More thoughts on *purges*, and the Socialist despots that use them

This was sent to me by my friend and fellow traveler, Tex Reynolds; it was written by him and is used with his permission.

Democratic Socialism

More thoughts on *purges*, and the Socialist despots that use them

I remember walking the streets of East Berlin before the wall came down.

Walking past shops with window display and entering to find rows of empty display cases, I remember hurrying past the long lines at bakeries and hearing the people counting their way to the door and praying out loud that there would be bread inside when they got there.

I remember standing at a Panmunjom observation point overlooking Kijŏng-dong and seeing the well-kept buildings and then peering inside with telescopic lens to see empty rooms devoid of any fixtures or people.

I remember listening at night to the sound of the North Korean tanks starting up and charging their batteries hidden within the town’s façade.

I remember the faces of the people; stony and cold, yet the eyes were either hooded or wide open from fear.

I watched parents afraid to look up or around, holding tightly to their children. The people spoke only in hushed whispers.

I watched as farmers plowed fields with oxen while a fancy new tractor just sat there unused. I wondered why and once asked only to be told that the tractor never did work and even if it did the farmers couldn’t afford the fuel or that no fuel was available.

I remember traveling through Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia and seeing the forlorn looks of the old people and the hatred of the youth. The youth had never experienced freedoms and the State had instilled in them no desire for success. The youth were taught that the State was more important than family.

The State blamed the people of the West for its own failures and the youth believed. It was only in the dark of night that some of the youth learned the truth via Radio Free Europe.

The internet and satellites brought images and concepts of what could be and this ignited a fire in the soul of the listeners, who risked their lives to listen and learn.

People learned about the propaganda and the lies. They learned to think and not to trust their Government, yet here in America, another scenario played out.

Raised to believe in their Government’s goodness, children grew up unquestioning, soaking up every media story as truth, believing every word from the Government and from their indoctrinating teachers.

Then the trust in Government began to fade as those in power betrayed the people for personal gain, but the deceptive media and subversive educators continued their act as paragons of virtue.

Some people, those who learned to question, those who learned not to trust, those who opened their minds and eyes, they stood up and spoke out.

Others continued to wear their rose colored glasses as the lenses were slowing turning redder.

The red of socialism is the red of blood, innocent blood, but many of those who delusionally seek socialist utopia are those who will first feel the effects of the purge that occurs when socialism comes to power.

Throughout history when socialist despots take control they purge people who might become dangerous.

They purge the academics, the free thinkers, the entrepreneurs, the writers, and the ambitious, the same people that elevated the despots to power were purged because in reality they had possibly seen behind the curtain and knew the truth and posed a threat.

Poverty is a requirement for despots to maintain power. When people are hungry and cold they concentrate on basic necessities rather than politics. People whose subsistence solely relies on the government can be controlled, starved or exterminated.

As Jean Rostand noted, “Kill one man and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.”

I could not have said this any better, Tex Reynolds is a great writer, a solid Conservative and an American patriot. He is my friend!

And to those that question my posts, that tell me I am wrong to accuse Obama of being a Socialist; YOU are a blind fool, you are also as much a Socialist as is your Kenyan leader.

You don’t like that statement? Good, report me for being a HATE Blog. I like that, it brings me even MORE readers… :)

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11 Responses to More thoughts on *purges*, and the Socialist despots that use them

  1. cary says:

    Tex sure has a handle on this. I see a link, or an outright full copy, of this in my near future …

  2. BobF says:

    In 1980 I got stationed in England. My supervisor won some award for USAFE and was given three days R&R in West Berlin. While there, he got to go behind the Berlin Wall inside to East Berlin. I asked him what it was like in East Berlin. He described what Tex just did and something else. He said every move was monitored by cameras. You could see them on poles and affixed to buildings. He said you could see them follow people as they moved about. He said it was the eeriest feeling he’s ever had.

