What good are non-essential employees?

What good are non-essential employees?

This is one of the most relevant questions to come along in quite a while.


Essential is defined as being absolutely necessary or extremely important.

I actually engaged in *business* for a while before I retired and I always found that a non-essential employee was NOT an asset, rather, was a liability, and contributed, in NO way, to the end result of whatever task or project we may have been involved in.

If there are thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of non-essential government employees *working* for the federal government then that means there are MANY people that are basically STEALING from us, you and me and every American taxpayer out there.

How many successful businesses can keep rolling along if they have a big group of non-essential employees?

The answer to that would be NONE, and if the U.S. government has a very large number of non-essential employees then the U.S. government is being ROBBED just like we are all being robbed by those that are scamming benefits from the same government that seems to enjoy handing out welfare and charity to far too many that are in no way deserving.

This post started as a sarcastic, and possibly satirical effort but it has now gone into the level of truth and questions that really do need to be answered by our elected leaders.

The taxpayer can’t afford to sustain the strain of non-essential employees, we need accountability and without it the U.S. budget will continue to be the bloated, destructive monster it has become.

Accountability? Who can make such a thing come to fruition? Damned if I know, Trump is a business man and he could be a possibility, Cruz is a nice guy I suppose but he’s a politician.

Until we rein in government spending, no matter who does it, we are on the path to destruction, nothing more, nothing less.  

We have some serious issues ahead of us America, and ANY politician that LIES to us needs to be gone, banished from a position of leadership from now on.

As I once heard said, “If a man will lie, he will steal and damn, I hate a thief…”

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6 Responses to What good are non-essential employees?

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    I always wanted a nice cushy government job. I never could get one, I didn’t know the right people.

  2. Tex Reynolds says:

    Non-essential does NOT mean what it implies. Essential personnel are those required for the health, welfare and security of the installation or organization. Medical, law enforcement and selected maintenance personnel. In DC for instance, when I was there, snow plow drivers were not essential because law enforcement personnel could do the plowing, heating plant personnel were essential, as were ambulance drivers, all emergency services. Most office workers were not considered “essential” because their absence did not endanger lives or security. During a non-weather related event like a budget shut down, organizations are require to operate with a skeleton crew. Who is essential at that time is determined by Department Heads and it is often abused.

  3. Wayne says:

    When I worked for a company that dealt with, among other things, ordinance, the government required on site inspectors. The men and women had offices, phone/fax lines and the freedom to walk around and bother people all day long. We, as employees of the automotive research and development section had to put up with these “flys” at the expense of productivity. One person could carry on an irrelevant conversation for quite a while before the foreman would see what was going on and skillfully intervene to break up said conversation. He was told not to piss off the government people. They might get tough on the company. And you wonder why a toilet seat or a hammer costs the government so much money.

  4. cary says:

    Job A consists of gathering, compiling, sorting, and reporting on data for ongoing project Number 1. Bob is hired to do Job A. He happily completes this assignment for many many weeks, until someone Higher Up realizes that Job A could be applied to projects Number 2 - 15, also.
    Bob determines, through his years of experience, the data volume is too large for one person to manage in an efficient manager, so Job A.1 is created, in order to produce the actual reports. Sally is hired to do Job A.1, and all reports are signed off by Bob.
    An Audit reveals that the compiling and the sorting should not be done by the same person, because of some kind of Act written by a Senator who has never seen the output of Job A. Bob is informed that the sorting needs to be done by someone who is NOT doing the compiling. Since Bob is currently doing both, he creates Job A.2, and hires Roger.

    And so on - as long as the Government is in charge of determining what is needed, what needs to be gathered, what needs to be reported, and who can do which part of the job, AND can apply Job A to whatever they want to, instead of being controlled by some kind of over-arching document that limits what the government can and cannot do (like, for example, a Constitution…), then there will be non-essential positions created and protected. Once a budget item is created, it can only be eliminated through an act of Congress - literally. This needs to change, but with the current crop of Crooks in Suits, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

  5. Petermc3 says:

    Under New York City’s ex-billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg- soon to be in the race for POTUS- stock up on 2 liter bottles of sugary soft drinks and boxes of salt before its too late- private snow removal contractors were and still are contracted to plow tertiary streets in the five boroughs. They are paid whether or not snow removal is necessary. In addition, should they not show up or if their equipment breaks down then NYC’s department of sanitation is required to plow these streets; and they still get paid. Michael Bloomberg should have no problem fundamentally changing the country into a nanny state. The question on my mind were I 40 years younger, as a white male can I apply for a non-essential position in Mr Bloomberg’s new government?

  6. Ron Stabb says:

    Political corruption starts at the County level. The County I lived in(Delaware County, Pa) is corrupt as they come.
    If you didn’t know somebody and grease their palms, you were shit out of luck. It consisted mostly of building contractors(carpenters, plumbers, electricians).
    If you want lesson in waste mismanagement, spend a day at your County Courthouse and look around. Corrupt lawyers, doctors and Indian chiefs floating around like driftwood.
    All getting paid by us.

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