Racial Conflicts and Violence in America

Racial Conflicts and Violence in America

I didn’t write this piece, I found it on the page of a Facebook friend and he didn’t have a link either, so, it is presented *as is* and I am guessing that it was inspired by the recent LARGE volume of Police Officers death at the hands of *street thugs* like the incident in Houston where a Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth was executed by a Black thug.

The moment I lost sympathy for the plight of the poor black male, the moment I lost my compassion for any woes or disadvantages they might have experienced, the moment I lost any semblance of hope that the “poor black victims” needed a helping hand up rather than judgment, ALL of that ended tonight when a black male, identified as “dark-complected”, walked up to an unsuspecting officer of the law and shot him in the back of his head as he pumped his gas.

I am done with political correctness. I am done pretending that race doesn’t matter. I am done living in a world where we must deny reality all for the sake of being non-judgmental or discriminatory.

We have a massive, undeniable issue in America. We have an epidemic of black people spewing hatred against whites and against members of law enforcement. We have a massive epidemic of black criminals, black violence, black mob violence, black on white crime, black on black crime, black on elderly crime, black on law enforcement crime, and black abortion (murder) at staggering rates.

This is a NATIONAL CRISIS and it is an EPIDEMIC. Mainstream media won’t acknowledge it because we can’t discriminate or appear racist. The Left refuses to acknowledge it because we are being mean and picking on the poor black victims, the poor disadvantaged black people who grow up without money and “white privilege” and are thus deserving of our sympathy and excuses as we continue to shovel money at them, give them benefits in every manner possible, pass them through the school system regardless of the low standards and progress, and provide them with endless resources and advantages, including Affirmative Action, all in the hopes that they will SOMEDAY, by SOME MIRACLE, begin to amount to SOMETHING.

Well no more. I refuse to subscribe to a broken system of political correctness and social niceties all for the ridiculous joke of a narrative that BLACK AMERICANS are VICTIMS.

They are NOT victims. They are the PROBLEM. They are a BROKEN CULTURE that is IMPLODING from the inside out and they are causing a NATIONAL EPIDEMIC of VIOLENCE in the process that is COSTING US INNOCENT LIVES.

This war against cops is REAL. And it is DANGEROUS. And NO LIFE of a criminal thug that has failed to do ANYTHING positive with his life is worth the life of a professional, law abiding, good, hard-working, police officer that is fighting the good fight AGAINST evil and IN SPITE OF the unjust and unfair persecution, rotten and misguided views of law enforcement, and the evil scum that promotes the annihilation of all those who dare wear a badge.

This is the day that I take a stand. This is the day, and this is the event, that turned me into a warrior and advocate instead of just a quiet supporter.

I am taking a stand against those who would wage war against those who have sworn oaths to protect and serve us. They may have their hands tied by the rules of political correctness, but I do not. I will advocate on their behalf for more protection for them. For higher salaries. For less political correctness regarding the public disclosures of information regarding race. For better support against those who would press charges unjustly after committing crimes. For longer sentences for violence against law enforcement. And finally, for automatic life sentences or the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a member of law enforcement.

If you consider me a racist regarding this, and if your delicate sensibilities are “offended”, I encourage you to unfriend me and slither away. I make NO APOLOGIES for this stand. The black community has taken their stand, and we will take ours. I will always side with the good of the world, and I will always side with what is right. The complete moral bankruptcy of the black American community has resulted in this, and the culture that they promote and breed encourages the actions that occurred tonight.

BLACK AMERICANS MUST TAKE A STAND. If you are a good, law-abiding, quality human being, and you are a black American, you MUST begin to speak out against this. You MUST speak out against this attack on law enforcement, and you MUST DENOUNCE the savagery and black violence and criminality of your race. SILENCE IS CONSENT. YOU must take this stand.

We, as Americans, are done tolerating this lawlessness, this violence, this criminality, and this war on law enforcement. We are done. I am done.

This officer’s death will not have been in vain. His death has created a whole new breed of warrior, and we are going to fight back.

A tip of the hat to Bart Goswick for sharing this on Facebook.

I will always stand on the side of Good and Right, but even *The Good Guys* are getting nervous, this *War on Cops of All Colors* is real, this *War on Whites* is real and we’re going to continue to lose Officers if City leaders, Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs and various heads of State Police and Department of Public Safety officials don’t totally back their officers and allow their officers to take the fight to the *Bad Guys*.

