My response to Rep. Pete Sessions

My response to Rep. Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions 2To preface this story a bit; I got a call from Pete Sessions last Sunday evening, during the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl, and Pete wanted to talk about a post I had up where I related all the information that one of his Congressional challengers had written up.

Pete was not at all happy with me for writing that post and even though ALL of the information was *sourced* I was very skeptical of a few of the sources, they were to sites that I personally don’t use.

As I said in that story; some information was dead on the money and some was, in my opinion, seriously suspect.

My house was utter chaos at the time Pete called. My youngest daughter was here, her 2 boys were here, her fiancé was here and a gigantic Great Dane was here and we were having our Super Bowl party, things were, to say the least, quite hectic.

Rep. Sessions wanted me to know that he was NOT a liar, the record spoke for itself and that I could verify his voting record at

Pete, what I didn’t tell you is this; I watch every vote you make. I watch closely, I have since you became my Congressman. I would think you knew that.

Now I have to tell you; I am not happy nor unhappy with Pete’s overall voting record, some of it, hell, most of it is right on the money but in MY opinion when you miss you miss by a country mile, but Pete, your voting record on House Bills is NOT my biggest issue.

I rarely try to influence the vote of my Congressman. It has been my experience that to do so is simply a waste of time and energy and since I don’t know how much TIME I have left, and since for me energy is greatly lacking, I don’t want to waste either.

John BoehnerI did try to influence Pete Sessions on ONE vote and that was right after the election 2 years ago when I, and MANY others living in TX-32 asked Pete to take a stand against John Boehner, then Speaker of the House, and bigtime buddies with Barack Hussein Obama.

Pete totally ignored the pleas of the people that sent him to Congress and he voted FOR Boehner to remain in the Speakers seat.

Pete Sessions and John Boehner are also great friends.

Pete Sessions told me they are friends himself a while back and I accept that, BUT, friends or not, Boehner is a waste of skin, a blubbering ass kisser, and he did whatever Obama told him to do.

He, Boehner, is also a vindictive SOB. 

After the vote for Speaker was taken John Boehner took anyone that voted against him OFF of any committee they were seated on, he removed them from any position of power.

That got me to thinking and wondering about something.  

Did Pete Sessions vote FOR Boehner because he thought Boehner was really good at what he did? Because if that is the case then I had to question what MY Congressman called a worthwhile person?

Or, as I more seriously suspect, did Pete Sessions vote for John Boehner because his own chairmanship of the House Rules Committee means more to him than the PEOPLE of TX-32 and because he knew that Boehner would yank the position away from him, friends or not?

In order to avoid a conflict in front of my family I took down the post that Pete Sessions was so offended by, something I have NEVER done before and will not do again, if I have a story that is factual, one backed up by reputable sources, it stays from this point on. If someone doesn’t like that they can address it in the comments section OF that post.

I present News, Opinion and Commentary on this blog and if I want to call you out on something I am damned sure going to do it, that’s the way the 1st Amendment says it’s going to happen.

Pete, there is nothing that Russ Ramsland or Michael Quinn Sullivan have said or done that influenced me nor turned me against you; it was you, all by yourself, and your way of talking *down* to people and the vote you cast for Boehner that did it for me.

When Katrina Pierson ran against you I fought tooth and nail in YOUR support, to the point of being threatened with legal action by an ignorant slug of humanity for stating an opinion backed by irrefutable facts.

I supported you then, and if you win the primary I will vote for you in the general election if you have a Democratic challenger, but I won’t be endorsing you, I won’t be blogging for you and I damned sure won’t be sticking my neck out for you.

It was YOUR actions that brought this on. I am old fashioned, and as YOU said to me the 1st time we met, at Hubbard’s when you wanted to meet with the movers and shakers of Rowlett, “You sure do expect a lot.”

Yes I do, I expect that YOU are to follow the WILL of the PEOPLE and vote that will, that desire, and if you can’t vote the will of the people make damned sure you explain WHY, don’t just vote for some POS like Boehner and expect people to be happy.

And don’t expect that everyone is going to forgive and forget.

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15 Responses to My response to Rep. Pete Sessions

  1. cary says:

    My biggest surprise is that he is still breathing after calling YOU during The Game - last two minutes or not!

    I’m pretty sure that had my “representative” called me during that game, they would have gotten an earful of slammed phone and many return calls at all hours.

