University of Louisville president slammed for Halloween photo in ‘Mexican’ costume

University of Louisville president slammed for Halloween photo in ‘Mexican’ costume

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The University of Louisville apologized to the school’s entire Hispanic community Thursday after a photo surfaced showing President James Ramsey among a group of staffers at a Halloween party dressed in matching stereotypical Mexican costumes.

They wore bushy mustaches and sombreros, and rattled maracas as they posed for the photo.

Ramsey’s chief of staff, Kathleen Smith, issued a statement expressing “deep regret” over the incident.

“We made a mistake and are very sorry,” she wrote, adding that the university pledges to train staff and engage with the campus over diversity and racial equality issues. “This event shows we have much more to learn about our community.” SOURCE

If you have ANY doubt that political correctness has run totally amok this story will make you see the light regarding the direction our once great nation is headed.

Former NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal identifies as *Black*.

Prince Harry went out partying dressed as a NAZI a while back. 

Elizabeth Warren identifies as being a *Native American* and George Zimmerman is a ‘white Hispanic’.

So why is it that the mainstream media loses its mind when a college group dresses up as *Mexicans* on Halloween?

Don’t get me wrong; I am NOT taking up for the folks in Louisville. Had Kathleen Smith not pulled a *Joe Wilson*, you remember Joe don’t you, the YOU LIE guy that actually told the truth and then nearly killed himself for telling that truth, you surely remember him, well I would be all for the free expression the folks at Louisville made.

I would, that is, if they had had the BALLS to stand their ground and had told the media to go pound sand up their collective asses, but NO, they went into instant guilt mode and began to apologize profusely for an act that wasn’t even worthy of a news story, but has been deemed politically incorrect and not sensitive to the feelings of Mexicans, or some such BS.

So, check this out.

SMU says it’s looking into ‘racially offensive’ fraternity party that was planned | | Dallas Morning News.

A hip hop-themed party planned by two Southern Methodist University fraternities was blasted Thursday by some students as racist, while SMU’s president said the “racially offensive” incident is being reviewed.

So, I guess that saying going around lately might carry some weight; you can only be a racist if you’re WHITE, or if you have a bunch of mostly WHITE kids that are holding a Hip-Hop party that said profits would be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Dallas.

I am so tired of the PCBS, yes, that does mean politically correct bullshit, just in case you didn’t know, and I am even more tired of the people that foist this PCBS off on America, but even more than that, I am fed up with Americans that call themselves FREE Americans that allow this PCBS to be a part of our lives and in so many instances, the law of the land.

WAKE UP AMERICA; this nation is dying and if YOU don’t stand up and fight to save her you’ll be left to suffer the consequences.

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29 Responses to University of Louisville president slammed for Halloween photo in ‘Mexican’ costume

  1. cary says:

    I am so sick and tired of the ever-larger group of instantly-offended IDIOTS that seem to have crept into our nation. Where did they all come from? Unfortunately, most of them are home-grown, from the seeds planted with the first award of a Participation Trophy.

    Grow up, man up, welcome to real life - grow some thicker skin, you pansy whiners - this is the world, where no one other than those in your Church of the Perpetually Offended even care whether you are offended or not. If it offends you, or bruises your sensitivities, then turn your other cheek and walk away from that garbage.

    That’s what adults do.

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    I believe the reign of the liberal is coming to an end. The backlash from that last debate was a good thing. Seven years of Democrats and that fucking nigger in the WH almost did us in. Stay thirsty my friends.

  3. NativeSon says:

    In the words of that great American philosopher, “Los Stupido or El Stupido” Larry the Cable Guy.

  4. dekare says:

    When I grew up, I learned the whole “stick and stones” meme. It was simple, people were free to say or do whatever they wanted, as long as you were not physically harmed, they could be an asshole all day long. The person receiving the unwanted comments was taught to simply ignore them and be the better man…errr person. I was taught that by reacting to this name calling or being made fun of, it was only encouraging more of it. That my ignoring of them, they would eventually stop and go away, as they were not getting the wanted result.

    Well, here we are, with this PCBS. Now our new updated poem goes like this…

    “Stick and stones my break my bones, but names will scar me forever, thus prompting my immediate need for therapy for years and years, with affirmations that I am special…over and over, until I really really believe it…and the name callers are to be crucified with sticks and stones as they are engaging in hurtful language and a hate crime, and should be made to shut up, no matter how hard we must work to destroy them in the process.”

