America; Some Points to Ponder regarding *The Way We Were*

America; Some Points to Ponder regarding *The Way We Were*

I found this post on Facebook and knew I had to share it. Please read it all the way to the end, the last three paragraphs speak volumes. There was NO title so I used one of my own.

Here are some interesting facts for my friends and fellow history buffs: During the 3-1/2 years of World War II that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, “The People of the U.S.A.” produced the following:

22 aircraft carriers,
8 battleships,
48 cruisers,
349 destroyers,
420 destroyer escorts,
203 submarines,
34 million tons of merchant ships,
100,000 fighter aircraft,
98,000 bombers,
24,000 transport aircraft,
58,000 training aircraft,
93,000 tanks,
257,000 artillery pieces,
105,000 mortars,
3,000,000 machine guns,
2,500,000 military trucks.

We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb, and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany. 

It’s worth noting, that during the almost exact amount of time, the Obama Administration couldn’t even build a web site that worked. 

Now it’s time for *the adults* to take this nation back, not Democrats, not Republicans, but ADULT Americans, God fearing, family oriented Conservatives that, unlike the vast majority of those in Washington D.C. place this nation before their personal gain and Party loyalty.

Don’t you believe it’s time for America to return to the values we had when we WON WWII and made the USA the most powerful, admired and yes, feared nation on the face of this earth?

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14 Responses to America; Some Points to Ponder regarding *The Way We Were*

  1. dekare says:

    This country has always been about AMERICANS. Not its politicians, but its people. Somehow, we lost sight of that and let the politicians take over. We need to take it back.

    Short buy powerful story.

  2. America can be many things… as long as we have the proper leadership…something we are sorely lacking…

  3. mark says:

    It’s been said that life is like a dogsled team if you ain’t the lead dog the scenery never changes……we really need to be the lead dog again

  4. James Shott says:

    The first step to restoring the nation is to make sure Hillary/Joe/Bernie/Martin/Elizabeth don’t get elected.

    As distasteful as it may be for many REAL Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and independents, assuring that first step is to elect the Republican nominee, even if that is Bush, or Rubio, or Cruz, or Carson, or … whomever. Any vote for a third party; anyone who stays home instead of voting for the Republican will help elect the Democrat.

    Please, folks, if you don’t really like the Republican nominee, hold you nose and vote for him/her anyway.

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, if all we can do is a RINO I am going to be a 3rd Party or stay at home voter… I have held my nose for the last time.. I went along with the *We have to vote GOP to keep Obama out* mantra for 2 elections and we still have Obama… I will NEVER again vote for the lesser of the evils, from now on it’s the best or it’s too damned bad about what happens next… I’m getting too old to compromise.. And I really want to be able to look myself in the eye…

      • dekare says:

        I have to agree with Fred. If they give me jeb as my GOP nominee, and Trump runs independent, well, I will vote for Trump and if he loses, oh well. I would rather my country be destroyed by my enemy than by someone who claims to represent me but does not. I do NOT want to hear when things go to hell in a hand basket, and I complain, the other side says “It’s your guy in charge now”.

        If this happens, and enough people vote for third party, it will at least have the effect of sending a message. And the GOP will either have to adapt to me and those like me (NOT ME ADAPTING TO THEM) or it will wither and die, and a third party prosper. One thing our country does is fill a void where there is demand. And if we show enough demand for a third party, it will grow.

        Yes, our country will sink even further into hell, and life will get rough. But we can always turn it around. THANK GOD our Founding Fathers gave us the tools to always reverse course in this country if enough of us deem it so. The soap box, the ballot box and the cartridge box. No other country has these.

        So, like Fred, I will not pull the lever for someone I am not proud to call Mr. President. I love this country too much. If the GOP is a RINO, I will vote third party or stay home.

  5. BobF says:

    98,000 Bombers produced during WWII. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK had airborne, at any time, 1,000 nuclear capable bombers. Today, we have only about 200 bombers of which only half are nuclear capable. After Desert Storm, HW Bush sent over 200 perfectly good B-52’s to be chopped up to comply with the START Treaty he signed in 1991. He wanted to scrap ALL B-52’s but was convinced to keep about 80 “H” models in the inventory. The Strategic Air Command which kept this nation safe from nuclear war was dismantled under his watch and today our nuclear forces are in disarray with undisciplined officers. In 2007 we flew a nuclear armed bomber from North Dakota to Louisiana and nobody….nobody….knew it. A low ranking enlisted person noticed some “bombs” which didn’t look right in an unsecured area and notified his superiors. That’s when the nukes were discovered…total breakdown of all safeguards. The Russians are rearming at an alarming rate while we’re drawing down our forces.

    We gave Republicans the House and Senate and Obama has grown stronger as they concede non-constitutional powers to him. This nation needs leaders who will put America first. I don’t plan on voting for a RINO again. It may take a couple election cycles, but I’m beginning to believe that with good consistent Conservative leaders in a third party, they will win the White House and congress.

