2 shot in Ferguson as protests turn violent Sunday

2 shot in Ferguson as protests turn violent Sunday

Ferguson Mo. Police PatchFERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Two people were shot as protests turned violent in Ferguson late Sunday night, St. Louis County Police said.

The shootings happened near the intersection of West Florissant Avenue and Ferguson Avenue as tensions between protesters and police escalated. The condition of the two people shot was not immediately released.

The St. Louis County Police Department also confirmed that one of their officers was involved in an officer-involved shooting after coming under heavy gunfire. They say during the gunfire at least two unmarked cars were hit by bullets. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that a female officer was in the vehicle when shots were fired at the car. She then returned fire. Her condition is unknown.

Earlier in the evening two businesses were broken into. Bowen’s Beauty Supply Store on West Florissant was vandalized around 8:30 p.m. Police believe the person stole a cash register but then dropped the register outside a nearby store and fled.

Someone later threw a glass bottle towards officers. Police with riot gear then arrived. SOURCE

I don’t want to sound like a harbinger of doom but to be completely honest with you, I was surprised that it was so late in the evening when violence broke out, I was expecting some of the ghetto rats to fire it all up at an earlier hour simply so they could loot and scoot with their newly stolen treasures, and I DO believe this has serious potential to escalate.

Since it was Ferguson I have to presume the shooters were Black, and yes, I know, I’m profiling and I don’t care what the Liberals that DO read here, or anyone else has to say about it.

Anyway, what are the Liberals and anti-gun crowd are going to say about the GUNS and the SHOOTERS in this particular instance? As I said; I am willing to take serious bets that ALL concerned NOT on the Police side were Black, and according to the Police on scene they were fired on by *subjects unknown* but were subjected to *heavy gunfire*.

I am also expecting to hear from the Liberals and anti-gun people on this one too. I’m betting we get the same old tired story from the anti-gun lobby and the Liberals. 

The GUN did it … If no one had guns this wouldn’t have happened… He was a good boy and he loved his Mama … He was trying to turn his life around and was going to start tomorrow … He was on his way home from Sunday night services and he FOUND that gun … He didn’t know the gun was loaded … He thought it was a *play* gun until it accidentally went off …

Did I leave out any of the usual excuses? Blah Blah Blah, same old story, different day.

My thoughts are with the Officers and their safety, the rest of Ferguson can burn itself down, die and go to hell.

If this situation intensifies in the overnight hours I will update once I am back from my nap, it’s getting late here in Texas, and God knows; I need my beauty sleep. 

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8 Responses to 2 shot in Ferguson as protests turn violent Sunday

  1. Wayne says:

    So far it’s much more of a quiet summer than I predicted Fred. Hell, I thought that half the country would be experiencing protests of the violent kind but we still have the rest of August to live through. Sleep well.

  2. PANTS UP — GO LOOT! Saw Fred’s email and had to revise my original post … http://www.onecitizenspeaking.com/2015/08/ferguson-black-exploitation-continues.html

  3. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/08/10/chaos-in-ferguson-reports-of-gunfire-standoff-between-protesters-and-police-on-anniversary-of-michael-brown-killing/

    The Blaze has details, including shooters name and condition.
    Idiot was black and parents “want answers”.

    Numbskull brought it on himself, but the agitators will convince the ignorant and uninformed to make things worse in response.

  4. Petermc3 says:

    I woulda’ thought by now the nation’s #1 ghetto street rat would have fired up his pimpmobile and headed out to Ferguson to pave the way for the attorney general’s investigation into white police officers returning gunfire after being fired upon by peaceful black protestors.

  5. mrchuck says:

    It will not settle down until 15 or 20 of the black n****r rioters are shot dead.
    Yes, unfortunately it will take that many for “them” to cogitate and sort of understand that the white race will not stand for this crap anymore.
    If it is actually a “race” war that the negroes want, well, then bring it on now everywhere.
    Our forefathers periodically had to balance the herd now and then
    Since Lyndon Baines Johnson started this huge “gibs me dat” negro welfare in 1965, it is a perfect time to just stop it all!
    Stop it all.
    No more. Go to work to get a “chit”, cause this welfare program is going to shit!

  6. Isn’t that odd; if you look here you’ll see a black officer taking cover behind a vehicle just like the Caucasoid officers next to him. You mean to say those Caucasoid officers haven’t kicked him out from their point of safety? The nerve of them. Racism is in the eye of the beholder and currently young urban male blacks and other urban types like Black Lives Matter, frankly, just don’t matter.

    Shocked at the violence in Ferguson? Not in the slightest; expected, actually. The best predictor of future behavior is past performance or the lack thereof.

    “The numbers came from a 2007 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics report, which stated that blacks were victims of 7,999 homicides in 2005 and said that 93 percent were killed by people who shared their race. Jul 17, 2013.”

    A look at statistics on black-on-black murders | PolitiFact …


    Just one link in passing. There are hundreds more.

    I’ll “respect” blacks when Leftists, Demorats and — primarily — blacks respect and value themselves.


    • Petermc3 says:

      Hey BZ,
      Surely the black cop must be an Uncle Tom, a sellout, taking cover like a chickenshit racist honky white cop; a brother unwilling to take a bullet for the cause. But then again don’t Black Lives Matter? This is more confusing than Fathers Day in the hood.

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