Rep. Pete Sessions Walks Back Promise Not to Deport Illegal Aliens

Rep. Pete Sessions Walks Back Promise Not to Deport Illegal Aliens

Pete Sessions Serious Pic( – House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) told that he wants to “prevent illegal immigrants from staying here unlawfully” and “guarantee that those who violate the laws of our nation are punished for doing so.”

However, his comments stand in contrast to what he said last year, pledging to work with Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) to “push a bill” on immigration in 2015 whose goal “would not be to remove any person that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime.” sent the following four questions via email to Sessions’ press office:

1. Rep. Sessions’ said at a Dec. 3 House Rules Committee hearing that he is working with Rep. Bob Goodlatte “to push a bill” on immigration that would seek to ensure that not one illegal immigrant is removed or deported “unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime.” Is Rep. Sessions currently working on such a bill?

2. Does Rep. Sessions still maintain he will “use all [his] assets and resources” in 2015 to push legislation to ensure that “not one person is quote ‘thrown out or deported,’” as he stated at the hearing?

3. Should illegal immigrants be deported regardless of whether they are dangerous to the country or have committed a crime beyond illegal entry into the USA?

4. Should illegal immigrants to the USA be deported simply on the basis that they entered the country illegally? SOURCE

Wow, déjà vu all over again, Pete Sessions getting asked the tough questions regarding illegals in the USA and what to do with them.

As many of you know I had a pretty good relationship with Pete Sessions until I realized that there’s not .02 worth of difference between him and all the others that should have retired from the United States Congress many years ago.

When Sessions voted to keep John Boehner as the Speaker of the House, and did so, in my opinion, to hold onto his Chairmanship of the House Rules Committee, that was the final straw for me.

Most of you are aware, if not, you are about to be made aware; anyone that didn’t vote for Boehner to retain the Speakers position was bounced off of any House committee they were a member of, and when Sessions engaged in what I saw as protecting HIS interests over the wishes of the good folks of Texas-32, well, as I said, that was the last straw. 

Pete Sessions was fully aware that the people of TX-32 wanted him to take a stand against John Boehner and attempt to get him removed, and I don’t mean it was just ME telling Sessions to vote against Boehner, it was the majority of voters in TX-32, and Pete ignored us all. 

“I firmly believe that our nation’s rule of law must be protected,” Sessions responded in an email. “The President’s executive amnesty plan erodes our system of checks and balances and circumvents the legislative process thus ignoring the will of the American people. I believe that anyone who wants to be a part of our great nation must adhere to our nation’s laws and go through the appropriate, legal process to become an American citizen.”

“I strongly support Chairman Goodlatte’s efforts to increase and strengthen interior enforcement and close loopholes to prevent illegal immigrants from staying here unlawfully,” he added. “Any immigration plan must enforce the rule of law and guarantee that those who violate the laws of our nation are punished for doing so.”

“In the 114th Congress, I have voted to hold the President accountable for his unwise, unlawful, and unconstitutional actions and to stop his executive amnesty plan. Now even the courts recognize that the President’s executive amnesty plan is a clear violation of the Constitution. I stand firm in support of the judge’s action to preserve and protect our nation’s rule of law and I will continue to fight against the president’s amnesty plan.”

However, during a House Rules Committee hearing on Dec. 3, Sessions vowed to help draft a bill whose goal “would not be to remove any person that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime” and “not one person is, quote, ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported.’”

Blah blah blah blah blah, the last paragraph above is the important one, at least for me.

Pete Sessions told me, not in a letter or an email, but told me personally, “Look Brother, no one REALLY wants to throw 17 MILLION people out of the United States, and even if they did, the task would be so daunting that it’s most likely impossible…”

I had a 3 word response for Rep. Sessions, “Yes, they do…”

There is something that Congress needs to learn; the American people have an opinion of you folks in Congress, and that opinion is even lower than the one we have of Obama himself.

Laws are just that; THE LAW, and we all are supposed to abide by the Law of the Land or we suffer the consequences. That should apply to ALL law breakers whether they be from Rowlett, Texas or some hell-hole in South America.

We can’t just pick and choose which laws we are going to obey. Enforce the LAW Mr. Sessions or YOU will be the one that suffers the consequences in 2016.

Your margin of victory against a rookie that never held office before was very slim, folks are angry, there may very well not be a winning margin the next time.

