NASCAR ‘supports Nikki Haley’ on removing Confederate flag from capitol

NASCAR ‘supports Nikki Haley’ on removing Confederate flag from capitol

Tuesday afternoon, NASCAR officials released a statement saying they supported. Haley’s stance on the flag

“As we continue to mourn the tragic loss of life last week in Charleston, we join our nation’s embrace of those impacted,” NASCAR officials said in a statement. “NASCAR supports the position that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley took on the Confederate Flag on Monday.”

NASCAR’s statement continued that it “works collectively to ensure that all fans are welcome at our races,” and will continue a long-standing policy not allowing the use of the Confederate Flag symbol in any official NASCAR capacity.

“While NASCAR recognizes that freedom of expression is an inherent right of all citizens, we will continue to strive for an inclusive environment at our events,” the statement said. SOURCE

I have been a NASCAR fan for as long as I can remember. I know that the current bunch of politically correct Yuppies want to be *all-inclusive* but there is one thing they need to remember; dance with the one that brought you.

If that needs explanation then you’re not going to comprehend the root of the problem anyway and are quite likely someone that is screaming about removing the Confederate flag.

All-inclusiveness, the BIG TENT thing, that’s what has brought the GOP to the brink of collapse on a number of occasions, the saving grace being; as bad as so many GOP candidates are, the Democrats are far worse.

That has caused many dedicated Republicans to leave the Party and become self-proclaimed Conservatives. NASCAR needs to look at that and think of the damage they would suffer if the FANS decided that the Confederate flag was that important to them and stopped going to races. 

How long do you think the BIG MONEY corporate sponsors will keep on pouring money into a sport with empty grandstands?

Heritage is NOT hatred, far too many WHITE PEOPLE are suffering *WHITE GUILT* and they are ready to give in to any demand in an effort to appease a race of people that, as a whole, haven’t accomplished a damned thing other that to perfect the art of playing the RACE CARD and being professional victims.

From a friend on Facebook: Erasing history doesn’t change history, but it may make it necessary to repeat history.

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12 Responses to NASCAR ‘supports Nikki Haley’ on removing Confederate flag from capitol

  1. I guess I am a full blown, dyed in the wool “Total Retard” cause I seriously don’t get it….. So help me understand this a little better; because “MY” Confederate Flag is displayed on my wall, in “MY personal office IN “MY HOME” I should remove it so a particular “RACE” will not be offended,
    is that correct? Then, should I decide not remove my Confederate Flag, then I most certainly must be a “Racist”…

    I am no more a racist than the man in moon… I also display a rather large
    “NAZI” flag petsonally captured by my uncle, along with 7 NAZI officers…

    I guess then I am a communist too.. a true “Breed” half commie half racist..
    half racist because of my Confederate flag and half Nazi because of my displaying my Uncles war trophy..

    Yes Fred, as usual you are right again..
    the P.C. police are out in force ensuring our inalienable rates are being removed one by one until the “GENIE” (American People) are stuffed back into the bottle….

    Sad part….it appears most all people are content to allow it to continue…
    Just be careful what you wish for…

    It ain’t gonna be pretty…

  2. Wayne says:

    These people (progressives) are becoming more and more emboldened and as I’ve said before, we are going to have a helluva summer. I’m also so pissed off after finding out that my senator, M. Rubio, cast the deciding vote to give the imposter in the black house the power to finish the country off with trade deals only a dictator could love. Pray for our survival as a free republic is all I can say at the moment. I’m so PISSED!

  3. Another short comment by me.

    Where does it end? When does the perpetually offended stop demanding all of these ridiculous changes? What will make them happy and allow them to demand nothing further from We The People? The truth is, there is no happy ending for these people. Even if all whites were removed from the face of this earth, they would still blame something else for all of their failures and unhappiness. We saw what happened when all the whites either left for were removed from south africa. So we know that whites are not the reason for the miserable lives they create for themselves.

