Do you REALLY want Hillary Clinton to become POTUS?

Do you REALLY want Hillary Clinton to become POTUS?

Clinton unveils plan for tighter gun control including executive action, expanded background checks

Hillary Gun Grabber

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday proposed tighter gun-control measures, including expanded background checks, and suggested that if elected she would use executive powers to achieve her goals.

“I want to push hard to get more sensible restraints,” Clinton said on NBC’s “Today” show. “I want to work with Congress, but I will look at ways as president.”

She called for expanded background checks for firearms sales online and at gun shows. Clinton also called for closing loopholes in federal laws that allow for gun-sale transactions to be completed if the buyer’s background check is not finished within three days.

Clinton will unveil more details about her plans Monday during a campaign swing through New Hampshire. SOURCE

It has always has mattered to me, I see Hillary for what she really is, does it ALL start to make sense and matter to YOU now?

Hillary Goofy

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  1. Wayne says:

    How could she possibly get a law degree without knowing anything about The Constitution and The Bill of Rights? Same goes for the HNIC.

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