Luckily, I live in a very *gun friendly* State where the home owner is the King of the Castle when the *Bad Guys* come to call but our officers need all the help and support they can get, from us AND the Brass.

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12 Responses to Racial Conflicts and Violence in America

  1. BobF says:

    This is what Obama has wanted since being elected. He’s condemned the police whenever an incident involving blacks and law enforcement has reached him. Whenever a white person shoots a black, it’s due to racism but let a black shoot a white and it’s the fault of guns. Obama, Holder, and the progressive wing of the Democrat Party are getting exactly what they hoped for.

    It’s not just law enforcement, they’re going after whites too. Whites are being attacked daily just for being white. In the video below, a woman was beaten because she happened to stop at a store in the “wrong hood” to pick up a few things.


  2. John Adargo says:

    Well Said, Fred. I’m on board with you, I’ve got your six.

  3. dekare says:

    I had reached this same moment of clarity that this gentleman did, back in 2003, when I was an officer, and had encountered a situation of black domestic violence, where I was called, and it ended up with me being the one accused of horrid racism. It was at this time, I realized that blacks as a whole in my city, were broken. I realized for the first time, that blacks were not in the situation they were in due to outside influence, but instead, chose this life. I had met a complete society of people, where almost everyone refused to better themselves, and instead, chose to blame others for what they did.

    My career, my livelihood, and my reputation were on trial and the accusers were all blacks, lying their asses off, in order to blame me for what they had done. They claimed I made statements I never made, they accused me of trying to kill their son because I simply hated blacks. My dept took this serious, and I was on trial so to speak, for my life. I did nothing wrong.

    Luckily, a non-biased elderly black gentleman, who also despised the “new” black society of what the black kids were doing, witnesses much of what happened, and despite admitting that he himself despised most cops, and stated that he knew what real racism looked like, came to my defense. He thought the truth to be more powerful than sticking up for black people who were all too willing to lie against me in order to get away with something.

    Had that elderly black gentleman not been there, I would have had a different outcome in my life. But the fact remains, that an entire family of 7 people, 3 of them NOT even there during the incident, all came forward to describe how I was a racist, and a hateful white person. They explained in full detail in a way that only black people think, of how I conducted myself. To them, it made sense, but to average white people, and if you knew me, you would know, I would never talk like that, say things in that manner, or say things I was accused of. But since it was 7 against one, I was the minority here.

    Thankfully, one decent investigator called the black “victim” back in, and grilled him. And told him that if he lied, he would go away for a long time. They hooked him up to a polygraph, and for the first time, the truth came out. This thug in training, broke down, said I did none of the things I was accused of. That his family had instructed him what to say, and that if he did what they said, they would get a lot of money from the city.

    Now, in my agency, there is only three possible outcomes to an IA investigation. Cleared, Unfounded, and Guilty. Cleared means you were innocent. Guilty, well you know that. And unfounded meant they could not fully prove guilt or innocence. Well, my agency, afraid of actually clearing me, marked my case and closed it as unfounded. WTF. And when I wanted to charge this family with filing false and fraudulent report, lying to the police, obstruction, and go after them for civil damage for defamation, I was told to stand down.

    In the end, NOTHING was done to these people. The charged I filed on the kid, were dropped, and my agency took no action against any of the other family members involved…NOTHING.

    From here, I knew that blacks did NOT think like us. They as a whole, did not want to better their lives. They wanted to wallow in their misery, blame others for it, and figure out any way they could to take advantage of the system in place.

    Now,I know that whites have their fair share of losers, but overall, most whites try to succeed, live a good life and respect others. That is NOT the case with blacks. The successful black is almost always the exception to the rule.

    It is not their skin color that I hate, it is their culture. A culture of hate, of excuses, of blame, and at no time, is it taught to their children to break this cycle. Instead, they teach their daughters to burp out money babies, and how to gain advantage of “whitey’s kindness and stupidity”. Their culture is absolutely broken. They do not want to make something of themselves. With all of the help and advantages given to blacks, combined with so many whites willing to bend over backwards to help blacks, they must actually have to work at not succeeding in life. My god, we have lowered the bar for them so low, that it is a joke, and they still refuse to cross it.

    Now, we have this. A black man in the whitehouse who does NOT deserve to be there. And he is telling blacks they are right in their way of thinking. He agrees that their victim status is the fault of blacks, and has all but told them that it is okay to kill those that try to harm them. obama himself all but pulled that trigger.

