We are Rowlett STRONG and getting stronger every day

We are Rowlett STRONG and getting stronger every day

Let me start this off with some words of wisdom from MLK.

Cowboy Wisdom

I have made my decision, I have made my stand; that stand is for TEXAS and the people of Rowlett, my friends, neighbors and total strangers.

I will support this recovery, in any way possible, as we repair our City and the horrendous damage we suffered in the early evening of Dec. 26th, 2015 when an EF-4 tornado came through Rowlett, ripping a path of destruction 500 yards wide and 3.5 miles long.

I will support the local candidates that I like and trust and that I believe will do the best job for Rowlett in the future, and those that have already done a great job of standing for Rowlett in this time of tragedy.

I will speak my mind, I will speak the truth as I see it and I’ll back my words with actions if need be and I will back my friends in their time of need.

We are Rowlett STRONG and getting stronger every day.

Given the magnitude of damage and destruction we have sustained our city leaders have done an excellent job so far, and I can see progress, but we’re nowhere even close to being back to normal.

It will be at least a couple of years, in MY opinion, before Rowlett regains some semblance of normalcy.

If you haven’t yet done so and if you’re financially able, please make donations to our local churches, they are working hard to provide for those that lost so much in the storm.

Tell the city workers, the police and fire personnel and our elected officials THANK YOU!

Tell all that have volunteered their time and have given their money THANK YOU!

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” ~ Thomas Paine

There is a massive job ahead of us folks but we WILL pull through, it’s what we do and we are Rowlett Strong!

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3 Responses to We are Rowlett STRONG and getting stronger every day

  1. Wayne says:

    Fred, I had every intention of sending another donation to you for the Rowlett tornado victims however, Cape Coral had an EF-2 blow thru last week. I have to help out here.

  2. dekare says:

    Fred, your segment here on your home and how you LOVE your home and will do all you can to help make your home better and how you will stand by anyone, including politicians, that help make your home better made me think. And you know something, this article is what is the basis for all that is wrong with America today.

    Every single strife with blacks and BLM, with muslims and terrorism, and illegal aliens and all of this nonsense is that NONE OF THEM LOVE THEIR HOMELAND.

    And that is why America is in horrible decline, and why Americans are terrified of what is happening to our beloved country gifted to us by our Founding Fathers.

    The NUMBER ONE key ingredient for every patriot, is to LOVE ONE’S HOMELAND. Love it like you love Rowlett.

    Blacks are constantly complaining how America is racist and blah blah blah, and how they hate it, and want to make changes. Changes that seem to only single mindedly benefit only blacks. They HATE their homeland.

    Hispanics run to this country, then complain about the hatred and xenophobia nonsense, as they hold out their hands for all the freebies you and I and all America taxpayers bought for them. They do not love America, but the money sure is nice.

    The muslims, who leave the cesspool of the middle east to come here, aren’t off the boat ten minutes, and they complain that the laws are not sharia, that their religion is persecuted, despite everyone bending over backwards (and forwards) for them. Muslims here are looking for ways to terrorize Americans and want change to accomodate them.

    You have socialists and progressives that hate America. muslims hate it…mexicans hate it…the women of NOW hate America, and on and on and on with every special interest self centered idjit who complains about how horrible this country is to them.

    HELL…OUR OWN PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY have stated without fear of reprisal, that America is a down right evil country, and that they have never been proud of it until obama came to power and could change it to something it was never meant to be…EVER!!!! And people voted overwhelmingly for these assholes, despite their unhidden feelings of hatred of America. obama can not wait to apologize to every enemy of our great country for America’s greatness. He makes sure in every one of his speeches to showcase his disdain for America and admonishes Americans for being American, like we are small children stealing candy…like he is all that is good and we are evil little ingrates who need his guidance.

    Everything wrong with America comes down to a growing number of people who do NOT love their homeland like you love Rowlett. They take no pride in being able to live here and they do very little to fix the things that would genuinely make life better here. All they do is whine and complain and yell for others to spend money to make THEIR lives better. How about getting off your ass and doing it your damn self. Hell, look at the grounds and the mess left after every liberal/democrat/progressive/communist function. The litter is disgusting. These people have no sense of decency or pride….THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

    So I have to ask. Why the hell are these people here? Yes, many of them were born here (which they should thank their lucky stars they won the birth lottery and happened to be born on American soil). But many of them come here. Why, if all they do is say how horrible it is? They traveled half the globe to come here, and could have GONE ANYWHERE, but chose to settle here, and then complain. They could have gone anywhere else…but chose here….WHY? Because despite not being perfect, it’s still the best damn country by far. Whoever is in 2nd place, is so damn far from first, they are closet to last place than first. So, they recognize that America is the best damn place to live, but then, want all things American to change to look more like the shithole they just ran from….why is that. For the life of me I do not get this line of thinking at all.

    So, instead of complaining, pitch in, and do the things that Americans do that made this country the greatest place to live. Learn the language, and become American. You can remember your ancestry and love your god, and still maintain a love for your homeland. But nope, better to be hateful and accusatory against everyone not like you.

    I do NOT care if you are brown, blue, yellow, green, black or white or polkdotted with plaid stripes. I do not care what you god is or how you pray to him. I ask one thing from the people that I live with, and who want to live in my homeland. That you love your chosen homeland as much as Fred loves his.

    We Americans need to do only one thing to fix this country…ONE THING. Insist that those that live here, and especially those that we have elected to govern us, LOVE AMERICA. That is the litmus test we must adhere to. Those that do not, must not be allowed to enter and if already here, made to leave. And for our politicians, love America and it’s Founding documents. Do not change the core that made this place the leader of the entire world, and in record time I might add.

    The instructions for greatness were given to us and are so damn easy to follow, a caveman (or muslim) could follow them. It is a method proven to work, and we MUST stick to that. And we must insist all those that live here abide by them. And most importantly, LOVE AMERICA. Take an oath of allegiance, and mean it. If anyone feels they cannot do this, well, I invite you to go elsewhere. In fact, I insist it.

    It’s a simple test….and reminds me of a saying…Love it or leave it.

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