    There, that nursery rhyme is fixed. What’s next.

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, of course, he should not have been allowed on that wall as it was an obvious danger, and should have been knocked down so that no one would sit on it and get hurt, plus we all know that walls do not work anyway, and keeping someone out by building said wall is morally wrong…so after a ten year impact study costing millions in taxpayer dollars, it was determined that said wall should be knocked down, so the govt opens up for bids for wall demolition, but only to minority run businesses despite the fact that they are not the best company to demolish the wall and are twice as costly as the white run business, which is obviously profiting off the backs of minorities…and Humpty Dumpty had all the king’s horses and all the king’s men quickly take Humpty to the govt run hospital where health care is free for everyone only it’s not really free, as health care is now 5 times more expensive, with the tab picked up by the taxpayers…however, the king’s women immediately file a sex discrimination lawsuit as they were not allowed to participate in the collection of Humpty’s body parts, and even if they were, they would only have been paid 70% of what the king’s men were paid…and them PETA got involved as they were shocked and appalled that horses were forced to work in removing Humpty and that all animals have rights, and should be free…and then there is the King himself, in which everyone is upset as they feel it is time that a queen be in control, and not a male chauvinist…then Humpty sues the wall builder, a private corporation who professionally builds walls for a living, for building wall without safety harnesses and warning signs stating that falling from walls is dangerous…in which Humpty collects millions of dollars thus putting the wall company out of business which used to employ 1,200 wall builders, who now have no job, and will not be buying new cars, going out to restaurants to eat, going on vacation, and all that other nonsense spending, thus hurting the economy in every sector that they would have normally engaged, causing a domino effect of layoff after layoff as business after business goes under, thus placing tens of thousands of people on unemployment…but of course, none of the money goes back to the taxpayer for the health care benefits as Humpty is allowed to keep it all, but of course, that does not matter, as during Humpty’s surgery to put him back together, the govt doctor, who was forced from his private practice due to the new health care laws, and now works in a govt hospital making the same as the janitor, no longer cares about his patients, and neglected to make sure Humpty’s surgery was performed properly, and Humpty died of medical malpractice, and Mrs. Humpty, who is a brown egg, is unable to sue, as the doctor and the hospital are federal govt institutions, and have immunity from malpractice suits, so she and her dozen children eggs, still nestled in their carton, now find themselves living in substandard govt housing and on food stamps…the dozen eggs, not having a father figure, and living in squalor, grow up to be bad eggs, increasing crime and drug use in their neighborhoods…three of them die of drug overdoses before they hatch, the others, except for the youngest, Eggbert, end up in egg prison where they are scrambled for murder and rape…but little eggbert goes to school then a govt run free college, due to his brown shell, where he is liberalized and brain washed into believing that all eggs must be protected and provided for from hatchling to omelette all paid for by working white eggs. Eggbert believing that capitalism is evil, and white eggs are exploiting all other non white eggs, runs for office, where he wins in a landslide due to eggsploitation of the computer voting system and the massive voter turnout by brown eggs who sympathize for him due to his father being killed by the acts of evil eggwhites , he finds himself in the oval office where he promises everyone hope and change, but is really going to make the world into one big omelette, where eggwhites have to give up everything they have in order for the non eggwhites to feel better about themselves….and I no longer know where to go with this story…so I am ending it now…and if you read up to this point, I don’t know whether to thank you or label you as a sick puppy for reading this nonsense, as you are as twisted as me…but of course, it’s only because I am racist, and hate everyone not like me…..and they lived happily ever after.

    Let’s see, what nursery rhyme is next for updating?

    • TexasFred says:

      Snow Ho and the 7 Pimps??

    • Petermc3 says:

      Jack and Jill went up the hill, Jack had a bottle of brandy. Jack got stewed and Jill got screwed, now there’s Jack, Jill and Andy. Thanks to WIC, food stamps and welfare the unmarried Jill and fatherless Andy lived happily ever after.

  5. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard the other day on television.

    In discussing the hard work of Paul Ryan, soon to be the Speaker of the House, “MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry objected to use of the term ‘hard worker’ on a recent show, telling a guest it demeans the experience of slaves.”

