Cedar Valley College Receives Multimillion-Dollar Grant

Cedar Valley College Receives Multimillion-Dollar Grant

Dr. Jennifer WimbishCedar Valley College has been awarded a grant to help ensure the success of African American males in science, technology, engineering and math.

The college will receive $2,452,567 over the next five years from the U.S. Department of Education’s Predominantly Black Institutions (PBI) program to focus on STEM programs.

“It’s going to allow us to have more resources to work on the whole student,” said Cedar Valley College president Dr. Jennifer Wimbish. “We are going to make connections to internships and apprenticeships.”

In the past 10 years, African American men have been one of the only minority groups to not make significant progress in STEM careers. SOURCE

STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math and I am all for everyone excelling in these areas, White, Black, Male and Female, everyone, as long as you make your way into these fields on your own merits and don’t buy your way in with some grant money or Federal privilege because of your pigmentation.

You can’t just throw millions of dollars at this and hope it’s going to work, I am fairly certain that MONEY can’t buy intelligence and a solid education that actually sticks WITH the student.

“I haven’t seen too many more African Americans. I have seen a lot of Caucasian males, but I haven’t seen too many people that look like me,” said STEM student Brian Walker.

That’s because YOUR people aren’t, as a whole, mentally equipped to enter these fields and if they are GIVEN the opportunity to get in, not earn it, oh no, have it given to you, all that means is that YOU and others like you have scammed the system, robbed the American taxpayer that IS paying the bill for all of this and you will ultimately FAIL if you can get a reputable firm to hire you.

What you have then is another Affirmative Action boondoggle that helps no one and is, all things considered, a great contribution to the *Dumbing Down of America*.

Eddie_Bernice_Johnson,U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, presented the first installment of the PBI grant to Cedar Valley College Wednesday.

“I am very pleased to see Cedar Valley College at the forefront of eliminating barriers and providing opportunities for African American male students to succeed in the STEM fields. Their STEM education will be key in helping these students to secure good paying jobs in the 21st century,” Johnson said.

Eddie Bernice Johnson is one of those *dumber than a box of rocks* kind of Black people that only succeeded in gaining a seat in Congress because she perfectly represents the people that live in her area; welfare scammers and thugs that have never worked an honest day in their miserable lives. 

Johnson represents a Congressional district that is by far, very Black, poor, crime ridden and far less educated than many other areas of Texas. She is very representative of her constituency in ALL areas, and trust me, they know it and appreciate it, she is their *Sugar Momma* in Congress.

Cedar Valley College is the only Texas institution to receive a PBI grant for this round of funding.

That is a good thing for the tax payer; Predominantly Black Institutions, I don’t believe we can afford to support these people any more than we already do.

One last thing; why are there Predominantly Black Institutions but, to the best of MY knowledge, no PWIs, Predominantly WHITE Institutions? That sure seems like a RACIST thing to me, reverse racism, and you KNOW it would be called RACIST, if there really were Predominantly WHITE Institutions.

Damn this White Privilege stuff, I wants me some a dat Free Cheese!

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6 Responses to Cedar Valley College Receives Multimillion-Dollar Grant

  1. OneCitizenSpeaking says:


    You appear have made a factual error in suggesting that Eddie Bernice Johnson is one of those *dumber than a box of rocks* …

    That’s the old government standard for dumb. It was replaced many years ago with the “dumbest” criteria as measured by California Senator Barbara Boxer who famously noted: “Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, ‘Thank God, I’m still alive.’ But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again.'”

  2. Scott Morgan says:

    Fred, right on point. They already have the United Negro College Fund, which I contaced when my son turned college age several years ago and was told since he was white he was not eligible. I asked them if that was not being discriminatory and they hung up on me. No use calling them back and complaining. I want my white privileg to kick in but I don’t know where to get it. They continue to force us to be non-compliant or racist, by the way they keep pushing the, give me that cause I am black rhetoric. My opinion. Thanks for listening. You do great work. Scott

  3. wayne says:

    Fred, people like Carson are a credit to their race and a benefit to humanity in general. There have been many like him, who over the years, have contributed to the overall progress of the human race. I chose my career because I had a talent and desire to make things, much to my mothers’ disappointment. “Honey, you could be a doctor or a lawyer or engineer” was her lament. The trouble was, at the time, there was the draft, the war in V.N. and my desire to be done with formal education. My point is that in order to be any of those things, you have to have an interest in the field you choose. Education doesn’t guarantee a desire to excel in a career because somebody else paid for your education. Each of us is born with a particular talent and will usually follow that talent into a career that will provide for us and our families. You can’t tell me that the “inner city children” are deprived of anything. They are the ones that show disdain for any authority, especially in the classroom. Minorities in general seem to be prone to street smarts rather than formal education and it shows up in the violent outbursts we see in the Democrat controlled cities across the nation. I believe in the old saw. If you enjoy what you do for a living, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. This Democrat congresscritter is part of the problem. They have to correct what ails society by throwing money at it and you can’t buy ambition, it has to come from the homelife.The government can create all the programs imaginable but it is the student that will either excel or fail. You can’t fix stupid.

  4. BobF says:

    I wonder if anyone ever thought that maybe not many Blacks who attend college want to go into those STEM fields? I’ll tell you this. A guy who goes to a trade school and becomes a certified welder will make more money in his first year than a college graduate with a Masters Degree in any of those fields. That’s providing the welder is willing to work had and go where the work is.

  5. Petermc3 says:

    Iffen we be livin in anudder state dat not be Texas kin we all be bused into Cedar Valley College yo? En kin de buses be air conditioned?

  6. Charles Meredith says:

    Aw Jesus,,,,don’t get me started on this shit,,,,,

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