    That was East Berlin in 1980. Today in America, most cities have cameras monitoring the people as they move about. Private businesses and government monitors our every action. We’re told it’s for safety and to prevent crime. For the most part, we no longer have freedom of movement because as long as we’re monitored, we’re not free. We in America are where Communist East Berlin was in 1980.

  3. dekare says:

    WOW…the picture painted with these words are vivid. I imagine nothing but a dreery and grey existence. I could see the people as the author has seen them…the mothers and fathers with their children close by, dressed in the only clothes they have, walking as if being stalked by a predator. Fearful and afraid to make eye contact or speak above a whisper. These are a broken and dispirited people. There is no hope, only strife. There will be no freedom, only starvation. There will be no prosperity or any of the things that make life easier as there is no one who can make these things or sell them, and no one has anything with which to buy them as well. Everyone is equal.

    Only the govt provides, and its resources are put to full use keeping the people docile and watched over. Anything left, goes to those in power, with only the scraps being tossed to the people…just enough to keep them constantly hungry so they never have the strength or will to resist. And slowly, everything crumbles around them. The entire society is dying slowly.

    What is most horrifying, is that this is OUR future if we continue this path we are on. Ten years ago, I would have laughed at such a notion like this and deny that it could one day be America. I am laughing no more. Even now, look at how so many watch what they say. The whispers of Americans who are afraid of being accused of racism, or any other ism or phobia. Afraid of being accused of hate speech. Bloggers being afraid to type the truth. The censorship of anything that the govt does not agree with. We are on the path to what was described above. We need to turn around while we still can.

    Our betters claim that walls do not work. But look at East Berlin. Those walls worked quite well and I bet one day, these same people that refuse to build walls to keep foreigners out, will build those wall to keep us in. We will all be in a vast prison. Only, there is no hope for parole, no date marked on a calendar on when your sentence will be up…just forever until you die. And your children, who committed no crime, they too are imprisoned. Their crime being born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    There is no privilege…not white privilege, not black privilege, privileges for no one. Affirmative action…the only thing affirmative is that you are not going to leave…ever. Gun control, well, that seems to work just fine, as no one has a gun or any way to resist what is being done to them. The people have given the monopoly of violence to those that rule over them and now there is no crime…but of course, there is nothing to steal either. And rape…why would any man rape a women, when women will gladly sleep with any man for a slice of bread or just for the hell of it to pass the time and maybe forget about how bad life is or how hungry you are. There is no hate speech, or at least none that anyone can hear, as everyone talks in whispers and no one trusts anyone…not even your neighbor. Everyone has the same healthcare…all run by the govt and it’s all free…if you can get it. There is no jealousy as no one has more than anyone else. You can not covet what your neighbor does not have. And every few years there is an election for the people to choose their leaders, and every election 100% of the people turn out to vote and amazingly, those in power win every time and show the world how democratic their society is. Everyone is free…Free to do as they are told. Most of all, everyone is equal.

    That is socialism, and it does not sound like utopia to me. But this is what so many Americans want. They have no idea what they are wishing for. They did not have to fight for the freedoms they now have or earn it. So they do not appreciate or even realize how good things really are. When they hear their chosen leaders tell them everyone will be the same, they think that everyone will live as one who is wealthy and everyone will have everything they ever wanted and no one will ever have to work hard for it. It’s all free provided by the govt as if they believe money grows on trees. But as you here know, that is not what their leaders mean. There is a big disconnect on what democratic voters hear and what their socialist leaders are saying. And none of them are asking questions and only making assumptions, and their leaders are certainly not going to correct them on this. They will simply let them think life will be as grand as they imagine it will be, and only AFTER reality sets in and the people suddenly realize what they have bought and paid for, the chains will have been securely placed around them. It will be too late. Sadly, when they realize they were wrong, it will be too late.