  6. Wayne says:

    I’m inclined to agree with you on this Fred. I hope WE THE PEOPLE can muster enough resistance to the communist media to expose their constant lies. There are plenty of good news sites. We don’t have to rely on television anymore. The internet has to remain free of any government regulation (censorship).

  7. mystere says:

    As I said on Facebook, I want to keep the Hildebeest out of office. Drunkle Joe, Bernie Sandbaggers, 0’Malley, and Fake Pochahantas are also just as bad as Hildebeest. The only Democrat who might have 1/10 of a brain is Jim Webb, and I still won’t vote for him. We need an adult with common sense, not a clown drunk for power.

  8. Bunkerville says:

    A great find Fred. How could we possibly go from the greatest generation to the worst in just one generation.

    • dekare says:

      Good point. My grandparents were member of what we called “The Greatest Generation”. And today, we have apathetic pussified whiners. Men who do not know how to change a tire, and woman who are offended by men because they do not have a man’s capability.

      A generation who lost sight of the roles we all are supposed to play in life. And how did this happen so damn quickly?

      Sadly, the greatest generation, having went thru hell and back, worked very hard to make sure their kids would not suffer as they did. That they would have a better life. Well, they went too far, gave them too much, and failed to let them suffer adversity. To learn what it is like to lose, or fall off your bike and get hurt, or work hard at a young age to learn the value of a buck. They worked so hard to protect them from the horrors of the world, that they failed to learn that the world is a tough place to live.

      Kids now think money is free, and anything the govt gives them cost nothing. They think that all of the regulations to save the planet have no ill effects on how we live.

      The did not live in awe of the first electric light bulb and realize the wonders it would bring. Towns used to clamor for electricity, and now, kids boycott and state how evil electricity power plants are. Imagine their outrage though if they plugged in their ipod and it did not charge up.

      Towns used to beg for businesses to come to their area as it would bring jobs and recognition as a growing town. Today, companies are boo’d and hissed at and people block the growth of these companies in their towns. But expect a high paying job when they need one.

      They claim animal cruelty at everything, but gladly eat burgers and chicken…not fully understanding where these things come from. They protest at engineered seeds and food animals, and that these things should be ended, but think we ought to do something to solve world hunger. What they hell do they think these engineering wonders are trying to do?

      They want America to lower its standard of living so that third world countries could feel better about themselves, but only for everyone else…not themselves. Just ask any of them if they were willing to give up their smart phone forever in exchange for it being able to feed a child for a year. They would NEVER do this. But will gladly see this money taken by force from others who work hard.

      Smarmily drive their hybrids, but have not thought as to the other end of the outlet that they plug their cars into. As if somehow, its all free.

      it goes to show just how quickly society can turn on a dime.

      Reagan told us, no warned us, that FREEDOM is never more than one generation away from extinction. He was not kidding. We need to teach our children. We need to change the school system so that our children do not become brainwashed. This is what happens when you let things go by you. We let them have the schools, and thought, what harm could happen? We let them regulate businesses, and look how that went? We gave them permission to clean the air, and gave them unfettered authority to tell us what to do about it, and we now have the EPA.

      Little things matter. EVERY LITTLE push in the wrong direction MUST be met with a stern NO. Just like when they let Hitler take a little here, and a little there, promising he would stop if only they would let him do this or that. Just think how different history would be if when Hitler crossed that border for the first time and was met with stern opposition with BIG ASS GUNS pointed in his direction.

      Freedom is not free. And anyone who tries to take even a crumb of it away from us, must be dealt with harshly. If we ever get our country back. I hope that we learn this lesson. Joseph McCarthy was on to something, and we wrote him off as a nutjob. Maybe we need an agency of UnAmerican Activities again. But of course, they would take that too far as well. Maybe better yet. We The People remain in charge. Bring back tarring and feathering for those politicians who think they can rule over us, and punish those that need punishing. Deal with criminals as if they are criminals. And do not spare the rod to spoil the child.

      Finally, if we can lose it that fast, let’s HOPE we can get it back just as quickly. We have the guidebook still in place on how a country should be run. We just need to review it once again, and implement its instructions. Freedom is a recipe. Take one U.S. Constitution, add lots of freedom loving patriots, and mix.

      • I don’t disagree with a thing you’ve written. The problem is that we are now beyond the tipping point. That is, the point at which we can bring this country back. We are one bad emotive day from a global stock market crash — which IS coming, by the way. The US dollar is only as strong as people THINK it is, because there is NOTHING in Ft Knox and nothing to truly back up the dollar.

        In a way I am somewhat surprised we’ve avoided the crash — I mean the BIG crash — as long as we have.

        But no matter how we may delay, it is still coming. And it’s not terribly far away.


  9. Petermc3 says:

    The RINO’s sucked us in, or at least me in, for the last time. How can voting for a truly conservative third party candidate or staying home be worse than voting for a RINO answering to the same puppet master as Obama? Even so, voting anything but democrat in a presidential election is just pissing into the wind here in Jersey so why would I venture out into a brisk November day to support one of these fools. Too bad I’m not a democrat because then I could vote early and often for Trump should he be the republican candidate.

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