    Why stop at the rebel flag. The American flag looks pretty racist to me, with all its sordid white history that it represents. Why does our American flag have the color white, but no black. That needs to change. It should now be red, black and blue. (The color of blood and bruises…that’s appropriate considering the beating this country is taking.)

    I am sure the Mississippi flag is next. And from there, keep on going, from one offensive item to the next. After all the flags, the mob of the perpetually offended need to get busy. We opened the door now, and the masses of black will be pouring in to right all the wrongs of whitey. Even if it means re-writing history.

    We all know that the Founding Fathers were slave owning white racists. How long before we erase their images from mount rushmore? We could replace them with obama, jack$son, $harptongue, and mooch hell. We all know that the Washington monument is in honor of an evil white slave owner, and phallic to boot. That thing is all about slavery and domination of women. Double oppressive there. That needs to go.

    And don’t even get me started on THE WHITE HOUSE. Hell, it has WHITE in its name for gosh sake. Not to mention, it was built by slaves. That obamanation needs to be knocked down, and a rainbow house can be built over its foundation.

    Jefferson’s Montecello needs to be leveled. After all, Jefferson didn’t build that. It was built and maintained by the efforts of black slaves. Jefferson really screwed the slaves here…literally. Hell, they have that accursed building on our money. And speaking of money, anyone notice how it only has white slave owners on it? That needs to be changed. Hell, the feds are printing so much money right now, we might as well revamp the printing dies to embrace the face of our dear leader, obama. He would look great on the three dollar bill, don’t you think.

    This is a precedent that should never have been set. Appeasement NEVER stops once you show how weak you are.

    Another thing from all of this and one thing I have noticed, is how easy the word NIGGER is rolling off my tongue as of late. Even obama is using it now. It is not due to me being racist, but from a culmination of resentment that is boiling in me. I am SICK and F’kn TIRED of being told I do not pay my fair share, that I did not build that, that everything I am or have is due to my white privilege, and I am to be despised, as I am a white male…the most hated of all peoples. What the hell did I do wrong? I am being judged by the color of my skin, and NOT the content of my character. That’s racist.

    I judge everyone by the content of their character, not by skin color, but the same cannot be said by those that do not know me, but judge me as evil and hateful.

    That somehow being black makes a person a victim. That everything in life that is hard for blacks, is all my fault, and the fault of the white man. I am told that blacks are unable to be racists, as racism is only a white trait. That blacks have no power, all while I look around and see and hear of whites being destroyed by the mere accusation of racism against them. I hear words flung about calling me whitey, honkey, cracker, redneck, and other disgraceful things I would never call another decent fellow human being. Then there is the knock out game, disproportionate black violence and black crime, and prison populations, black on white murders in far too great a number to believe. Thirteen percent of the population is responsible for a vast majority of violence and crime, but it is whites that are the problem….WTF?…Really?

    I am of polish decent, and when my grandfather went out to earn a living, he could not find work. Oh, there was work, but no one wanted to hire us stupid pollocks, and he was and was treated like crap by other supposed “dominate” races. My grandfather was forced to change our proud family name so he could find work in construction in New York and New Jersey, as only italians got those jobs. I now have an italian sounding name, just so my grandfather could feed his kids. And this was in the 1940’s,, much more recent than slavery. That’s racism, but you don’t see me looking for reparations, or using this as an excuse to sit back and demand free stuff while I cry about it. I don’t hold my hand out, get angry and destroy shit everytime I hear a pollock joke. I am a man, and I work hard, and I am responsible for my actions and myself. History shows that life was hard for almost everyone. Yes, some had it easier than others, and some had it worse, and I will certainly concede that black slavery was certainly on the shit end of the stick for those that came here. But if you can look on the bright side of things, which we must all certainly try to do, that regardless of how our lineage came to America, the fact is, we all now live in the greatest country ever. And no one can convince me that blacks who are here today in America are not way better off than than those who are still in africa because their great great great great great great great great great great grandfathers were NOT captured by other black tribes and traded to the slavers. The hardship endured by your ancestors should viewed as a gift, earned by blood and toil, and instead, it is squandered and pissed away, to be used as an excuse to become lazy and angry, never once doing anything to benefit society, but instead, to become a leech and a drain on those that embrace every opportunity America offers them. How pathetic.

