A Conservative responds to the GOP/RNC

A Conservative responds to the GOP/RNC

Today I received an email from the GOP/RNC.

They were begging for money and attempting to stroke my ego I guess, as well as that of every other recipient of this garbage about how important I am and how my opinion matters and would I please take their survey so they would know how to plan their 2016 campaign and oh, by the way, would I please make a donation to the GOP/RNC.

This is the email they sent me, followed by my response. The formatting of the GOP/RNC email is all theirs, I made NO corrections or edits.

—-Original Message—-
From: “Sharon Day, RNC” [volunteer@action.gop.com]
Date: 07/16/2015 06:59 AM
To: “TexasFred@myway.com”
Subject: YOU are the GOP
YOU are the Republican Party.
You are the driving force behind our most critical decisions.
And you are the backbone of our operation.
As we build up our Party and build out our strategy for 2016, I want to make sure we get your input.
Will you take a two-minute survey to help guide our strategy for 2016?
Your feedback on these key issues will help shape our tactics and provide Republican candidates with the information they need to win.
Please take this quick strategy survey today.
Many thanks,
Sharon Day
RNC Co-Chair


Paid for by the Republican National Committee

And this is my response to their email beg and lie. 

Ms. Day;

NO, I am NOT the GOP.

Even the GOP isn’t the GOP any more; it is Democrat Lite, and quite frankly, it’s not all that Lite any more.

In my estimation the GOP has become the Democratic Party and the Dems have moved to full blown Communism and Marxism. I can’t support either Party nor what they have become and I make NO secret of that.

You send a list of questions wanting to know what I and others believe the goals of the GOP should be, and it’s only done that way in an effort to solicit funds from those that have not seen through you and the GOP and realized that you don’t give a DAMN about what We The People want, you’re going to do things YOUR way and go after goals that YOU, the GOP and RNC want to attain as you once again run the candidate of YOUR choice.

The GOP/RNC is not a Conservative group and hasn’t been for a very long time; hence the regime of Barack Hussein Obama being in office for 2 terms now, simply because YOU, the GOP, ran the weakest tickets imaginable against him.

I thought Michael Steele was a weak leader but then he stepped down and the GOP went even weaker with this Reince Priebus fellow and that is not acceptable to me.

When the GOP actually does become Conservative, when it once again becomes the Party of Reagan, I may return and bring support with me, until such time I can only say this; you may ALL go to hell.
Fred Witzell
The TexasFred Blog

I don’t normally respond directly to the GOP but in this particular case, and on this particular morning, I was in NO MOOD for their lies and BS.

The United States Senate and Congress are FILLED with the most useless RINOs imaginable. There are not 2 dozen members of either House that have the courage to stand up to the status quo of Washington and break the cycle.

I hope others, many others, will respond likewise. We have to get a message across to these people and the best way to do it is by withholding ALL funds to support their depravity.

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12 Responses to A Conservative responds to the GOP/RNC

  1. cary says:

    You could probably have signed the names of most of your readers here, Fred.

  2. Capt Ron says:

    Well, it may be ignored BUT everything going out on the web is on the record.
    I agree with you 100%, I’ve sent emails wording basically the same thing to them, AND told them the same thing on the phone when I get a call. I am a conservative, I stand for conservative values, I vote for representatives and senators I believe have a conservative core. Time and again we get bamboozled, i.e. Pete Sessions. Right now, I’m hoping the freshman class Senators such as Ted Cruz get things moving and shaking. Like a broken and faltering ship, things can be righted, it takes time and perseverance.

    • TexasFred says:

      Yes you do… And you know, we got screwed over by Sessions and his claims of Conservatism… Not that Katrina Pierson would have been any better, and the Dem opponent was a f”d up mess, but Sessions is a RINO from hell, just like his BFF Boehner…

  3. Wayne says:

    We think alike Fred. No more donations from me either. McCain says Trump has THE CRAZIES (us) all agitated. Graham says “he’s going to ruin my party”. Well we can only hope. That Cotton guy is the only repub. making any noise in the media although he has a bunch of signatures on a letter to the regeime about the muslim bomb deal. Maybe this is the time for a third party to restore conservative values. The media makes us out to be a minority and I just can’t believe that. I don’t trust our media anymore, not even Fox.

    • deborah wilson says:

      I also think now is the time for a third party…but if it doesn’t come along soon, it may very well be too late. It’s 5 minutes before midnight.

  4. BobF says:

    I don’t believe anyone could have put it any better Fred.

    • TexasFred says:

      Thank you Bob… These people, the GOP/RNC, have raised my ire as much as have the DNC and the Muzzies… Not too much difference in them either now a days…

  5. deborah wilson says:

    lol! - You nailed it, Fred.

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