Swiss fear EU effort to tighten gun control could disarm law-abiding citizens

Swiss fear EU effort to tighten gun control could disarm law-abiding citizens

Swiss gun rights proponents fear a new European Union measure to tighten gun control could disarm thousands of law-abiding citizens, Reuters reports.

The proposed gun restrictions which Switzerland, a non-EU member, would be obliged to implement under cross border agreements, has raised hackles among the Swiss, who resent intervention from Brussels, the news wire reported.

It also comes at a time of increased tensions between Switzerland and the EU over Swiss efforts to curb immigration.

Christopher Blocher, a leading voice of the Swiss right, told Reuters Switzerland should end its participation in the system of passport-free travel if the tighter gun restrictions are defeated in a referendum.  SOURCE

When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

I have heard that same line repeated for my entire life and it always made perfect sense to me, even as a youngster, going hunting, or to the range to shoot with friends and family.

The gun-grabbers have always been around, and right here in the USA we see more and more restrictions proposed on a regular basis.

Now some may call this *false bravado* but make NO mistake my friends, I may be forcibly disarmed at some point in my life but it will be because I ran out of ammo and got killed, but my dead body WILL be found in a pile of spent brass.

870 Come and Take itThere is no way ANY tyrant can take over the United States, not if the good folks of this nation are armed, as many of us are, and the tyrants KNOW it!

That is why the anti-gun and freedom hating gun-grabbers are constantly trying to take our guns away from us. They want to deprive you and me of a chance to defend our homes and families, they want to turn us into a group of pathetic, unarmed *subjects*.

An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject, “and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” — Luke 22.36

Tyrants and dictators fear an armed populous, they know that if We, The People are armed that we can stand against tyranny.

I have NO idea what is going on in Switzerland, I am not knowledgeable regarding their politics and problems, and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about their issues.

All I know is that for as many years as I have been of legal voting age, and that is a good long while now, gun-grabbers have always been trying to find a way to disarm the American people, and every time elections roll around the rhetoric gets stronger and the arguments get hotter.

But have you ever noticed? It is rarely those on the right that scream for the guns to be taken away from honest, lawful owners, it always seems to be the Democrats and their allies, Communists and Socialists that make the most noise about gun control and confiscation.

And you never seem to hear ANY politician of ANY ilk that has a plan on how to disarm the gangsters, the *drive-by* artists, robbers, thieves and burglars, murderers and such; it always seems to be the folks like you and me that are targeted by the tyrants.

Let me close with this; Hillary Clinton is a criminal and a tyrant, she is the most evil person in America and it IS her intent to disarm the American people, not the bad guys, just the lawful gun owners.

When that effort begins I become an outlaw and a criminal myself.

870 Cold Dead Hands

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6 Responses to Swiss fear EU effort to tighten gun control could disarm law-abiding citizens

  1. Vince Schultz says:

    Gun control does not work. I live is Australia and there are drive-by and murders by guns in the news every day. Here we are not legally allowed to even have a baseball bat for defence. Of course you will never read about it in the official statistics.

    • Wayne says:

      Sorry about that mate. I’ve seen several videos on this and I think a majority have taken the advice of law enforcement, given on QT of course, and buried the important guns and ammo and turned in your trashiest firearms. I hope you have a “stash” to fall back on when the muzzies get too frisky.

  2. Wayne says:

    I hope it never happens. How could anyone who follows history not pick up on the horrible things that are happening all over the world to people who are unable to defend themselves. muslims and communists everywhere are killing at a pace not seen since Mao took China. Common sense dictates the removal of gangs in the inner cities. Trump will go after the gangs, Hillary will go after the LAGO (law abiding gun owner). Hillary got the full endorsement of the CPUSA as did BO. He was the first one of 44 presidents of the US to get this “honor”. What does that say to WE,THE PEOPLE? In my mind it says “shut up and turn ’em in”. I think D. Feinstein said something along those lines. Anyway Fred, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who would resist the commies that are the progressives and democrats and the rinos who would fleece whats left of our republic and turn us into a third world shit hole. I still think the fix is in because Hillary is acting like she doesn’t have to campaign like Trump. Why spend all that cash if she can just pocket it and get elected anyway?

  3. BobF says:

    The Swiss are smart enough not to join the EU but they may be forced to comply with their stupid anti-gun laws due to cross-border agreements. I hope the Swiss are smart enough to tell the EU to piss up a rope.

    Switzerland was the only nation not attacked by Nazi Germany. That’s because every adult male in Switzerland was armed and trained in the use of firearms. When a handful of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto got hold of some small arms, they held the German Army at bay until crack SS troops were sent in. They would have never stood a chance in Switzerland.

    • Survivor50 says:

      Welcome back Fred…
      The Swiss are a compliant lot… I’ve been travelling there for 37 years and seen it up close. I’m always amazed at what they will put up with from their government. They talk real BIG, but they swallow a lot of horse manure from their leaders. Kind of like our leaders would like US to do…

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Fear not Fred, that’s already on the cusp of occurring in Fornicalia.

    And that the Swiss would even deign to think about border security and their own sovereignty? Bastards. They need to open their arms to every Muzzie extant. Oh wait. Perchance they actually want to survive as an independent nation instead of the rest of the EU.


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