    Lincoln knew that there would be no living with black once they were freed. The resentment would never go away. He was right. He had a plan to ship them all off to placed similar to Monrovia, and get them out of America. Sadly, JW Booth killed that idea with Lincoln.

    So, what is the solution. If this problem were animals, they would be put down. But we can not do that to “human beings”. Right? NOTHING we had tried, no amount of money we have spent, no rules put in place to help, has done a damn thing to bring the overall black population into civilized society. Almost every poor and crime ridden neighborhood is dominated by blacks, without exception. At what point do we say the problem is not money, it is not opportunity, it is not racism, it is not a poor educational system, it is not a racism judicial system, but instead, it is BLACK PEOPLE? When does the math get done, and the real answer found?

    Only then, can we address the problem. When we stand up and say, blacks are broken. There is a reason that 5,000 years of black running Africa is still tribal and backwards, whereas, two hundred years of white rule in America is the greatest society created.

    I do not hate black people. I hate their culture. I hate the way they think. I hate what they teach their children, and I hate how they blame me, when I have done nothing to them but try and help.

    Sometimes, things are beyond help. When a business venture proves unprofitable, you close down. When a town no longer thrives and prospers, it goes away. When you have a bad hand in poker, you fold. It is time to admit that blacks are never going to join us in civil society. That we must find a way to deal with them that will for once, prove successful. And if that means separating them from us, well, life is never easy, and bad choices must be made. The greatest good for the greatest number of people is what we are taught. Is the feelings of 13% of a population more important that the other 87%?

    Racism exists, but I see way more of it from blacks. White on black racism is all but dead. Racism is when whites despise blacks for no reason other that their skin color. Well, what if you despise blacks for a legitimate reason? Is it still racism? Or is it justified? I am human, with human feelings, and when I see someone attack me and mine with hatred, well, I will make an opinion of what you are.

    I don’t know the solution. But I do know the problem. And we as a whole need to admit what that is. I am not a racist. I judge all by the content of their character. But I also judge people by their actions. And if you are evil, the color of your skin does not give you a pass on that judgment, nor does it change who you are as a person. Evil is evil. This hatred and violence of black lately is an epidemic. It is a disease. And rational human beings do not eradicate disease by helping it along. But, until we admit what is really wrong, a solution can not be found and nothing else can move forward. Either admit we have a problem, or continue to claim white people are racists. One will lead to the resolution of this issue, the other will simply ensure it continues.

  4. Petermc3 says:

    As we all know Obama’s Amrican Spring is bearing fruit just as has his Arab Spring. If this anarchy spreads according to his plan the door to Martial law will be wide open for Obama which will allow him to suspend next years presidential election. A neutered congress and a left leaning SCOTUS will not dare stand in his way. The only possible obstical may be an armed populace. Hopefully America’s police forces will side with the armed great unwashed.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    I can tell you what will happen; scratch that, it’s already happening. It’s what I told my own troops just before I retired.

    I said: “if it is politically or fiscally expedient, you will be sacrificed.” True now, true years ago. But further, here’s what’s happening: cops are responding to calls for service. Period. What’s known as “self-initiated activity” is either diminishing or it has pretty much disappeared entirely. There are already deputies in my department who answer calls for service, wait for the next, and otherwise disengage. They have decided that until they are valued, their services aren’t much valued. They’ll do the job, they’ll answer calls, they won’t shirk emergencies. But going out of their way to stir the pot on the street? No, they’ve mostly ceased those activities. They push buttons on their laptops and answer calls. Period.

    Cops are people, no more, no less. People will agree they’re certainly not gods and, as that, they are subject to feelings and emotions and viewpoints. Right now they’re deciding that going home in one piece at EOW is more valuable than anything else.

    I can’t disagree with them in the slightest. People don’t sign up for their jobs to be monitored every second of their shift, videoed every moment of their shift, second guessed for years in courts of law, shot at, spit at, cut, kicked, belittled, cursed at, denigrated, minimized, sued, lied about, underappreciated or unappreciated. But cops do. Cops can put up with all of that — and more — if they know their administrations and agencies “have their six” when they need it, when they’re in the right, as well as their communities.

    People get the kind of law enforcement they deserve. I have ALSO said that for over thirty years. Right now, people are ABOUT to get the law enforcement they deserve, and that is: less of it.

