Sept. 11, 2015

Sept. 11, 2015


9-11 Patriot Day

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3 Responses to Sept. 11, 2015

  1. Wayne says:

    Fred, my wife watched as the second plane hit the tower from her office building in Newark. She was on the phone with me telling me about the strange fire that they were watching as the first tower was already burning. I saw that second plane fly over Fairfield at just after 9 am, when we were out in our parking lot for our morning coffee break. It flew so low and you could make out the people in the windows. All of us remarked that the pilot must have forgotten where Newark Airport was. By 9:15, the news started to go around via a radio we had tuned in to a news station. By 9:30 I was on my way to pick up my wifes’ daughter from grade school. We were not the only ones. The smoke by then was visible in the eastern sky. A beautiful, clear September day was turned into the greatest tragedy ever to happen on our shores. I will never forget 9/11/01. Neither will my wife. I have read the koran and will never be convinced that islam is a religion let alone a religion of peace.

    • TexasFred says:

      I learned all I ever need to know about Islam on that fateful day… Americans, as a whole, at least half, didn’t learn a damned thing, and that my friend is what will bring about the death of this nation if the rest of us don’t change the direction we are headed…

  2. dekare says:

    I worked a 12 hour midnight shift and had just gotten home around 6am and had just fallen asleep when my wife called me and told me frantically to turn on the TV. She was at work at the hospital and was in tears and all I kept asking her was what was wrong, as I thought something was wrong with her, as my wife NEVER cries. When I turned on the TV I felt like I was watching a bad dream, as there was no way this was really happening…but it was real. And I kept thinking of how many were hurt or killed, and how long would it take to repair those buildings, and then…..fell. From there, like so many, I can NOT describe what went through my head.

    Cops were heroes after that as many of them died to save others. They rushed in those buildings when any normal person would go the other way. Their sense of duty, of honor, outweighed their own safety, and they saved a good number of people…and died for it.

    Today, we hear shouts of pigs in blankets and cooking bacon. How things change, and hate has replaced pride in the hearts of so many. I still remember the videos of people in muslim countries cheering in the streets as if they were at mardi gras. And like you, everything I need to know about islam was taught to me that day.

    Now, I am told not to judge muslims for the acts of a vile few. But I am judged by the acts of a vile few. Because I own a gun and believe in the second amendment, I am judged, because I am a police officer, I am judged, because I have an opinion about how our president is ruining this country, I am judged.

    I learned that there a difference between a radical muslim and a moderate one. A radical muslim wants to cut off your head. a moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to cut off your head.

    That act by those despicable muslims on that day have hurt us in ways we could not imagine that day. 9/11 has brought us the very intrusive and very large govt we have today, and it had a hand in giving us obama. I will never forgive those that did this to us, and continue to try and hurt us….never.

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