Ted Cruz says he’ll vote for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz says he’ll vote for Donald Trump


WASHINGTON, DC (AP) - Ted Cruz says he’s voting for Donald Trump for president - a shocking about-face after he rocked the Republican convention by dramatically refusing to do so.

The Texas senator says on Facebook that he made the decision for two reasons. First, his promise to support the Republican nominee. And second, his belief that Democrat Hillary Clinton is “wholly unacceptable.”

Cruz finished second to Trump in a bitter primary and for months balked in offering support, despite his previous pledge to endorse the eventual Republican nominee.

Polls have since suggested that Cruz’s popularity was slipping nationally and back home in Texas, where he could face a primary challenger for re-election in 2018. SOURCE

Isn’t it amazing the effect a well placed threat can have on a politician? Candidates who don’t back Trump may not be allowed to run again, RNC chairman says.

Quite honestly, I didn’t think Reince Priebus had the *stones* to do it, but, I may have been wrong about him. Maybe Priebus has more to him than what was 1st thought.

Ted Cruz KNOWS that there are folks here in Texas that want to see him OUT of the U.S. Senate, I am one of them, and he also knows that there’s a good chance Rick Perry will run against him in 2018. Cruz is going to *walk the line* for the next 2 years.  
Personally, I don’t trust Ted Cruz; I believe he’s a little slime-ball, and I don’t believe for one minute that once in the voting booth that he’ll pull the lever for Donald J. Trump, but that is not even relevant to me, he’s ONE VOTE, the important thing is that he supports Trump publically, loudly and with as much sincerity as he can muster. 

18:55:58 on 09/24/2016: An addendum to the above story.

One day after endorsement, Cruz refuses to say Trump is fit for the presidency.

Ted Cruz is a rotten little RAT BASTARD, just as I have always suspected…

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5 Responses to Ted Cruz says he’ll vote for Donald Trump

  1. Wayne says:

    Glen Beck is heartbroken. May retreat to the mountains he says. I hope he gets eaten by a bear.

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    And used car salesman Romney is still licking his wounds. I liked Cruz early on but you Texans straightened me out.
    I’m telling you here that Trump will win. And after he’s in, it will be fun watching those pussy establishment Republicans kissing his ass.
    I think Reince Priebus has been in Trumps corner from the start.

  3. dekare says:

    Teddy boy only came out in support of Trump because he had NO OTHER CHOICE. Not because he “saw the light” and “accepted Donald into his heart”. If given half a chance, he would stab Donald in the back for another chance at the presidency. For me, it’s a little too little too late. He should have done this in place of that horrible speech he made where he basically told everyone to vote up and down the ticket (but NOT Trump). He was sour grapes then and he is sour grapes now, only he has to now try to undo the damage he has done with his scorched earth policy.

    He made a promise…NO…he SWORE AN OATH to support the eventual nominee. But when that nominee was Trump, he faltered. He should have bee rock solid on his oath there and then, but he did not. He thought he had a chance to steal the presidency somehow, and only when it occurred to him that he screwed up, did he decide to do what is right. I do NOT want to be next to a man who only does what is right when there is no other option. It should have been his default stance on the issues. Not only after all else has failed.

    This man will have to crawl on glass for miles before he regains my respect. If someone shoots a bullet (metaphorically or in reality) at Trump, Cruz better jump in front of him, and then…maybe then, he will be on the path to forgiveness.

    Until then, Cruz is still doing what is best for himself. And that means nothing to me.

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