A Brief look at American Political Dynasties

A Brief look at American Political Dynasties

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We have all heard at least something about *The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire* and learned how things start out pretty good but as time goes by how it all turns to crap.

With that in mind; think about dynasties and think about the following.

The Cuomo Family of New York. Democrats to the core, as liberal and anti-gun as it could get and Andrew got even MORE anti-gun. Not really a true dynasty, there has only been father and son so far and a dynasty needs to be at least 3 members, but it’s close.

The Daley Family of Chicago. Richard M. Daley, Richard J. Daley and William M. Daley. Part of the Democratic MACHINE that still, to this very day, runs Chicago as if it were their own. They are crooks to the core and each member down the line is more disgusting than the next.

Then we have what some consider to be the greatest political dynasty that America ever produced, the Kennedy Family.

Joe was a hard core new world order guy that made his fortune as a bootlegger.

John F. Kennedy was a decent President and a smart guy, he would most likely be called a Conservative in this day and time.

Bobby Kennedy wasn’t all that bad, he wasn’t as sharp as JFK, but not all that bad all things considered.

Teddy Kennedy was a freaking train wreck.

Now consider this, political dynasties are not limited to just the Democrats.

Prescott Sheldon Bush was an American banker and politician. He was a Wall Street executive banker and a United States Senator, representing Connecticut from 1952 until January 1963. To this day many believe he was an ally of Adolf Hitler.

George HW Bush wasn’t the best POTUS we ever had but he certainly wasn’t the worst. He was a smart guy and I believe he loved America.

George W. Bush loved America although he had some difficulties with the language but all in all GWB was an OK guy.

Jeb Bush is a pathetic crybaby and a MORON.

Then there’s this possibility to think about; The CLINTON Dynasty.

Big Bill was POTUS for 8 years, if Hillary were to be elected, God forbid, but if she were and she served for 8 years, by that time Chelsea Clinton would be old enough and most likely well groomed by her mother and the DNC to make a run a few years down the road. 

Isn’t it funny how they all seem to slip into the depths of hell as the linage of a political dynasty gets longer?

But things could get worse. How you ask?

At some point in time the Obama girls will be old enough to run for President.

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9 Responses to A Brief look at American Political Dynasties

  1. Wayne says:

    Old Italian saying……..FUGEDDABOUDIT.

  2. This only proves that Texas Fred does not understand science, political science that is … this is a natural phenomenon that is best described as the “law of diminishing returns.” 😉

  3. Petermc3 says:

    Hey Fred, not wanting to blow my own horn, but, for the past year I have cbeen closing my comments on several blog sites with the following prediction:
    Hillary 2016
    Chelsea 2024
    Malia or Cory Booker 2032
    To date no one seems to agree with this. Thanks for confirming that I may not be all that crazy.

    • Capt Ron says:

      I see the first and second as strong possibilities, the last two I think end up in the Peace Corps or some such.

      • Petermc3 says:

        Senator Cory Booker-NJ, former Mayor of Newark is a graduate of the John Corzine school of political corruption. Another of the Obama ilk whose skids were greased not for the content of his character but by the color of his skin. Plus his homo dalliances won’t hurt him neither and may give him the edge over Malia; although she is a muslim and by then the country should be ready for a president in a burka.
        The RINO’s are screwed…

  4. Gary K says:

    If being cousins count, the ‘Roosevelts’ have a bunch of Governorships and Presidencies in their family tree.

  5. Gary K says:

    The Adams’s, John and John Quincy, were some of the brightest lights in our history and then the line died out quickly.

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