    That will make some strata of society ecstatic.

    However, I submit in actuality: that’s not playing out real well in Ferguson, New York, Detroit, DC, Chicago and Baltimore.


    • dekare says:

      BZ, you hit the nail on the head on cop reactions to what is being done. People will get the police they deserve. When they want us to solve crimes again, and protect them again, it will happen. Until then, they reap what they sow.

      I can also back you up on the fact that cops can handle anything thrown at them, except when their agencies do NOT have their back. There is no worse feeling, then when both sides are pointing at you as the bad guy, and looking to serve you up on a platter for whatever grievance they could push.

      I have seen agencies train their officers to act and react in a certain manner, and when they do, and the SHTF, they blame the officer. They try to state that they didn’t train the officer to do that, that the officer went too far, or some other nonsense that exculpates the dept, and lays all the blame on an officer, whose only wrongdoing, was having the luck of being caught up in the mess at the wrong time and place.

      As stated above, I wanted to go after that family for what they did to me. Had they been successful in their plan to destroy me, not only would they have succeeded and had a nice lawsuit payday, I would have been fired and blacklisted, my career and my reputation destroyed. Don’t even think of ever working in law enforcement again. No agency would touch you with a ten foot pole. Better to have a rookie with a clean slate than a well trained officer with the taint of wrongdoing. Not just law enforcement, hell, any decent job where you reputation is value, is gone. That is the kind of personnel record file that follows a man no matter where he goes.

      I will say that after that eye-opening experience. I NEVER rushed into any calls where my actions could be called into question…EVER. I didn’t care if someone was being killed, and my appearance was the difference between life and death. I waited for backup. Backup from another beat officer much farther away as well. I didn’t need backup for my physical protection, I was trained pretty damn well, and could take care of myself confidently, and little doubt as what I needed to do. I wanted backup for a witness. I wanted another officer present, who could refute any allegations made against me.

      Now, I have been chastised in the past for having this new mentality, with people telling me that life is more important, and that they would always rush in if it meant saving a life and consequences be damned …and blah blah blah. Well, those people have never been in that situation before where their entire life’s work and reputation was hanging in the balance. At one time, I was naive enough to think like them…but all of that changed that day. Me and mine were more important than anyone else. I had a family that needed me, and bills to pay, and I NEVER wanted to be in the position where I was accused of something I could not defend myself, and could lose everything, just because someone would willingly LIE.

      And since my agency saw to it that all officers were guilty until proven innocent, well, it was survival. I can not tell you how many calls of violent domestics or other similar type calls I was dispatched to, where I was nearby, and there in moments, only to sit in my car only houses away, waiting until I saw a second unit roll in, did I continue to the call. No one will EVER accuse me like that again.

      Anyway, my dept refused to let me file charges, and stated that they feared this would have a “chilling effect” as they put it, on citizen filing complaints against officers. I tried to state that it would only have a chilling effect on fraudulent complaints, but that claim fell on deaf ears. I was told if I filed a civil suit, my life at the agency would become difficult, as they put it. At this point, I realized, like so many of the older guys told me I would one day learn, that I was on my own. It is this moment that is the difference between eager rookies, and long standing career cops.

      Of course, I worked at a small city department, that had a big attrition problem with officers going over to the sheriff’s office after a few years. This pissed off the higher ups quite badly. They HATED you if they found out you wanted to leave. Life became hell for many officers when the day came that the sheriff’s office requested a copy of a prospective cops personnel file. That cop BETTER keep his nose, clean, as from that moment until that officer left, they were looking for ANYTHING to jam you up in an IA investigation. No matter how little. This was no joke.

      The higher ups found that if you filled an officer’s personnel file with lots of IA complaints, with many of them showing unfounded instead of cleared, well, that officer would soon find himself with few opportunities, and before long, would resign themselves to remaining put, or give up being a cop altogether. That is how it went for so many of the guys there. Stuck at an agency that had no lateral movement, no other specialized units..nothing. Just a cop jumping from call to call. Five, ten, fifteen years later, that is what you were doing. A life of adventure and doing all kinds of different types of law enforcement, crushed, and dreams destroyed. It was horrible. I left after only a few years. And yes, I left amid the storm of an trumped-up IA, which did not help my career…but I left dammit.

      We would joke (although it was not that funny, but quite serious) that we needed to have a place on the back of our vest for a trauma plate. Very few of us felt our dept had our backs.

