An Announcement from Rockwall ISD

An Announcement from Rockwall ISD

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I live in Dallas County, but just barely, I mean less than 3 blocks from the Dallas/Rockwall County line, and last night the local news ran a story about this. It was the first I had heard of a *refugee* plan for ANY part of Texas and then this story popped up in my email this morning. My commentary follows the main story.


In an effort to keep you informed, we would like to share some information we received late today.

The U.S. Health and Human Services Commission had notified Rockwall County that approximately 300 unaccompanied children of Central American descent between the ages of 12 and 18 will be temporarily relocated to Sabine Creek Ranch.

These children will only be in Rockwall County for a maximum of 21 days and will not attend Rockwall ISD schools or have any interactions with Rockwall ISD during their stay.

For additional information, please see the information provided by Rockwall County below:

For Immediate Release
Contact: David Sweet, County Judge
Date: 12/9/2015

Rockwall County received confirmation today from the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) that approximately 300 unaccompanied children of Central American descent between the ages of 12 and 18 will be relocated to a temporary camp at Sabine Creek Ranch in Rockwall County.

Rockwall County received the following information from HHSC:

• HHSC has taken the responsibility to ensure for the care, safety and security of the youth during their stay.

• It is a temporary camp for a maximum of 21 days.

• Anticipated arrival in the near future.

• No financial impacts to our public schools or Rockwall County.

• The individuals will not be attending any schools.

• HHSC has ensured health screening clearance.

• There are 2 other sites hosting Central American refugees; one other in Texas and one in California.

• Specific information about each individual housed at the temporary camp will be maintained by HHSC and is not subject to release to County Officials.

Rockwall County is sensitive to the hardships and needs of these unaccompanied children. However, Rockwall County’s first priority is to the safety and security of the citizens of Rockwall County.

Refugees huh?? 21 days? Is that how long it will take to get them ALL a Social Security card, an EBT card, a driver’s license for the 16 year olds, a voter registration card for the 18 year olds and so forth??

I’m all for helping anyone that needs a *hand up* but we can’t support the world. I also realize that this is supposedly for 21 days and that it’s not going to impact the citizens of Rockwall County or Rockwall ISD, but WE ARE paying for this, we, the taxpayers of Texas and the USA.

I had a question about this; did Rockwall County or the Sabine Creek Ranch volunteer for this 3 week retreat or were they in some way coerced into it by *the powers that be* and it got answered during the noon news report.

Our local news just ran a story about this and the reason the *refugees* are here is because of a large influx of unaccompanied children crossing the Texas border and supposedly the facility in Rockwall and one in Ellis County are the only places available.

In this case, Perry said the counties are getting no choice.

“We did not solicit this,” he said. “This is being imposed upon us with very little notice.” 800 Unaccompanied Central American Migrants Headed to North Texas | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Now I have another question; do you suppose these *child refugees* were sent here because the world knows how big hearted Americans are? Do you suppose they were sent because we’re well known for helping children all over the world? Do you suppose ANY of them could already be well indoctrinated Marxists, Communists or Socialists?

So what about OUR kids that are orphans, abandoned, sick, hungry, cold and homeless?

What’s WRONG with this picture?

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12 Responses to An Announcement from Rockwall ISD

  1. Michael says:

    Check this out from Sabine Creek Ranch – they apparently didn’t know these kids were coming…

    • TexasFred says:

      Local news is all over this story… And yeah, I had that *NO NOTICE* in the blog post… Forced to take them… What’s next? Humanitarian efforts to save the Syrian terror *children*?

  2. Thanks Obama! This Negro Muslim is causing this.
    He is punishing Texas Fred personally for exposing this phoney president currently in office. PAYBACK.

  3. Something similar happened in Oxnard, California — but the feds used part of a military base to shield their actions from the public. This is a clear violation of the Constitution of the United States and represents biological warfare perpetrated by the Obama Administration.

  4. Wayne says:

    I just don’t know how to express my anger anymore. Who would have ever thought our country could get this bad? Sessions claims that WE THE PEOPLE will have to finance the influx of Syrian refugees. Where are they going to be dumped? So far we each have been phoning and emailing our rep’s to what end? I get a form letter via email saying the same thing with different wording. Thank you for your interest in__________ we are currently pursuing________ and will respond to your request for______. Yours in service to America_______. What a load a shit. Sessions claims the dem’s and rinos’ are going to slide this into the omnibus bill, funding the government until next week when the final bill will be pushed thru. We aren’t a RICH country anymore and bringing anybody into the country out of COMPASSION is lunacy. Therefore under Amendment XXV, ratified February 10, 1967, as I see it, the president can be removed from office due to his mental condition. It is then incumbent on the vice president to assume the position of president. There is more to this amendment and as I read it a two thirds vote of both houses can keep the VP as POTUS. Sorry Fred, I”m not a lawyer and the amendment is a little hard to understand, but TBK can be removed without going through the impeachment process. Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present to us.

    • Wayne says:

      I forgot to add the fact that Biden is white. Any opposition to his dictates would not be deemed racist.

  5. Tex Reynolds says:

    In a world where Elizabeth Warren is a Native American, Bruce Jenner is a woman, Al Gore is a scientist, Geraldo Rivera is a journalist, Hilary Clinton is honest, and Obama is transparent, we are to believe that 300 kids from Central America traveled all the way across Mexico alone. And now we are to believe since none of them have documentation that they are who they say they are and and they get to choose how old they are.

  6. BZ says:

    Do you REALLY believe the government when it indicates the illegals will be in your county for only 21 days? That is only a central point from which to hide and distribute those illegals throughout the United States, and trust me — the federal government will tell NO ONE where they were sent. That is absolutely purposeful.


  7. Petermc3 says:

    To date this did not make the news cycle in the NY/NJ metro area.

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