Congressman says NYC federal building gunman got ‘raw deal’

Congressman says NYC federal building gunman got ‘raw deal’

NEW YORK (AP) — A man who gunned down a security guard at a federal building in Manhattan before killing himself was a whistleblower who had been given “a raw deal” by the agency that fired him, a New Jersey congressman who took up the man’s case said Saturday.

Rep. Bill Pascrell said he did not know what made Kevin Downing, a military veteran who had once been employed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, open fire at the New York federal building on Friday.

“What made him snap?” Pascrell told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “I don’t know.”

Downing had endured a string of misfortunes as his live-in fiancée died of breast cancer, his house was in foreclosure and he suffered health problems after a car accident, Pascrell said. SOURCE

After reading the full story I am inclined to believe that Kevin Downing was NOT dealt a *raw deal* as much as he was handed something called *life*, a thing that we ALL have to face, good or bad, and handle it in our own way, no matter how that may be.

Life is full of disappointments, raw deals and bad luck. I personally know people that have lost everything material, some have lost family but the folks I know like that are survivors and they don’t need some Dem/Lib declaring them to be a victim that got a *raw deal*.

If everyone that has ever lost a job or a loved one were to take up the gun and kill someone and then commit suicide because they couldn’t handle the reality of life, well, the world would be sparsely populated to say the least.

Do you know who I feel sorry for? FJC Security Services guard Idrissa Camara and the family he leaves behind.

Idrissa Camara was going about his business and doing the job that he signed up for, but he paid with his life because a man that had been given a *raw deal* felt like he had to strike out at *the system*.

Sadly, Downing felt he needed to make his mark on the world before he left and Idrissa Camara was the first target of opportunity, but a dumber than dirt Democrat, Rep. Bill Pascrell, instead of calling this what it is; an act of senseless violence, wants to make the shooter the victim, and worthy of our sympathy.

Things like this fully illustrate exactly WHY we need to remove Democrats from power and bring in REAL Conservatives, not some bunch of Dem-Lite RINOs.

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3 Responses to Congressman says NYC federal building gunman got ‘raw deal’

  1. If you ever wonder how a progressive socialist democrat came to hold a viewpoint that a perpetrator’s rights are more important than the rights of a victim, it can be easily explained.

    One there are a limited number of victims, mostly based on random chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, the progressive socialist democrats pander to the large number of “democrat-created victims” who identify with the frustration and pain of the perpetrator — and these people vote in large numbers.

    Most of these voters are so-called low-information entitlement democrats who believe they are oppressed and need to seek allowances for their lack of achievement and lot in life. Reparations that are only available by voting democrat. Never Republican. And, definitely not conservative.

    So this asswipe representative is simply doing what comes naturally to his ilk — sympathize with the perpetrator, link it to a social root cause, and pander for votes. Oh, and throw in a few words of condolence and sympathy with the victim to cover their political tracks.

  2. Wayne says:

    I read the headlines on Drudge and Breitbart and the links to news sites from around the world and shake my head in disbelief. This kind of thinking is rampant throughout the western world. The push to change the makeup of our nation and the nations of the European continent are obvious. These are the proponents of THE NEW WORLD ORDER and this progressive (Marxist) surge has to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. Nobody in our media can explain why Trump is surging in the polls? Really? Are WE THE PEOPLE a bunch of right wing crazies? The informed among us are rallying behind a PERSON who is speaking truth to power. Since when has experience (read back room,deal making connections) been a prerequisite to hold political office? Our country was formed by ordinary individuals who gained experience thru effort. Vote the EXPERIENCED politicos out and the common sense conservatives in. If the prog’s keep gaining ground on us, we will continue to loose our liberties. Citizenship should not be treated as a gift to be bestowed on those who will vote for the one promising the most goodies. Citizens lives matter.

  3. the unit says:

    Well, I read two USAF guy, a American Student, a American professor teaching in France, and a old man Brit made a raw deal of the face of the train terrorist who just found his guns at the station.
    East meet West. John Wayne might say…hello neo-Pilgrim.

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