Guns, gun bans, responsibility and the Liberal Media

Guns, gun bans, responsibility and the Liberal Media

As expected, the stupidity has begun to spew from the mouths of Democrats, Liberals and other assorted anti-gun cretins; Ban Assault Weapons and kiss the Muslims ass.

That is a Hillary and Obama inspired screed, the renewed battle cry of the deranged anti-gun LEFT and exactly what we’ll get if she is elected. Hillary Clinton: Increase Muslim Outreach, Ban ‘Assault Weapons’.

So, what does the spineless homosexual Muslim in the Oval Office do? Why of course; he blames gun owners and calls for more gun control. Obama’s Shameful Pivot to Gun Control after Orlando

The VERY Liberal New York media, the Daily News, blames the National Rifle Association and the AR-15 *sporting* rifle, not the shooter, oh hell no, can’t do that, but they blame the rifle and *bloodthirsty* NRA members and American gun owners. Killers in mass shootings used AR-15, thanks to NRA

Blame the NRA

And by the way, an AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle; it is NOT an assault weapon, it is NOT a full-auto weapon and is not carried as such by ANY military that I am aware of. An AR-15 is an assault weapon only in the minds of some deluded anti-gun morons such as Obama, Hillary and the American media.

The GUN didn’t DO this, a radical Muslim terrorist did, and if YOU believe taking guns from lawful Americans, and denying them the ability to defend themselves wrong, then YOU are as much a part of the problem as was the radical Islamic moonbat that pulled the trigger.

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6 Responses to Guns, gun bans, responsibility and the Liberal Media

  1. cary says:

    The guns I had (before that massive boating accident) were lazy little pricks - never went out and shot anyone while I wasn’t looking.

  2. NativeSon says:

    I wish I could afford an “assault” a thing. I have to pay several people’s share of Obummercare-’cause SUPPOSEDLY the right to healthcare is “in the constitution” according to our traitorous SCOTUS!!!!

  3. wildbill says:

    In the Liberal Media a bb gun is an automatic weapon.

  4. Wayne says:

    I’m flabbergasted but not surprised. When I heard about the Orlando massacre the other morning, I just knew the prick who did the shooting was a muslim. Just as predictable was the call by the muslim in chief to cite gun control as the answer to mass shootings. The hildebeast chimed in with the ban on assault weapons cry. Folks, if we have anyone but Trump in the White House we are toast as a free people. I pray that all the people worldwide have an awakening and push back on these progressive, globalist, elite class politicians who would dominate us. Liberals+muslims= totalitarianism.

  5. Wayne says:

    HA! Weasel Zippers claims the shooter used a Sig MCX, not an AR-15. Also Barry claimed he had a Glock with lots of clips in it.

  6. Braden Lynch says:

    I understand a security guard fired on the SOB and he retreated. Imagine if it was not a gun free zone and just one patron had a firearm and ended the rampage quickly. Florida should quickly amend their laws and permit carry everywhere! Too little, too late for the patrons, but like the Lubby’s massacre, maybe some tiny shred of good can come from waking us up to the threat of islam and how to address it (hint: with a .45 caliber bullet).

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