Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain ‘operational’ intel, put lives at risk

Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain ‘operational’ intel, put lives at risk

EXCLUSIVE: Highly classified Hillary Clinton emails that the intelligence community and State Department recently deemed too damaging to national security to release contain “operational intelligence” – and their presence on the unsecure, personal email system jeopardized “sources, methods and lives,” a U.S. government official who has reviewed the documents told Fox News.

The official, who was not authorized to speak on the record and was limited in discussing the contents because of their highly classified nature, was referring to the 22 “TOP SECRET” emails that the State Department announced Friday it could not release in any form, even with entire sections redacted. SOURCE

General David Petraeus vs Hillary

I think it’s funny.

Facebook, and every other form of social media has post after post about Hillary Clinton and how she is about to be indicted.

These idiots use Hillary, and the desperate need for justice as what I call *click bait* in an effort to get you to read some off the wall story from their anonymous *inside source* and how Hillary is about to go down.

That is why my friends list on Facebook and a few other places is being steadily whittled down on a daily basis.

Hillary has NOT been indicted, at least not yet, the Congressional hearings have all been, in my opinion, for show and nothing else and as long as Barack Hussein Obama is in the Oval Office and as long as Loretta Lynch is in charge of the DOJ, I simply do NOT see Hillary ever being indicted, no matter what the FBI may or may not have that is worthy of prosecution.

Hillary Clinton is what we used to call *protected from on high*and I don’t mean from the Good Lord above.

She (Clinton) is a member of the most evil regime to ever take power in this nation and she is well protected simply because she knows too much on the *powers that be* to ever be indicted.

Think about this; we hear all the time about the Clinton *Death List* and real or not, hear about it is all you’re going to get.

We KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama and his *homie* Eric Holder are directly responsible for the deaths of many via the *Fast and Furious* and the gun running scandal a short while back.

You do remember U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry don’t you?

The United States Department of Justice is a farce under the regime of Barack Hussein Obama and those that he chose to head it.

I will believe Hillary Clinton has been OFFICIALLY indicted when I see her led off in handcuffs and place in the back of a police vehicle, and even then I will have my doubts unless it happens under the stewardship of someone other than Obama and Lynch.

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13 Responses to Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain ‘operational’ intel, put lives at risk

  1. cary says:

    Big difference between “indictment” and “arrest” as many mob bosses will tell you. It’s all semantics, and I agree that Hill will not see the inside of a cell while Obama and his ilk are in charge.

    Now, AFTER Cruz is elected, we might see a different story play out …

  2. "Mr. E" says:

    I can only hope there’s enough backlash from publicity to keep the Hildebeest from getting elected. I want someone conservative in the office, but if a moonbat gets elected, I just hope it’s not Hildebeest. Even that looney Bernie Sandbaggerz has a sliver of integrity compared to 0bama’s pet Hildebeest. Too bad the moonbats turned down their one and only sliver of a sane candidate Jim Webb. He was the most lucid of their losers running for President.

    There are things I learned about Hildebeest when I worked with a certain talk show host who now writes for World Net Daily. This host set me straight in under 6 months after I started working with her. The dirt I found out about the Clintons and how the dimwitcrats marched in lock step with them told me what the left behinds were all about. If Hildebeest gets her wish to feed her hunger for power, we’re in serious trouble.

  3. Ron Stabb says:

    Of course we know the premise ‘No one is above the law’ doesn’t exist anymore. That went away seven years ago.
    I guess we’ll have to see what the FBI is made of. Obama is corrupt, Clinton is corrupt, the State Department is corrupt and Loretta Lynch is a puppet.
    The FBI is our only hope and maybe Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi investigation. These things take time and you can bet your ass Obama and Clinton have been using the slow hand of justice to their advantage.
    Time will tell.

  4. Mary Anne Harper says:

    Of course Hillary will never let us see her full medical history as she has several major health problems. I can’t see why anyone would ever want a Clinton in the White House again. Everyone should know their foundation has gotten so much money from all the countries she went to as Sec. of State; remember all of the White House belongings Bill and she took when they left the White House.

    • Wayne says:

      I just read the other day that the Clinton Foundation is based in Canada. Can they get away with denying any investigation by the U.S. government by hiding behind Canadian law? I’d like to know more about the donations from foreign nations or individuals.

      • dekare says:

        When Ted becomes the dual president of America and Canada, he look into the Clinton shenanigans in both countries…right after he changes the name of our combined countries to CanAmericda.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Hillary and The Bern running 50 - 50 at roughly 11:30 PM.

    And guess what? Hillary will NOT win New Hampshire.


  6. Petermc3 says:

    Hillary will do her perp walk right after Funky Winkerbean replaces Al Sharpton on his Sunday morning show on MSLSD.

  7. BobF says:

    All this classified information on a private server run by a mom & pop outfit. Chinese, Russians, Islamist’s, and kids in pajamas are breaking into servers maintained by the best IT Technicians and the SecState is storing classified information on her private server.

    I wonder if those Islamist’s in Benghazi knew the Ambassadors schedule and whereabouts? After all, it probably was on her server.

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