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9 Responses to Rep. Pete Sessions Walks Back Promise Not to Deport Illegal Aliens

  1. cary says:

    Provided the republic holds together, the ones that barely held their seats will learn the lesson completely next cycle. Or, they should – that is, unless the Low Information Voters make an astounding showing at the polls again.

  2. Since I am not in Tx 32 I have no say..other than one small observation, it seems that SESSIONS speaks clearly from an orifice that is way south of his mouth…my opinion of course….

    Sorry Pete…it is what it is..

  3. Bunkerville says:

    By the time Sessions comes up for reelection, the illegals will have the vote and then some. Unless Texas does better than the rest of the good ole USA. Good luck.

  4. TomR, armed in Texas says:

    Congressman Sessions is one of the too many poster children for Establishment Repubs. Tx32 and many other districts around Texas and the US sent a message to the Repubs that we wanted Boehner out as Speaker. That was priority. Number 2 was to stop amnesty. ANY amnesty. Pete fails on both accounts. He puts out a weekly newsletter that boasts of his doing. Mostly the new bills he has proposed or backed. That’s the problem Pete. We DON’T NEED any more NEW BILLS. Start negating some that are in the law books today and enforce those that are applicable.. Push for a sunset provision on ALL new AND existing bills from the past 40 years. Jeez man. We need LESS Govt., not more

    • TomR, armed in Texas says:

      I’ll give credit where credit is due. Pete Sessions signed a request by 50 House members requesting the Senate Judiciary Committee oppose the nomination of Loretta Lynch as next US Attorney General. The requst may go for naught, but it IS a stand. Thank you Pete. Texas House Repubs were heavily represented among those 50.

  5. the unit says:

    Just a though in passing. Only seventeen months until next election. Establishment has play book out for the team. Go easy on members who may have a tough re-election. Let them say some anti-establishment words to win again, even retracting former establishment positions. Then after elections…renege (again) and rejoin the est. Repeat P.R.N. (Abbreviation meaning “when necessary” (from the Latin “pro re nata”) again and again.

  6. Wayne says:

    Sessions is a Texas problem but you make a point that I subscribe to . Say what the voter wants to hear to get yourself elected and flip them off when you get in. Governor Scott here in Florida won’t sign on to a move to purge the voter registration rolls to get rid of ineligible voters (dead and alive) . Rubio has let us down and Nelson is a Demonrat. The stink is covering more ground every day and it emanates from D.C. (the district of corruption). Schultz is head of the DNC!!!!! WTF. Pray that we all wake up from this bad dream. Immigration will kill our republic and turn it into a democracy which is nothing more than mob rule. KYPD.

  7. dekare says:

    One thing I will say and have been saying for a while now, is that, in the future, I will stay home on the next election day. I am so tired of lip service and empty promises. If my country is going to be destroyed and go down the tubes, it will be by my enemy…not by those that I trusted and voted for.

    I remember the last time the GOP had the presidency, the senate and the congress, and all they did was push for amnesty. They could have done anything they wanted…but it was amnesty they chose to push.

    Both sides keep pushing for this, and it confuses me. Yes, big business has the money to throw at them, but We The People still do the majority of the voting.

    This last election was a gift, and the ungrateful bastards are spitting in our faces. Well, I remember, and I am sure many of us do. If things don’t start to swing in the other direction, as is the proper way things should go in the political realm. I will simply step off the merry go round, and stay home.

    The GOP either is too afraid to flex the muscle they have, or they are in on the whole scam. They more than likely, LOVE what obama is doing, and only pretend to oppose him.

    Finally, if jeb, chris or mitt or any of their kind are the ones chosen to be on the ticket…I’m out. And if the GOP doesn’t start keeping their promises, well, I will quit my support altogether. The GOP has to realize the whole reach across the aisle, big tent BS will NOT work. But they won’t.

  8. “The GOP either is too afraid to flex the muscle they have, or they are in on the whole scam. They more than likely, LOVE what obama is doing, and only pretend to oppose him.”

    1. Yes, the GOP is afraid. Past performance or the lack thereof is the best predictor of future behavior.
    2. They are in on the whole scam. Corporations/businesses benefit from cheap labor.
    3. The GOP is now to the point that they fear, if they move “too far” to the right, they will lose even more donational support. Money talks.
    4. Nothing beats a DC government job. As Frank Underwood says, “It’s about the money and the power; but it’s really about the power.” Nothing sways like being treated like a prince or princess in DC, on either side of the aisle.


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