The Confederate Flag as a distraction from current issues - a commentary by TexasFred

The Confederate Flag as a distraction from current issues - a commentary by TexasFred

Make NO mistake Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a dyed in the wool Southern born man with a Rebel’s heart that became a Texan by choice many years ago.

I have NO documented association with the Civil War, none that I can prove, but none the less I am still a PROUD Southerner and Texan. I love the Southern lifestyle, REAL Southern people and everything about the South and Texas; even their choices in the War of Northern Aggression, but we have to get our heads together folks.

We have a hell of a lot more going wrong in this nation than the fight for the Confederate Flag and flying it on Statehouses or at NASCAR events.

The Confederate flag is, in MY opinion, being used to deflect our interest and attention away from other matters, issues that affect our freedoms far more than the flag.

Those that seek to bring about its demise KNOW that the flag is a serious *hot button* issue for Southern folks and they KNOW that many will still, to this day, FIGHT FOR that flag and it being displayed and they know hat far too many have a *single focus* issue where the Confederate flag is concerned. This being turned into a grand event for the Left, for Communists, Marxists and RINOs, it is being turned into a *false flag* event. 

No one can stop you from flying your flag; just DO IT!

My friends, let’s get our focus back on the issues that are going to bring about the next revolution; the fight over 1st and 2nd Amendments and all the rest of our God-given rights.

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6 Responses to The Confederate Flag as a distraction from current issues - a commentary by TexasFred

  1. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    You can’t say it any plainer than that Fred…….nuff said; so listen up people; as Americans, notice I say Americans, forget about African Ameicans, Native Americans, Mexican American……..

    If we do not unite as “AMERICANS”, we are doomed as a NATION. We stood together in WWII, we defeated Fascism,communism, NAZI’s etc. You can’t sit here and tell me we can’t recover from from this dictatorial and oppressive regime because we can..we must if this wonderful nation is going to surive..

    It’s not about a flag just like what Fred said…don’t be blinded by this

    God Bless you Fred and God Bless this Nation..

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    Indeed, Fred. I wonder where this flag bullshit would have went if that sick white kid would have been wearing a rainbow flag shirt when he went berserk in that black church.
    I guess we’ll never know. Obama and his regime have taken racism to a new level. The MSM tries to hide what is going on in the inner cities but they can’t. It really has nothing to do with the north and the south or a confederate flag.
    If I said here how I really feel about black and white you would ban me for life and the FBI would be knocking at my door. Caruba said it in ways I never could.

  3. Wayne says:

    110% correct Fred. As a Boy Scout, our troop camped on the Gettysburg battle field and we had three days of The Civil war exposed to us. Devils’ Den was really cool and the Electric Map bring back memories. Funny thing, we all wanted to be rebels. We bought bummer hats and flags and there was replica currency that I still have in my scrap book. The government the talking heads say we elected is trying to erase our heritage, our history. The flag keeps the LIV occupied while the HNIC is giving Iran the time to make their bomb. Lurch just agreed to another postponement of the deadline and the talking heads are all on about the Donald and his OFFENSIVE remarks about the ILLEGAL INVASION of our country. NEW AMERICANS are being installed in cities all over the country and not a peep out of the MSM. As the Cowboy says, I hope there are enough AMERICANS to handle this shit like adults and not like Marxist, progressive, liberal assholes who push the “pathway to citizenship”. If shots are fired, you can bet it will come from the left first. Government from the barrel of a gun.

  4. BobF says:

    While everyone was distracted over the 4th weekend, Russians flew nuclear bombers within 12 miles of the California coast. Anyone ever hear of Cruise Missiles?

    • the unit says:

      Maybe CIC will launch one off the top of his head. You saw the news about the young fellow who tried to launch a mortar aerial firework off the top of his head on the 4th. Somewhere in Maine I think.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    Libtards are using every turd they can fling to distract the public from the real issues. Right now, they’re fling their turds at Donald Trump as he goes fundraising for his campaign. One of the biggest turdflingers is CHIRLA, and I found this gem that exposes them for what they really are.

    I knew I smelled a rat when I saw them make a public appearance.

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