    And it is all of us here reading this that know what has been stated above is true. History has shown all of us that something like this can and will happen if allowed to occur. So many people say things like “That was so long ago, it can’t happen today” or “That only happens in third world countries, not here”. Well, despite all our technology, fancy cars, flat screen TV’s, computer, ipads, iphones, and medicine, the human condition still exists. And we are no more different than those people throughout history who suffered this same fate. Humanity is flawed and it is only through diligence and constant attention to what is happening around us that keeps this from happening. Freedom has to be maintained. You can’t just buy it once and forget about, and have it forever. Our Founding Fathers knew this. And that is why the rules they put in place are what they are. They are the tools that guarantee our freedom…as long as we follow them. And yet, so many want to remove or change these rules. Limits on free speech, do away with guns, and so on. Well, the system in place only works if all the rules are applied. If we start removing them or changing them, then our way of life changes with them…and not for the better. NEVER give up your rights. NEVER!!! Once lost, they are damn hard to get back.

    And so, to any of you out there reading this that think I am a paranoid fool…know this. It has happened before and will happen again. Just because you don’t think it can happen to you, does not mean it won’t. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for…you just might get it. Sadly I go down with you, so I fight not only for myself, but for you as well. You may not like me, but I do this for you. My only hope is that one day, you will see and appreciate what you have, and focus less on what you do not. The fact that you are in America means you already have it better than 90% of the rest of the world. Appreciate that and use what has been given to you for good. Do not destroy the home that has given you all you have, and more importantly, all you could want. Hope for the best and work at making that happen. Because once socialism grabs hold of you, all hope is gone. And without hope, there is nothing.

    I hope you one day understand.

  4. Gary K says:

    Of course, there are no ‘Socialists’ in the USA.
    Except for these groups.
    Far Leftist/Socialist political parties in the USA


    • Tex Reynolds says:

      A few socialist organizations that seem to be omitted: ACLU, AFL/CIO and the Democratic Party.

  5. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    I, for one, do not believe that Barack Obama is a “socialist.” I believe that he is a full-on “communist” as was his family friend, mentor, community organizer — and possibly father — Frank Marshal Davis. He was surrounded by communists and apparently learned well. You may wish to read this piece at the conservative American Spectator

    • dekare says:

      scary shit to say the least. Yet you could post this article on the front of every major newspaper in every city, and if obama ran for a third term, he would still win. Just goes to show how much deep shit our country is really in, as well as how corrupt the voting system is. obama should NEVER have won the presidency, and would NEVER have won at any time in the history of the nation until now. Fred is right, it is the bottom of the ninth, and we are scraping the barrel here…one more obama-like presidency, and we are finished.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    If you’re a hate blog then mine is a hate blog as well. This is all so trite and played out on the side of Leftists. Rules for Radicals. Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    I am proud to have the blog I have, to write on it. I am proud to support your blog and your views. Just as Leftists want free speech, they wish to shred ours. Only the dim-witted, the fearful, the true haters, the easily-duped, the cowardly, wish to purge and oppress and slash freedoms.

    The problem is that Millennials are unwitting; they have no perspective involving when America was MUCH more free than it is now. They only know NOW and to them our current state is normal.

    You and me, our readers, know that is false.

    Leftists purge behind fear, seeking power.


  7. Wayne says:

    One sobering article Fred. I can’t disagree with one thing anybody said here. There can be no more go along to get along.

  8. Petermc3 says:

    Any thing said after these fine commentaries would be understatement.
    On a personal level here is an example of the hell into which we all have descended by no choice of our own: My son is a music teacher who teaches music to psychologically impaired children. He is also a jazz musician in the NY/NJ metro jazz scene. As an ultra-conservative he cannot comment or argue his opinions or positions either in conversation or on social media or blog sites. To do so would blackball him from performing if found out. This is not bullshit or exaggeration; this is our world today. There is no strata of culture or society immune to the machinations of the police state that is coming down on all our heads. Another four to eight years of commie rule will finish off this nation.

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