      And as far as doing things beyond answering calls. Well, most supervisors were fine with that. They had not other specialty units other than the detective bureau, and a handful of “jump out” guys, who dealt with the drug dealers. And none of them guys ever left. The city wanted us handling calls only, as they felt anything else was a distraction. That was life as a cop in that city.

      And, if you did too much traffic, or god forbid, a DUI, you got pulled aside by your lieutenant, and given what for. If you failed to heed this advice, you found yourself assigned to the oldest, most disgusting vehicle, the worst beat, the worst schedule, and somehow, always selected to work holidays. And you were watched CAREFULLY.

      To be honest, it was hard to do much more than handle calls, which were often stacked up. The moment you cleared a call, the next one was sent. Every beat had one officer only, with your backup being an officer from another nearby beat. Very rarely was a section assigned two officers. And I was busy. I worked 11-1/2 hour shifts and would handle 15 - 20 calls for service for every tour. That’s humping it to say the least. Take out a half hour for briefing, and getting your paperwork done, and you understand just how busy that gets.

      So sadly, you are right. Cops are a special breed, and will take on everything tossed our way…as long as they know that the agency that trained them to do their job, told them how to respond, and instructed them on how to handle certain types of people, have their backs when they get called out as a bad cop. That is THE DIFFERENCE between a good agency and a bad one. I can only imagine the personal hell the Baltimore cops find themselves right now. There is nothing sadder than a cop who has been beaten down to the level of an abused dog. These are the cops that end up angry all the time, drink heavily, and cannot keep a marriage going. That is a hell on earth and nothing will tell a cop how ALONE he really is, when that happens.

      I wished I had a supervisor like you, as you seem to understand the game. Of course, I suppose my sergeants were in the same boat as me, as they too were watched, and scrutinized. It goes to show that an entire agency, no matter what it is, is defined by its leaders. Whether it is a police dept, a city, or a country. The leaders set the tone, and from there, all else falls into place. And this is where we find ourselves today. And everyday citizens who speak out, or fail to toe the line set by our political leaders, will find themselves in a situation not unlike that of the lonely cop, accused of something he did not do, and no way to clear himself. Things like this are supposed to happen in third world, tyrant ruled countries. NOT AMERICA. But, that is being changed, isn’t it?

      • Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

        Another reason I wasn’t a Lieutenant: I told my troops constantly “one call at a time. Take the time you need to do it right and finish and document it appropriately. Don’t cut corners or another unit will be out to handle YOUR problem an hour later. The calls can wait, no matter what the dispatcher says. You only clear if you hear another officer requiring C3 cover. Your job is NOT to clear the dispatcher’s queue. If the department wants more cops, it can buy them.”


        • dekare says:

          And that was the problem….my dept could NOT buy more cops. It wasn’t the money, it was the leadership. They would hire cops as fast as they could, and they would leave as fast as they could. There were no opportunities, as all of the programs other than road patrol were done away with to keep up minimum man power. It seemed the dept was always trying to keep guys, and I will admit, we made more money than the sheriff’s office. The problem was, we HATED being micromanaged, and hated that there was nothing to look forward to. Road patrol now, road patrol 5 years from now, ten years…it was the same.

          That is what caused our attrition problem. And that is why they started to “punish” officers they found leaving, and filled officers files with IA’s, in order to keep them from getting another job elsewhere.

          They brought in counselors, and made it mandatory to attend, and would blame us cops for our own unhappiness. At no time did they ever think it was them…the leaders, the micromanagement, and not having our backs, that made us wanted to leave.

          I paid a damn heavy price when I left, and they put a huge stain on my record.

          Many cops there had what some of us called abused wife syndrome. Cops would start to believe that the issues were their fault, and state that the dept is a good provider, and we need to be more mindful of how good they are to us. Seriously, that is how many started to think. And after they had your for 6 years, (which was when you vested), you knew you were there for life.

          And you humped calls. You had to. I suppose now that I think about it, the chief was our pimp, and we were his hoes. If we produced, he showed us his “love”. But if your stats fell, well, you got a police version of a bitch slap. Back on nights, crap vehicle, held over shift, working holidays, vacations not approved and so on.

          It was bad.

  6. Wayne says:

    WOW! What a post and great responses from your most ardent followers. I can’t think of anything to add, other than thanks to our police forces for doing their jobs.

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