Rep. Pete Sessions’ radio remarks about diversity draw fire

Rep. Pete Sessions’ radio remarks about diversity draw fire

Sessions and BoehnerRep. Pete Sessions, in a recent radio interview, seemed to suggest that ethnic differences have created chaos in America.

Here’s what he said recently on WBAP’s Chris Salcedo show:

SOURCE — Dallas Morning News

From further into the text story Texas Democrats once again show how much there is that that they DON’T know or understand:

“Another week, another Texas Republican looks to score cheap political points with the Tea Party…” Texas Democratic Party deputy executive director Manny Garcia wins the *Most stupid remark of the day* award for that one.

Pete Sessions HATES the TEA Party and he hates Sen. Ted Cruz; talk about an out of touch  with reality statement, almost as out of touch as is what the GOP believes that We The People want and/or need.

The only place Sessions wants to score points is with John Boehner’s *Good Old Boy* club so that he, Sessions, can retain his Chairmanship of The House Rules Committee.

Sessions has turned many, possibly the majority that elected him this last time around, against him in TX-32 for his unwavering friendship with, and dedication to House Speaker John Boehner. You see, John Boehner is NOT a well like individual in this part of Texas.

Sessions doesn’t like the Conservative side of the GOP either. If you’re not hard core GOP, I mean OLD SCHOOL establishment GOP, Sessions WILL speak badly of you in private.

I’m not a Liberal making a *spin* commentary, I am a well known Conservative and I keep a finger on the pulse of local, state and national politics, and I just happen to know, 1st hand, what Pete Sessions REALLY is. 

Pete Sessions lost me as a personal friend and supporter a while back over his *love affair* with Boehner and his Chairmanship of the House Rules Committee in favor of doing what the voters of TX-32 told him that THEY wanted.

If you’re an elected official, regardless the Party, and you’re in it for YOU, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Sessions is, in MY opinion, in it for the wrong reasons.

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6 Responses to Rep. Pete Sessions’ radio remarks about diversity draw fire

  1. BobF says:

    My congressperson, Vickie Hartzler, supported Boehner too against what her constituents. She’s also reached my self imposed term limits of six years in the House. I will most definitely vote against her in the primaries. Coming from Missouri, I am pretty confident some good Conservatives will run against her in the primaries. If she wins the nomination, I’m hoping a Democrat of the likes of Ike Skelton, who she replaced, will run against her. Ike was the best friend a gun owner and military member had in congress. He also voted against Obamacare. I only voted against him once and that was due to my self imposed term limits; voted for Hartzler.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care how good they are, once they hit either six years for the House and twelve years for the Senate, I’m voting against them. We have to start somewhere in getting rid of the professional politicians which have taken this country down the toilet.

  2. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    Another Texas RINO is Sen. John Cornyn. He and Pete Sessions are good examples of why BobF’s term limits are fair and reasonable.

  3. Wayne says:

    Term limits are the best idea so far but our legislators are not going to go along with that idea.

  4. Wayne says:

    Listened to the radio interview and marveled at the way Pete managed to drag out a long and tiresome plea of why can’t we all get along. People who come to the U.S. because they want to become Americans are fine with me. If you come for ANY other reason, you are not welcome, in my opinion. Oil and water don’t mix. muslims come for one reason, to prosletize, and although they may be a small number now, when they reach 5% of the population, according to research by scholars like Robert Spencer, they inevitably start to cause problems. This is what our current administration is pushing. No christians allowed in from the middle east, just muslims. Pretty solid reasoning, huh? Our media don’t cover the chaos that the people of the UK, Italy, Spain, France and the rest of the European Union member countries are suffering because of out of control legal and illegal immigration. They are drowning, literally, in a sea of shit created by their left wing politicians. Our country is headed in that direction. islam is not a religion, let alone a religion of peace, it is a totalitarian political ideaology, just as the Nazis were. Their goal is to dominate. Anyone who believes otherwise is not paying attention. WE THE PEOPLE have got to band together and defeat the progressives and the rinos who stand with them. My biggest fear is that it may be too late. I see civil unrest, not seen since the civil war, is on the horizon. Somehow I sense bo is smiling over his accomplishments so far.

  5. Petermc3 says:

    Here in NJ, a one party state, we need not worry about betrayal by Less than handful of powerless RINO’s instead we have almost all left wing dyed in the wool socialist leaning democrats running everything who do just what they promise their constituents: big gov’t, confiscatory property taxes, entitlements for all but the taxpayer and protection for illegals. We have few if any single fathers since as a woman’s right state crack whore mothers get custody while the mainstream stable working fathers get to support the mother’s habit while the children suffer.
    It seems more than half the voters and probably a larger majority of the country is satisfied with the status quo. Eskimobama, who, as Muchael Savage said yesterday, is in Alaska as a community organizer to convert the currently non-voting Inunuette population to commit to the socialist Islamist democrat party. Surely he would win a third term if he could run. My apologies for rambling but with the country and the western world collapsing without any pushback or even opposition from the right it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus.

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