Police say father meant to drive family into Arizona lake

Police say father meant to drive family into Arizona lake

PHOENIX (AP) — The deaths of two adults and three young children who were in an SUV that plunged into an Arizona lake are being investigated as a murder-suicide as police said Monday that the father of the youngsters deliberately drove the vehicle into the water.

Police spokesman Lt. Mike Pooley said 27-year-old Glenn Edward Baxter purposefully drove himself, his estranged wife and their children into Tempe Town Lake just after midnight Sunday.

Witnesses and officers jumped into the lake in a bid to rescue Baxter, 25-year-old Danica Baxter, and their three children, 1-year-old Zariyah, 2-year-old Nazyiah and 3-year-old Reighn. Police say Glenn Baxter was in the driver’s seat.

The children’s great-grandfather had expressed his doubts earlier that the deaths were accidental, saying the children’s mother had declined her estranged husband’s attempts at reconciliation because he hadn’t addressed his anger management problems. SOURCE

So, does this event equate to and qualify as a *mass murder*?

The FBI defines mass murder as murdering three or more persons during an event with no “cooling-off period” between the murders. A mass murder typically occurs in a single location where one or more people kill several others. SOURCE

Sure it does, but try to convince the Libtards of that. This apparently was an act of mass murder committed by someone that had serious issues; anger issues, sanity issues, family issues, who knows what else, that part of the equation is going to the grave with him.

I am going out on a limb here and make one of those *guesses* I like to make from time to time and say this; the Liberals won’t acknowledge this as a *mass murder* because a gun wasn’t used as a means to an end. 

I seriously doubt that we will hear cries of BAN THE CAR, yet people die in car wrecks every day, several people in the same vehicle or one involved. Do you suppose that at least *some* of those wrecks might very well be suicide and the driver wants to take others with him/her?

I am not writing this to make lite of the tragedy that this has brought to the family and friends of the victims, I write this to point out that if you want to kill someone, or many people, you don’t have to have a gun to get the job done.

Cars are inanimate objects, and just like guns, knives, swords or any other in a large number of objects that can kill you, they are all inanimate and can only bring harm when used as a tool of death.

I have an SUV, saws, an axe, hammers and all kinds of sharp and dangerous TOOLS in my garage, but just like the guns in my home, these objects have never jumped up and killed anyone.

A car is a TOOL like any other; it serves a purpose, as do guns.

In the hands of a sane, safe and responsible gun owner a gun is not there to be used to KILL, if that is your intent then you’re one of those psychos that has NO business with a gun. Guns can be used for sport shooting, hunting, self-protection, as an investment, and in some cases, competition shooting for prize money and trophies.

No, I am not confused, I know that if you are forced to use a gun to defend your family, friends, home or yourself there is a good chance that you may be forced to fire on another person(s). There is also a possibility that you may take a life by that action, but the taking OF a life is NOT an act you seek to commit or one that is exclusively what NORMAL people have on their minds when they buy a gun. The same goes for car owners too, I doubt anyone goes to the dealer intent on buying an expensive tool with which they plan to commit mass murder.

The same goes for most other deadly implements as well. Mass murder can, and does happen and is committed with tools other than guns. If you want to kill a lot of people you do NOT necessarily have to have a gun. 

Now seriously go out and try to convince the anti-gun Libtards of that.

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4 Responses to Police say father meant to drive family into Arizona lake

  1. Mark Elliott says:

    Great point Fred!!

  2. cary says:

    You are correct, this will not be seen as a mass murder.

    Killing is criminal, self-defense is not. I highly doubt that the estranged wife and the three children were acting in a way to make him feel threatened, so yeah, let’s call this murder. A very selfish, permanent solution to a short-term problem that could have been solved in a much less deadly way.

  3. BobF says:

    To the left, mass murder can only be committed with a gun like a Hate Crime can only be committed by a white person.

  4. NativeSon says:

    Maybe what’s needed is a “waiting period” before one can get a DL. (More than 16 years that ready exists!

    That MAY help-and for libturds “MAY” is all it takes to enact further freedom restricting laws…

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