    ‘[I] want us to be super careful when we use the language ‘hard worker,’” she cautioned. “Because I actually keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like.”

    Harris-Perry continued, saying “in the context of relative privilege, I just want to point out, that when you talk about work-life balance and being a hard worker, the moms who don’t have health care who are working, we don’t call them hard workers. We call them failures, people who are sucking off the system. Really, y’all do! That’s really what you do!”

    How crazy is this. Someone should tell the dippy bitch where to step off and take her ridiculous bullshit to fantasy land where she apparently lives. Somehow minorities spouting bullshit are never called on their idiocy by the progressives and most conservatives - Texas Fred excepted — are too scared to speak up.

  6. Old Navy Chief says:

    I told you so!
    George Orwell (1984)

    • Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

      George Orwell told us much. But Millennials aren’t reading him because 1) His books aren’t on ANY high school, college or university reading list, and 2) His books don’t contain emojis or GMTA acronyms and require an actual amount of reading comprehension and critical thinking.

      He was still correct. Then, and particularly now.


  7. Tex Reynolds says:

    Can you imagine living in a world with no color. One where everyone dressed the same, looked the same, thought the same. Can you imagine eating the same bland, colorless, odorless, tasteless food day in and day out. Can you imagine a world with no humor, no free thought, no music, no poetry. That is the world of political correctness, a stagnant lifeless world where everyone looks forward to the new experience of dying.

  8. wayne says:

    Hey Fred. Go on the Iguana Mia website and look for birthdays posted the next day after a free dinner with fried ice cream for desert. See if you can pick me out. Look for a toothless mexican wannabe on Oct. 9, ’15. I got no problem being a faux Mexican for a free meal. By the way, the food there is pretty darn good.

  9. Vince Schultz says:

    Who is John Galt?

    • dekare says:

      Sadly, unlike in Atlas Shrugged, the best and the brightest that have big companies and lots of money, are not as individual or anti-liberal minded as the characters in the book.

      In the book, the big time capitalists fight back against the progressive govt. In reality, they are in bed together. Ayn Rand got it right, but she did not take into account that big business would adapt, and choose the side where they are guaranteed to win. I guess giving it all up to hide in some secret town where you have to work with your hands (ugh), made big business men cringe. Nope, better to keep the mansion and all the wealth, join the establishment progressive, and not get dirty. The sleasyness of the super rich were not taken into full account.

      The only way we could go Galt, would be to do it in massive numbers….and good luck with that…you can’t get three people to agree on a pizza order nonetheless plan a Going Galt epidemic.

  10. Petermc3 says:

    Does anyone else out there long for the good old days of making fun of each other. We were grease balls, Polacks, Micks, krauts, chinks, niggers, spic and queers. Kudos to the liberals for sterilizing this once free and fun country. Incrementalism at its best.

    Remember when kids played out on the street until it got dark, adults sat out on the stoops, every neighborhood had its one bum, a couple of dogs, dog shit on the street, one mean old lady who would cut up your Spaulding if it landed in her yard, the nice old guy on the block who would give you a nickel or dime when the ice cream truck came around, the one or two bullies who you could always outwit, leaving your bike in front of your house all night, jumping roofs, cashing in soda bottles, going to buy cigarettes for your old man, your mother cracking you one for not listening, walking to school with all your pals?
    America, where are you now?

    • Ron Stabb says:

      I remember it well. I did twelve years of Nuns, Priests and Brothers trying to beat the living hell out of me. I’d come home beat up and my parents would ask me what happened?
      They never let me answer. They told me I probably deserved it.

    • wayne says:

      You left out “squareheads”.

    • Ron Stabb says:

      This should broaden our vocabulary. ‘The Racial Slur Database’

    • dekare says:

      With the increase of crime, and the neutering of cops, that all went away. Used to be a time when shitbags did NOT mouth off to cops…not for fear of being arrested, but actual justice…street justice. We all remember Shawshank Redemption…cops took the trash out and criminals stayed in line.

      Now, we coddle criminals, and hamstring cops, and this is the result. Yay liberals and progressives. We let them steal our America, and never lifted a finger.

  11. Petermc3 says:

    …and lest we forget “nips”

  12. Petermc3 says:

    Beaners, injuns, towel heads, camel jockeys, sand monkeys.

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