    I am angry, and I am resentful towards a culture that blames me for all of their woes in life. I am supposed to smile while I am force fed a bowl of bullshit that is being spoon fed to me by my own government. Luckily, I am not of a race or a culture that will sit idly by and whine and cry while my rights are trampled and my hard labor stolen from me in order to provide to those that despise me. I am an American, and a patriot. And there will be a day of reckoning where I, and a vast majority of those like me, stand up and put or foot down. And it is this obama and his ilk should fear. As the saying goes, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty. And they know it. This is why they HATE the 2d Amendment. They know that it is our right to bear arms that keeps them at bay. And if they day should ever come where the left is able to do away with the 2d Amendment, you can bet your sweet ass, tyranny will follow, as sure as night follows day. That is an absolute FACT. A fact that so many stupid people fail to comprehend.

    I am a WWII buff, and upon all of my readings of what hitler did to the jews and so many other “undersireables”, it baffled me to no end how he was able to kill so many lives while it seemed that hardly anyone stood up to him. However, since obama has come to power, I see that this is the same path America is on. So many people cheer for him, not realizing that his actions are not unlike that of hitler. Now, I am not saying that obama is going to replicate what hitler did, but I can now see that if he wanted to, he could very well make it happen. In fact, I am willing to bet that it is our 2d A, and the vast number of patriots that are keeping him from doing just that.

    obama is not an American president. he does not love this country. He is the leader of those that HATE this country. His constituents are blacks, muslims, communists, faggots, racists, and all others that wish to see the destruction and ultimate downfall of my beloved country. Yet I am supposed to believe that obama himself is not a racist, not a muslim, not a homesexual, not a communist, and not a person hellbent on destroying America,. He is trying to destroy capitalism, whites, christians, and everything that was the foundation of our country. Everything that made America great, and what it is today…or was until recently.

    Our Founding Fathers must be disgusted. Ben Franklin did warn us. He told us…”as long as we can keep it”. I guess I can not blame obama and his ilk entirely. They are only doing what We The People let them. White guilt, political correctness, and liberalism happened because not enough of us stood up and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I can only hope that the day will come soon when that will happen. You can count me in. I also hope it happens soon enough so that we can be successful and that the damage is not irreversible. But when that time comes, you can damn well believe there will be hell to pay. Pissed off patriots are not something to be dealt with lightly.

    I can only refer to the words of two great men of color. The first man told us that we should seek to build a world where a person is judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The second cautioned those that would seek to destroy him, and stated in no uncertain terms, “Do not make me angry, you will not like men when I am angry.”

    obama was the man who was supposed to bring peace in the middle east, but has instead, brought turmoil. The man who was supposed to quell racial tensions, has instead, set us back decades. He has destroyed America’s credit rating, pissed away are treasury by turning it into a huge slush fund for his cronies, Has our enemies laughing at us, and emboldened to no longer be afraid to poke us with a stick, has Americans hating Americans and divided this country with a hatred not unlike that prior to the Civil War. I see nothing good this man has done, and find it hard to believe that results like this have been achieved by accident. obama’s actions are deliberate, and removing the confederate flag, is just one more step in the path to our destruction. And I resent him for this, and so much more. How can anyone not hate someone who is doing everything possible to destroy out way of life. To destroy our freedom and our liberty. To destroy everything that made America GREAT.

