News the Obama Regime didn’t publicize

News the Obama Regime didn’t publicize

8 injured in weekend shootings across Chicago

Saturday Night Special 2CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) - At least eight people have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday night.

Most recently, a man was shot early Sunday in the Ashburn neighborhood on the Southwest Side. SOURCE

The Saturday Night Special. Once upon a time it was said, “God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!” but on the streets of Chicago, and nearly every other major city in America it’s not a quality gun being carried by the *hood rats*, unless they stole one from an honest, hardworking individual.

At last report none of the shooting victims has died, and that speaks well of the EMS and medical treatment that is available in Chicago, OR, it speaks ill of the shooting capabilities of the *hood rats* doing the shooting or the effectiveness of the guns that were used, me, I think the quality of the guns AND the shooting abilities may have been lacking.

You can decide that one for yourself but there may well be another very good reason the shootings in Chicago were much less deadly this weekend than in the very recent past.

Nearly 75 people reportedly overdose on laced heroin in 3-day span in Chicago

Insulin SyringeNearly 75 people reportedly overdosed on dangerous narcotics, possibly heroin laced with painkiller fentanyl, in Chicago over a three-day span, according to city health and fire officials.

The Chicago Tribune, citing hospital officials, reported by Friday afternoon at least 14 people were rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago to be treated for possible heroin overdoses, and some patients still had needles in their arms.

Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department, told the Tribune that from Tuesday to Friday, emergency crews had responded to 74 cases. SOURCE

Have you heard Barack Obama venting his faux anger over the heroin problem in his *home town*? Have you heard him specifically address the shootings that happen daily, and how they have a huge spike in shootings on weekends in Chicago?

I haven’t heard a lot of Libtard *chatter* about the heroin overdoses in Chicago but I’m sure that all of the Libtard Progressives are simply beside themselves, tearing out their hair, wringing their hands in anguish because the guns got up, all by themselves, and marched off to shoot and possibly kill innocent men, women, children and assorted gang rivals but are truly surprised that the drugs and needles didn’t.

Guns are inanimate objects, syringes and drugs are inanimate objects and are incapable of being used unless someone exercises their FREE WILL to use them.

The United States, and most areas OF the United States have some very strict laws regarding HARD DRUGS, and heroin is a very HARD DRUG.

Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, so, tell me how it is that Chicago has so many shootings and once again this sudden rise in heroin usage that IS, without a doubt, going to kill a lot of those that overdose?

I haven’t heard the Libtards screaming *Ban the Syringe*, have you?

I am very much against guns being in the hands of anyone that is not a person entitled to buy, own or carry them and I am also very much against the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of legal drugs in a recreational manner, but without taking guns from the hands of HONEST Americans, or, another impossibility, removing ALL illegal drugs from this nation, what do we do when MORONS exercise their FREE WILL and take up the gun, the needle, the pipe or whatever the currently popular tool is?

The gene pool continues to clean itself I suppose.

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7 Responses to News the Obama Regime didn’t publicize

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    Same story here in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’. The weekend news looks like something out of a Steven King novel. Obama won’t look at or mention it because the stars of the show are his ‘Folks’.
    It’s a God dam jungle all around me. I use to work in the city of Chester, Pa. I believe it’s now in the top ten for crime. Forty years ago the residents were mostly Italian and Irish immigrants. When the blacks started moving in, the whites starting moving out and what is left looks like a battle zone. You don’t dare go there at night. If you drive through during the day, you better be packing a weapon.
    Obama had his chance and blew it. He’s a racist like his buddy Al Sharpton.

  2. Wayne says:

    Fred, I have to say it. b o is all hat and no cattle. A Texan told me that that was a popular phrase a while back and it seems to describe him that calls himself king. I watched his speech again on youtube and damn if he’s not stoned.

    • TexasFred says:

      Obama is a *bone smoker* that wants nothing more than to bring this nation down in flames…

      I still have a couple of nice hats, one is a REAL Stetson and the other is a 10X Resistol, but we moved back to town a few years ago, so now I have no cattle either… But along the way I earned MY hats… 😛

      • Wayne says:

        When we were younger and went skiing at Killington,Vt. almost every weekend, everyone had “cowboy” hats and bandannas and I can’t for the life of me remember which professional skier started that trend. Anyway, my wife surprised me on my birthday that year with a real Stetson

  3. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    No, Fred, you haven’t heard about those things. It’s as if blacks were nothing but pauperous heroes whose lives are continuously trod upon by the White Man.

    The truth is, black lives don’t matter and they certainly won’t to me, until they begin to matter to themselves, and begin to respect themselves.

    This is all about one thing only: a continuing attempt to take political advantage of death and carnage so as to disarm America. That is the ONLY goal: the disarming of America.

    Check my comment on your previous post. People coming for my guns, cops or soldiers or not, white or black, had best be forewarned. When you abrogate your oath, the oath I took whether employed or retired, the oath I uphold now, then you’re not a true American to me. And the gloves are off.

    I don’t make this statement lightly.


  4. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    Referred to your post today, here:


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