Giffords Gun Group Recruits High-Level Military Officials

Giffords Gun Group Recruits High-Level Military Officials

TUCSON, Ariz. — The gun safety group founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords has recruited an unlikely ally: a group of former high-level military officials.

The political action committee Americans for Responsible Solutions, co-founded by retired Navy veteran and astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly, has formed a new group composed of military officials who will advocate for stricter gun regulations.

The group includes retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, former Coast Guard commander Adm. Thad W. Allen and retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, among others.

The advisory committee was announced Friday in Washington, D.C. SOURCE

It’s coming my friends. Soon we WILL have to stand and fight for what is ours. Stand with us, the United States Gun Owners Association, we really are the III%.

This really makes me wonder now; have I been that far off in my belief that the military would ignore orders from Obama regarding disarming the American populace?

Live Free or Die 2

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4 Responses to Giffords Gun Group Recruits High-Level Military Officials

  1. Tex Reynolds says:

    Having read the stated purposes of their group “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense,” I can see where many Military Leaders might want to join any group that combats suicide among our veterans. On the surface the goals of this organization are admirable but like with most action of the idiot left the language used is vague and open to interpretation. If this group’s goals became law, as written, it could be used to strip every combat veteran of their rights to own or possess a weapon. Some veteran leaders might be joining such an organization to act as buffers to such draconian and some might not actually be members but due to the clause of preventing veteran suicides might be lending support without even realizing that the group is anti-gun. Progressive groups often espouse one aim to prospective members and suppress the actual goals just for an endorsement.

  2. Wayne says:

    Fred, I don’t see how a person in the military would obey an order to disarm at any cost the American citizen. The leadership may be changed out by the administration but the rank and file, I believe, are not going to follow an un Constitutional order. Fragging comes to mind. It’s about seven o’clock in CC and I just heard on the news that a gay night club in Orlando was attacked by a lone gunman. no mention yet of the gunmans’ identity but it is the month of ramadamadingdong. Orlando has a large community of you know whats. I can hear the Dems screaming already for more “common sense” gun laws.

  3. dekare says:

    I have said this before and it may not be popular, but I feel a little less confident than most about our military and law enforcement not following the order to disarm us, and use force if necessary.

    Now, I have never served in the military, but I am a former police officer, and have served with distinction. I met way more than a minimal few officers who had piss poor attitudes of civilians, took themselves way to seriously, and/or were willing to do ANYTHING in order to appease the brass. Combine this with those officers that will DO ANYTHING as well in order to do what they are told in order to rise in the ranks, and those officers that just plain will do what they have to as they have no other job opportunities if they could not be a cop. Add this up, and I can assure you that half of the average police force WILL disarm citizen, and use force if need be.

    Also, I recently left a job where I worked for well over a year at the VA police dept as a legal advisor, where I worked with, trained with, and gave lessons to the officers there, in which over 80-90% of them were all retired military. Truly great guys, but to be honest, I have LESS faith in ex-military police officers in choosing to not obey a bad order to disarm citizens. These men have served half their lives in a job where you do NOT question orders. They have either be trained to do as they are told, or have been brainwashed into simply following orders unquestioningly. They value their jobs, and know full well that sadly, the military has ill-prepared them for little else that will benefit them as well as that of police officer.

    Between these two experiences, I do not find it hard to believe that if the time came, there will be enough officers and military to take up the task of disarming America. Hitler had no problem getting enough brownshirts to do his dirty work. I bet these SA and SS guys loved their country as much as we Americans love ours. They may or may not have bought into the whole NAZI BS, but they did as instructed. If they did not, they would find themselves in the same work camps as the rest of the people they put there.

    There are just way too many cops who would not only follow bad orders, but quite a number that would relish the opportunity to become a legalized thug.

    Now, yes, I am also sure that NOT all cops and military would follow orders, and would choose to disobey. But they would be fired or discharged, and there will be twenty other men willing to take their place, and gladly do as they are told, without question. The only people who will resist the taking of civilian weapons, are armed civilians. If the govt comes to disarm us, there needs to be immediate push back. A line in the sand telling the govt that We The People will fight on this issue. We need to fight hard before the govt gets too comfortable in taking our guns.

    Just as if someone had smacked Hitler’s hand the first moment he sent his military over the border, he would have been stopped before things got out of hand. We need to do the same.

    I know this, I have swallowed a lot of crap in the name of avoiding a fight with my govt. I have lived and let live on way too many things that have already kept me up many nights wondering if I should have done it differently. But the disarming of America is one issue I have given a hard line on. I WILL NOT compromise. And I love my fellow police officers, and I admire and respect my men in uniform. But if they take up the task of disarming us, I will resist. I will resist with the same force they use to disarm me. Because I know, and history has definitely shown us, that what follows the disarming if citizens is NEVER a good thing. NEVER!!!

    I will not be a subject. My govt will fear me. I will NOT allow my govt to have a monopoly on violence. The govt has NO RIGHT passing a law taking away my GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. Our Founding Fathers fought a war that was the beginning of America over the same issue. Britain wanted to disarm its subject in the new world, and at that, we said NO! I will gladly uphold this American tradition, and I too will act as Washington, and I will fight.

    A govt willing to take our weapons is not a govt that has our best interest in mind. Gun laws are what govts enact when they are about to do something to its people where they know these same people will take up arms against them.

    The fact is, law enforcement officers and soldiers are human beings. And we all kow the frailty of the human condition. Human beings that are either liberal progressives or conservatives. It is not their uniform or even their oath of office that will determine how they act. It is who they are as a person. And I do not think our leaders would have any difficulty finding enough bodies to fill uniforms that will enforce any law they pass. We The People are the only ones that stand in the way of any evil intentions our govt has. Not men in uniforms.

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