Load, not the person carrying the flag, and your help can make a huge difference. I’m doing my part to help, I can’t get out and walk the miles needed but I can seek help for those that can.

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