    But I have to believe that the core of those that are true patriots in this country are not gone…we are simply a peaceful folk who let others do what they want, until we are pushed too far. We let a man like obama come to power, and bring his ugly bride of convenience to power with him. A woman who has never been proud of this country her entire adult life, who thinks she too was somehow elected and can tell us and our children what to do, and how to eat. A woman with a fat ass like hers and her bat wing arms is going to tell what to eat and how to exercise. If that doesn’t stick in your craw, then I don’t know what will.

    The use of certain words are coming easier to me. And soon, my actions will be justifiable as well. I do not want violence. No American wants war. But there are some things worth fighting for. My beliefs are not unlike that of our Founding Fathers. I strongly believe in live and let live. But where will this all end? It is almost like these things are being done for the purpose of provocation. I cannot somehow feel that maybe obama wants a fight. He wants civil unrest. He wants a race war. He needs one. I believe that a time will come where we, and when I say we, I do not mean WHITES, I am referring to PATRIOTS. Patriots of every color, creed, race, religion, gender, and so on, as in WE THE PEOPLE, will stand up, and take our country back.

    We will push back. We will put the right men and women into office. We will not kow tow when we are accused of racism or political correctness or whatever liberals accuse us of in order to get us to back down and apologize for our history. When that day comes, we will spank these children, and send them to their rooms with no supper. The world will be made right again. And if the avenues of redress fail, well, there is still that one item our Founding Fathers gave us to make sure tyranny never prevails. That our republic will stand, as one nation, under GOD , indivisible, with Liberty and Justice, FOR ALL.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Wonder how many of the drivers agree with NASCAR’s stance. All that disagree ought to paint the Confederate flag on the hoods of their cars in protest. And refuse to race if NASCAR gives them any crap for doing so. Just my opinion.

  5. neal says:

    My Grandpappy, God rest his soul, ordered his first Model T from the Sears catalogue.
    Used it to run shine through the hills of hollers of Kentucky and Tennesee.

    When I was a boy, my Daddy used to sit me in his lap in a ’56 Hot Rod Lincoln for milk runs to West Virginia. Actually, more of a little brown jug run.

    That, my friends, is the face of NASCAR.

  6. Wayne says:

    A day later and the talk on the media. What about the founding fathers, they owned slaves. The white house was built by slaves. Get rid of the statue of Jefferson Davis. What about the Washington Monument? Is it a tribute to the slave owner first president?………….. I just went back to the 45 goals set for the communist takeover of our country and I can’t believe how far we have come since 1963. The battle flag of the army of N. Virginia is just that and the low info voter is being told lies because they lack a knowledge of history. Common Core is a blight on our educational system and is designed to promote an anti American agenda. Our media are no help either. Bought and paid for.

  7. Great post and great rant in the comments, too!

    Suddenly, this week, I discovered there was a flag missing from my wall and from the pins on my new Stetson….

    I was born in SoCal and moved to Houston in 2012.

    My Mom was born in KY, as was HER Mom. Her father was born in Indiana and his ancestors go back to PA., before the Revolution, with some rumored to even have located to TX in the 1830’s.

    What other states my maternal ancestors lived I do not know.

    I have no doubt there were some on both sides of the Civil War but why the Confederate ones fought is unknown to me, as is whether any owned slaves.

    To disown my Confederate side would be the politically correct thing to do so as to lessen “white guilt”, but how can I feel guilty about something the details and nature of which I know nothing about.

    As a history buff I know more about our nations past than most of the idiots freaking out over the flag and am not about to let the Left tell me what I should think about the Confederate Battle Flag or about the new, positive meaning it has gained since the war, among most God fearing Southerners.

    On my wall, above my desk, I have an American flag, a Don’t Tread on Me Flag and my certificate of baptism…there’s room for the battle flag and I’ll get one next month.

    On my hat there is a TX state pin, a Don’t Tread on Me pin and a pin with the American flag and a flag with a white field and a corner with a red cross on a blue background.

    I spent $3 for a battle flag pin that will be added when it arrives next week.

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