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, the kids were here and my 6 year old grandson was right beside me… I had to at least be *civil* at the time… Now Pete can read MY words, not a re-posting of his opponents words, words that have been blasted all over the ‘net already..

      I don’t think Mr. Sessions realizes the depth of my anger over HIS actions….

  2. TomR, armed in Texas says:

    Pete Sessions was buddy buddy with Boehner. Then a few weeks ago Pete endorsed Jeb Bush. I am voting Ramsland. Businessmen impress me more than career politicians.

    • TexasFred says:

      I am too Tom… If Sessions wins the primary and faces a Dem in the General, well, I guess I’ll hold my nose once again…

      Pete seems to think we all forget the BS, or that we’ll forgive the BS… Not so, and it is time for term limits *VOTER STYLE*… If they won’t step down on their own we, the voters need to take them down, career politicians have got to go, and 20 years is, in MY mind, a career…

      Sorry Pete, but YOU have done this to yourself…

      • dekare says:


        You have stated the problem all too clearly, our politicians have become way to used to the average ignorant voter who forgets the crap they do. Most voters cannot think back to more than a few days, and since they don’t remember anything evil, so they pull the lever for their guy. Or, which has become all too often these days, politicians have turned to that mentality of outrunning a bear. They have long figured out they no longer have to put forth the effort to outrun a bear, but only that they have to outrun the guy next to them.

        Politicians don’t have to please We The People, they only have to be slightly less evil than the guy running next to them. Well, I am sick of that. They seem to think we have only two choices….them or the commie democrat.

        Well, there is a third option for me now. Not vote at all. I am tired of the same old choice of a douche or a turd sandwich. I would rather stay home.

        Maybe the glorification of history has been distorted, but I am almost sure there was a time when politicians were liked, and people WANTED to vote for their guy. A time when politicians promised to do what was best for Americans. A chicken in every pot and a car in every driveway. Now, it seems politicians want to help out everyone BUT Americans. They seemed to be more concerned with offending foreigners, criminals, and every special interest group that are but a minority in this country. They say things like “We The People are downright hateful if we don’t help others not like us”.

        So, I am glad that you are sticking to your guns. And, the fact that Pete Sessions took the time to call you on a Sunday night, means he thinks your opinion is important, or at the very least, you have a decent sized following, that he knows if he pisses you off, he pisses off a whole lot more people than just a single voter.

        Good Job.

  3. Dick Robie says:

    Fred-you have hit the nail on the head. Not just Sessions but all of them. I send letters to my Congressman and Senator and if repeat if I get a response it is and idiot response-Tennessee has joined 5 other States asking for a Constitutional Convention to add Terms limits and the like. I love the Term Limits thing but a Convention scares me because they may not limit it to the fifth Amendment and there would go number 1 and number 2 if folks like Obama and Bloomberg got their way. Anyway, just my 2 cents

  4. Ron Stabb says:

    Good for you, Fred. I think what these career politicians fail to realize is that the gig is up. Trump opened a can of worms that even the Republicans can’t close.

  5. BobF says:

    A lot of representatives in the House have infuriated their constituents by voting for Boehner. I know mine, Vickie Hartzler, has and many of us are looking at her challengers in the primary come this election. If a Democrat of the likes of an Ike Skelton runs against her, she most likely will loose. We gave Republicans control of Congress and noting has changed.

    • TexasFred says:

      Exactly correct… Nothing has changed, a lot of GAS has been passed but Obama has been allowed to run wild and nothing has changed for America…

      But, if you remember, I have said fo a long time; there is no difference between the 2 Parties now a days…

      • the unit says:

        Darn Fred. I heard you when you said it so long ago. But then there was not a dimes worth of difference between then. That was a silver dime back then. Just a Flack prophylactic difference now, with a pin hole in it.

      • Capt Ron says:

        Agreed. I’ll vote for Sessions if I have to, I prefer someone else with a spine.

  6. Petermc3 says:

    It’s refreshing to know that a conservative blog site such as yours Fred can get under the skin of one of the power elites. TERM LIMITS pot favor. A little Spanish lingo, a language they in Washington seem to understand.

  7. Bunkerville says:

    Lots of luck with Ryan. It is just one hack after another. First we needed to gain the House. We needed to gain control of the purse. Done. Then the Senate. Done. But we can’t get a damn thing done. Funny, the Dems figured out a way didn’t they? They are all in it together so I can’t get too excited over any one particular slug.

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