Half a million U.S.-born kids live in Mexico with deported parents, trying to assimilate

Half a million U.S.-born kids live in Mexico with deported parents, trying to assimilate


Mexico City – In the last seven years, approximately 4.2 million Mexicans have returned to their home country from the U.S. with an order of deportation, according to the Department of National Security.

Of these, official records show, one out of four ends up bringing the entire family back to Mexico — or at least part of it.

This explains why there are currently 498,000 U.S.-born minors living in Mexico, many of them Spanish illiterate and struggling to adapt to an entirely different school system.

“On average, only one in 10 Americans who have come back to Mexico makes it to college,” said Guadalupe Chipole, director of the Center for Migrant Support, to Fox News Latino. “There is no coordinated system between U.S. and Mexican authorities to help them.” SOURCE

Trying to assimilate? Assimilate to WHAT exactly? Schools and life in the home nation of their parents? 

Chipole, whose organization tracks all deported migrants who arrive in Mexico City on the three weekly flights chartered by the U.S. government, said that families are often torn apart over money and custody issues, and most kids are left in a very vulnerable situation.

“The biggest problem when they get to Mexico is that the society where they arrive in is not prepared to deal with these children,” said Macrina Téllez, the aunt of four children who saw their family split after their father – her brother – was deported in August of 2015.

Mexican society isn’t prepared to deal with these children?

Oh, but American society is supposed to welcome *anchor babies* with open arms, at least that seems to be the attitude held by many bleeding hearts on both sides of the border.

After 20 years living without papers in Chicago, Tellez found himself in Mexico with nothing more than the clothes he was wearing and without his wife and children.

Wait…20 years in the USA and he didn’t have *papers*?

Now I know that some will disagree with me but quite frankly, I am WAY beyond caring about *agreement* where illegality is concerned.

This guy Tellez, and many more like him, are NOT immigrants, they are ILLEGALS and their plight, and that of their families, is on their heads, they came here illegally, made no effort to gain citizenship or, in this particular case, even a visa, yet we’re supposed to care what happens to them.

But wait; the *bleeding heart* BS gets even better.

A few months later, around Christmas time, the two older children (ages 15 and 13) asked their mother to send them to their dad, who by then was settled in his native Guerrero; they said they missed him and wanted to live with him. Little did they know of the horrors they would go through in school, as they were able to speak some Spanish, but had never been formally schooled in the language. They did not know how to write in Spanish.

“The public school teachers [in Mexico] have no patience. They want them to write quickly and they abuse them,” she said, adding that her nephew was yelled at more than once for writing slowly.

“They do not take into account that he is from the United States,” said Tellez, who has become the teens’ foster mom.

Mexican teachers abusing Mexican-American children in Mexico? Oh the horror!

All because these children have been raised by an ILLEGAL in the USA, they speak some Spanish, just a little I guess, but they go to Mexico to make a new life for themselves and find out that unlike the USA, Mexico actually wants you to speak the language of the land.

How dare they?

Some of the kids, however, are not even able to sign up for school because of a lack of proper documentation – a Mexican or a binational birth certificate is needed to enroll.

And can you even begin to imagine the gall it takes to demand proper documentation before being schooled in Mexico? We, as Americans, are expected to welcome ILLEGALS with open arms and wallets. I wonder if they have to have some proper documentation to get medical care or food?

Sure strikes me as strange that Mexico has stricter rules for immigrants than the USA does.

There’s more to this story, it goes on to enlighten us about the USA working to help get proper documentation in order to satisfy Mexican regulations, I have stated this before but it bears repeating; maybe the USA needs to take a look at immigration laws in Mexico and apply the same, or similar laws right here in the USA.

So, stroke your own inner *bleeding heart* and call me a RACIST for this post and my own opinions regarding ILLEGALS, but before you do, show me, exactly, where ILLEGAL is a RACE. I always though ILLEGAL was an action, but go ahead, educate me.

I doubt that Trump will build a wall, but he should…

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4 Responses to Half a million U.S.-born kids live in Mexico with deported parents, trying to assimilate

  1. Wayne says:

    Wall or no wall Fred, the border patrol has been hobbled by executive orders. I think it will take an event like 9/11 to startle our congress to do their proper jobs as a co-equal branch of our government. As a former employer, I have had to deal with the illegal alien who comes to the workplace, applies for a position (machine operator or machinist) and provides documentation that proves he is indeed a documented immigrant only to find out at a later date that he is not legally in the country. This is what we are up against. Here in Florida, it is well known that a Mexican (or Hispanic) can go to a special office known to these people and get documentation for a fee. I don’t travel in their circles so I can’t be more specific than that. There is no way to verify anyones legal status anymore. It ain’t like in the old days where immigration officials would target a business suspected of having illegals working for them and pull a “raid”. A lot of employers were heavily fined for hiring these people if they couldn’t prove that they were duped. Identity theft has more to do with employment than most people think. You would think the government would take notice of multiple SS numbers that are filed at tax time.

  2. BobF says:

    Mexico has no patience for people illegally in their country but they expect us to welcome them with open arms…screw them.

    My son was born in England. When I had to leave England due to military orders, I took my wife and son with me. I didn’t leave them in England. My son could have stayed because he was considered an English Citizen. He even has an English Birth Certificate and one from the US Embassy stating he was an American Citizen born abroad. That’s what families do with they move. They take their children with them; father, mother, and children. I don’t understand these liberals boo-hooing about breaking up families. The only ones breaking up families are the families themselves.

  3. James B. Parker says:

    Frankly speaking, it’s like cleaning your backside on a “WAGON WHEEL” It’s a problem that will never ever be solved until we elect a person that possess certain qualifications, “COMMON SENSE” and balls.  Until we turn off the faucet of ILLEGAL ALIENS entering the USA, the problem will persist. 

    Here in South Texas we have people that are EMPLOYED by school districts to seek out out illegal aliens and get them registered in school.. Why, so the school district can continue receiving the MILLIONS of federal dollars in assistance…. It’s pathetic, but we are our worst enemy. School districts advertise this.. How crazy is that? It makes me sick.. 

    If the United States would apply Mexico’s immigration laws, and welfare programs, we would be floating in BENJAMINS. 

    Mexico does not TOLERATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, you’re arrested, jailed and removed the country. Repeat offenders however, get to spend time in their wonderful prison system. 

    Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison.

    Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Three words: “boo-fucking-hoo.”


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